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Never before has there been the freedom the Custom Video Player provides to generate your own unique looking video players in just moments.
Custom Video Player will automatically resize your video to best fit your website as well as the viewers device.
The Custom Video Player generates 100% responsive videos, with 14 ready to go preset video sizes that are optimised for maximum video quality to the end user. Our InventionsAdditional website modules and Internet Marketing ToolsAll Spinning Planet websites are built using the e107 open source content management system (CMS). In this post i’ll show you how to set up the meta tags required for you to use a custom video player on Facebook, styled exactly like you want it.

It will show up, and play, directly within Facebook status updates whenever someone shares the web page containing that meta data.
Since we've developed the system ourselves if you'd like additional features such as the ability to import all of your products from your own database we can quote for that too. The latest version of our form builder even lets you set up online payment for basic items.
An event calendar makes it easy for you and your customers to display upcoming events and let people know what’s happening. Newsletters are a great marketing tool to remind people of your business and what you have to offer.

We not only create the business pages for you but we also show you how to get the best out of Social Networking and how to post to your business page.
We recommend that you start with a $200 budget.Video ProductionNeed a great video for your website showcasing your business, processes or staff?

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