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Thomas Oriol is a Director at Nimble Apps Limited, the Dublin-based publisher of SalesClic. Please note: Your first comment as a registered user will be held for moderation up to 24 hours (usually less). Ideal para alavancar resultados das campanhas de marketing com foco em ampliacao de vendas e fidelizacao de clientes, a solucao Plusoft segmenta publicos de forma rapida e simples, cruza informacoes disponiveis na base de dados e possibilita o acompanhamento de campanhas ativas, permitindo mensurar o ROI. A solucao engloba gerenciamento de processos, gestao de budget, coordenacao de geracao de leads, programas de captacao, retencao e fidelizacao de clientes, indicadores de performance de acoes de marketing e integracao com canais da midia social, facilitando a tomada de decisao e mantendo sempre a visao 360° do cliente.
Entre outras funcionalidades, a ferramenta tambem garante o fluxo constante de demandas de negocios, fomentando o ROI (Return On Investment) dos projetos de relacionamento com clientes e prospects, resultando na otimizacao das acoes promocionais e de sustentacao da marca. Criacao de promocoes e campanhas personalizadas, baseadas nos desejos e nas necessidades do consumidor.
Fidelizacao, retencao, segmentacao de publico, geracao de leads, gestao de campanhas e televendas ativo e receptivo.
Integracao com o portal corporativo da empresa, alimentando a base do CRM atraves de cadastros feitos no site. Identifica regioes que a marca atinge predominantemente e indica areas a serem trabalhadas pelo marketing. Inumeras possibilidades de segmentacao de publico e cruzamento de dados, garantindo assertividade nas acoes.
Amplia a inteligencia e o ROI das acoes, a partir da analise de relatorios e graficos extraidos do CRM. Busca nas redes sociais insights para melhoria de produtos e servicos, opinioes e desejos de consumidores. Integracao do CRM Plusoft com uma das melhores solucoes para gerenciamento de marketing do mundo. Every business will have a form of CRM, whether ita€™s an Excel spreadsheet, little black book or software they purchased but never touched. Implementing a CRM that works for your business is different for each and every organisation.
We specialise in helping businesses find the right package for them, set up a useable working process that everyone understands and ensure sustainability so ita€™s a long term business process. Ita€™s so important to get to understand your clients, knowing when their birthday is or keeping track of their holidays can work to your advantage when building rapport and lasting relationships. Having a system that provides information on the visibility of these accounts can save you money as well as keeping those clients at bay! Inevitably staff leave and a smooth handover process is crucial, having your customer records in an easy to use format with all of the information in one place will ensure your customers dona€™t notice the change.

Speak to us to find out how your business can implement a useable and cost effective way of handling customer and employee data. Customer Touch Points are vital since your business has a marketing orientation and focuses upon the customer and his or her current and future needs. Data Stores contain data on every aspect of the customer, and the Customer Life Cycle (CLC). Marketing Teacher designs and delivers online marketing courses, training and resources for marketing learners, teachers and professionals. Prior to founding Nimble Apps, Thomas spent 10 years advising European technology companies on mergers and acquisitions.
I agree that the visualization of the client data collected through the social CRM platform, is a crucial element of user adoption.
For the purposes of this introduction – Information Technology (IT) and CRM have three key elements, namely Customer Touch Points, Applications, and Data Stores.
Applications present ‘patterns’ in a format that can be used for marketing decision-making. If you are undertaking higher-level academic work you need to clarify with your tutor, the nature of his or her preferred model. For example, an organisation keeps data on the products you buy, when you buy them, and where they are sent. Thomas holds a MS in Political Science from Sciences Po Paris, an MBA from ESSEC Business School and an MPhil in Economics from Sciences Po Paris. If new users are immediately introduced to a complex dashboard, they are genuinely intimidated by the assumed level of education that may be required. Every employee should be using it, albeit in different ways but it should be a strategy that goes across the business. Data is also kept on the web pages that you visit and the products that you consider, but then do not buy. It's high time we get software that is built not just to look from our time, but to work like software for this era.This is why companies like JobNimbus, Nimble, and Solo are making waves by taking advantage of the latest technology and design techniques to boost adoption and, therefore, better data and higher productivity. Business suites offering social CRM like GreenRope, have dedicated themselves to creating a user-friendly UI while offering the necessary applications for a business to succeed.
While the success of the SCRM utilized requires effective communication from the platform to business to the business' clientele, the SCRM platform and the business must maintain a customer-centric approach.
You go home and look at the car manufacturer’s website, and then send the company an e-mail. Moreover, the positive & negative feedback attained through the client service medium, is essential to business growth and flexibility.

They are using these interfaces in their everyday lives and so they expect the same user-friendly designs from their professional tools. Therefore, a customer-centric approach should be a continual priority even after an SCRM platform is adopted. Other contact points include 3G telephone, video conferencing, Interactive TV, telephone, and letters. As a result, they are often disappointed to remain stuck in “spreadsheet world” with their CRM solution.
This frequently results in severe adoption issues for traditional CRM solutions, which require additional training, customization and monitoring. This is bad enough from an administrative perspective but mostly it means that traditional CRM solutions cannot realize their full business intelligence potential. For example, how can a CRM solution improve sales forecasting if opportunity closing dates are systematically outdated? Traditional CRM solutions tend to distinguish administrative interfaces (used for data input and consultation) and analytical interfaces (used for reporting and management).
As a result, ordinary CRM users (typically sales representatives) rarely consult the dashboards and reports that their managers took so long to build. They don’t use the wealth of information contained in their commercial database to clarify their priorities and are left with the perception of CRM solutions as an enforcement tool for management.We believe these negative consequences of poor data visualization can be avoided. Decision theory shows that visualizing abstractions enables people to make better decisions. This is why CRM solutions should do a better job of respecting the mental models of sales reps and managers. A pipeline is a pipeline, and sales representatives should update opportunities by literally grabbing the corresponding object in the CRM solution and moving it to the right pipeline stage.Visual alerts. Simple visual alerts, appearing in context, should replace as many dashboards and reports as possible.
Would you take a plane whose flight controls were located in one compartment and navigational instruments in another?
We believe that sales reps and managers will quickly lose interest in leaderboards and point systems. An improvement to traditional CRM solutions would result from the implementation of game design principles into their information architecture, such as progressive information display, visual but non-intrusive alerts and clear feedback loops.New entrants on the CRM software market have started to implement these ideas, but the larger players haven’t spent enough time improving the visualization of their products.

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