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An Intent HQ study shows that over half of social network users in the UK (53%) are willing to share data from their social media profiles to see products and content relevant to their interests. As well as sharing social media data, a significant 56% of social network users confirmed they would also log into another website using their Facebook or Twitter profile for a personalized experience. The most likely sites that people are willing to share their social data with are general retailers (39%) and supermarkets (38%), suggesting that personalization is most valuable when there is a wide variety of products and content to choose from. You know those companies that maintain massive databases of consumers and their behaviors -- and sell all that information to marketers?
Acxiom, one of the biggestplayers in the field, uses a shopper recognition program that cross-references a customer's ZIP code or phone number with a name from a check or credit card to confirm shopper identities withing a 10 percent margin of error - without having to ask permission. Social businesses shift from top-down management to bottom-up inspiration, one-way directives to unstructured conversations. Targeted social listening helps marketers identify new prospects through monitoring the actions and conversations of potential customers. Identify relevant data and behaviors: develop a path to purchase by identifying actions that lead to sales. Lewis' infographic illustrates these 2 steps with the example of marathon runners looking to purchase new shoes. Monitoring platforms: identify keywords and influential people to find conversations about your topics. CRM (Customer Relationship Management): record sale, continue to track social, sales and customer service activity.
Encourage many-to-many participation with customers, prospects, selling partners and internal staff.
Cede control to the community by providing varying levels of autonomy and engagement levels. Only 16% of marketers who responded to the survey are currently using a social CRM system, while another 21% plan to by this year’s end. CRM is a system used by companies to collect and manage data relating to their customers, but today's customers are changing.
Find out how the world's leading brands are implementing at the one-day Social CRM 2012 conference, 26th September 2012 in Brussels. Microsoft Advertising just published the results of a survey with 700 major corporation on their use of social media. What is the most important reason for these companies to invest time, money and resources in social media? Leading social media marketers, however, believe that almost two thirds of the ‘word of mouth’ they work so hard to generate doesn’t reach their target audience. There are also significant challenges to be solved in driving ‘word of mouth’ and managing social communities. For all organizations, the customer lifecycle is inextricably linked to other functions across a business, most notably the processes of taking orders and invoicing customers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM online automates the Quote to Invoice business process and helps reduce clerical errors by sharing product, discount, shipping, taxes, and contract terms with other systems (e.g. North52 Formula Manager is a very interesting solution that promises to simplify the process of customizing and extending Dynamics CRM by offering a graphical toolkit to implement custom business logic that would otherwise require developing plug-ins in C# or adding Javascripts on the forms. In this article I’ll show you a few simple examples of how a person with no coding skills can perform some customizations that go beyond the GUI tools that Dynamics CRM offers.
The sales records in Dynamics CRM contain a few fields that sometimes don’t deliver any added value to the user, but they still need to be filled for each record. This is a very simple formula where all we basically need to do is populate a lookup field with a static value.
Now we’ll just need to publish the formula and go test it out by creating a new opportunity record and verifying that the price list gets set to the record we wanted. Changing the requirement level of a field based on another field on the form is another common requirement.

In the UI the user would see the requirement level change dynamically when he or she changes the Status Reason field value and clicks elsewhere or tabs out of it. To achieve this feature with Formula Manager, we would build a formula that references the statuscode ID values and the schema names of the fields we want to set as required. Basically what we do in the formula is first check for the stage 2, then stage 3 and finally use a default action for stage 1 to return the fields into not required status (so we also support moving backward in the stages). When Microsoft released the 2011 version of Dynamics CRM and introduced the solution management functionality they also introduced the Dynamics Marketplace: an app store for CRM solutions, integrated right into the CRM user interface. So, if you want to find the best listing of CRM solutions and other related applications, Dynamics Marketplace must be the place to go, right?
Today I saw an announcement from Sonoma Partners, one of the most high profile companies in Dynamics CRM consulting business, about a new, free solution called Universal Search.
I decided to do a little side-by-side test and opened up the US versions of both Dynamics Marketplace and Microsoft Pinpoint, narrowed down my search to applications only, selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and sorted the list by release date. A Microsoft partner needs to have either the CRM or ERP competency in order to get listed on the marketplace. That’s a perfectly valid explanation to the difference and the intentions behind the verification processes are surely good. For anyone who wants to keep track of the useful ISV add-ons released for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, they’ll get a much better experience browsing Microsoft Pinpoint rather than Dynamics Marketplace.
We haven’t seen much development on the Marketplace front since its release, which is quite a shame as we could really use some help from Microsoft in building a more vibrant ISV ecosystem around the Dynamics CRM product.
Even though the primary purpose of the site is for me to personally keep track of interesting links that I may need to come back to later on, there are also other people who have discovered the site, most likely through a search engine. I'm a Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP from Finland, having worked with the system since 2005 and in the field of customer relationship management for over 10 years now.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The State of Dynamics in 2015There’s been a lot going on in the world of Microsoft Dynamics during the past few months. Other popular verticals for sharing social data are music (29%), travel (22%) and film and TV (22%). Companies that embrace disruption can harness this potential and convert it into products, sales and profits. This monitoring also brings an augmented level of understanding of existing customers based on their behaviors and motivations. The current burst of merger and acquisition activity is illustrated by pardot's infograph on the Social CRM Arms Race between Oracle and Salesforce. Social CRMs, when adopted more widely, will be used to integrate social prospect and customer data with traditional sales and marketing data.
In fact, customers should beware of upcharges and hidden charges as terms are negotiated, and they should also know that lower priced editions often do not have needed functionality.
Microsoft has consistently delivered an extremely high rate of uptime since the service was launched in April 2008, and we’re accountable to customers if the service does not meet SLA standards. Instead of writing custom code, the business logic can be configured through the N52 entities inside CRM, with the help of a Silverlight based editor to write formulas that check conditions, perform validations, update fields etc. I’ll use the opportunity entity to add some client side actions to make the sales process a more guided experience for the end user. In case you get an error prompt from N52 Formula Manager while opening the form, please revisit the formula record and verify that you’ve selected the correct options. A search on the generic Pinpoint site gives you three times more CRM 2011 apps than the dedicated Marketplace. Ignoring the chance of technical errors in the search indexing, the difference is caused by the more strict requirements imposed on submissions to the Dynamics Marketplace.
Some customers may well decide to minimize the risk of causing harm to the operation of their business critical CRM systems by only choosing add-ons that are CfMD.

I myself fall into this category and also try to do my share in promoting the ISV offerings by maintaining a list of Dynamics CRM Links to interesting apps I come across.
However, it’s not an actual blog but rather my public bookmarking service for collecting interesting tools, solutions, add-ons, services and other sites that are related to Dynamics CRM. Luckily there’s an active ecosystem around the platform that is creating either commercial or free solutions to address these areas.
Whenever I feel like saying a thing or two to about Dynamics CRM, I may post it here on my blog, tweet it, save it to my CRM links or post it on Google+. This will provide the much-needed layer of insights that will help marketers be more effective and efficient in the social age. You can grab the free Standard edition of Formula Manager and use it’s 10 available formulas to try out these examples in your own CRM environment, or watch some of the training videos from North52 that cover several other scenarios.
If your organization only has a single valid price list at any given time, the CRM users would surely appreciate it if the system could automatically populate the lookup field with the default price list when creating a new opportunity.
Then create a new N52 Formula record and define the formula type as Save – To Current Record.
It’s not a huge difference in the user experience, as Dynamics Marketplace is a subset of the Pinpoint platform. Click the image below to see an example of search results that you’d be missing out on if you only use Dynamics Marketplace. Of course, if even solution vendors like Sonoma Partners are releasing products outside of the Marketplace criteria, one might ask if that is a sensible guideline for customer organizations to follow or not. Another result of the Marketplace limitations is that the majority of the valuable, free tools for CRM developers and customizers are published on CodePlex. With the nearing commercial launch of Windows 8 and the accompanying Windows Store, the expectation levels of customers and developers alike have surely grown beyond the basic application listing that Dynamics Marketplace currently offers.
If I discover a useful new tool on, say, CodePlex, I simply create a new blog post using the tool’s name as the title, the URL as the body text and add a few tags for link categorization. In the spirit of open data, I decided to publish a snapshot of the website visit stats to show what’s hot in CRM right now and also promote some of the most useful tools and apps out there, to help more people discover them. Especially the open source tools on CodePlex or free code samples published on various CRM expert blogs are highly valuable resources that I’m thankful for, which is why I attempt to do my own little part by sharing the best links with others. But they do have a significant impact on the effectiveness of marketing to consumers -- especially when it comes to online sales.
Socially mature brands are adopting social CRM at a higher rate; brands with a social marketing budget of over $100,000 have a social CRM adoption rate of 44%, with an additional 26% who plan to use such a system by the end of 2012. However, on this occasion I paid attention to the fact that the solution had actually already been published there on August 30th. 4 out of the 6 latest CRM applications listed on Pinpoint are not available on the Marketplace search.
The source and target entities should both be set to opportunity, as we’re updating the current record. Hmm, how come I didn’t notice it when scanning the Marketplace listings just last week? The page view volumes are quite limited, as the top page received 145 hits during three months. The source property in this case is the event that triggers the formula, so let’s select OnLoad to fill the field immediately when the form is opened. Finally, the target property should be the field that will be updated with the results of the formula, in this case Price List.

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