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With new advertising platforms like smartphones and tablets, we are starting to see a new type of marketing strategy — one that involves interactive marketing. Jay founded Daily Infographic in college when he noticed there wasn't a place for infographic fans to view awesome data visualizations all in one place. Today we complete a series on how you can improve your marketing by working with Customer Service departments. What if at the conclusion of every Service call, instead of the customer getting a survey, the Service person filled out a response card?
In my last Op-Ed, I defined marketing as who, what, where, when, why and how your organization interacts with others in order to meet your business goals. No matter what product you sell or service you deliver, more targeted marketing gives you a better return.
Janet Kyle Altman is the marketing partner at the accounting firm Kaufman, Rossin & Co. After logging into each social media profile, respond to direct messages from followers or prospective followers.
If the business is new to the marketplace or recently established an online presence, developing a follower base should be added to the to-do list.
Wrap up the daily social media to-dos with a quick search of relevant keywords including branded phrases. When all the old people die off?” Every single example in this infographic is still around today in some form or another.
Growing, and not making the same mistake over and over again, improves the value of your organization and brand.

Targeting a specific audience gets you in front of them more often, with messages that touch them emotionally. Creating a fictional person named Suzie or Sammy with specific wants, needs and desires makes it easier to design marketing campaigns these ideal customers will respond to. Facebook interactions include posts on the wall of the business, picture tags, status updates, and messages. Ask a thought-provoking question, comment on recent news, or share an article, quote, or picture that encourages followers to interact with each other and the business. On Twitter, locate profiles of industry authorities and follow the people who follow these and have profiles compatible with what the company offers. Identify unconnected users who mention the company name, product name, or similar products. For example, the earliest form of billboard marketing was recorded back in 1867, yet weA  still see billboards all around us in every city.
But, as we are seeing print media die and digital media take precedence, I hope to see a shift in marketing habits because I for one am desensitized to advertising, both physical and digital. Training, better instructions, redesign the interface, change our go to market strategy to include resellers who can add the right kind of value? How much better would customers feel about your company and your brand if you really built what they needed, not just what they tolerated? They're typically created using a great deal of research and data about current customers.
Updating social media profiles, connecting with new followers, responding to posts, and monitoring keywords can consume most of a workday.

Direct messages and [email protected] replies are examples of direct interactions through Twitter. When creativity is running low, ask followers to provide feedback on company products or services. With Facebook, use direct messaging to introduce the company to people with an interest in the industry or relevant products. Connect with these prospective followers and respond to questions or independent product reviews they have posted. There have been plenty of case studies done on the effect of billboard advertising vs social marketing online, and every time, social marketing is most receptive to the younger crowd. By following a daily to-do list, social media marketers can develop engaged followers and create positive branding without spending the entire day on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks. By following this daily to-do list, a business will come across as engaged and customer-focused. Iaccoca killed the projects, and what ultimately came out was the Minivan and the K Car, but critical to Chrysler’s growth away from bankruptcy. Even if nearly everyone needs sneakers, these companies help us know exactly which sneaker fits our personal needs, whether we are uber-competitive or ultrafashionable.

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