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December 27, 2011 by Monique Merhige 2 Comments A company database is an important tool to an organization that is looking to grow their business. The most valuable asset a company has is their customer list!  Then why are there some organizations out there that don’t have one?
Database Software – Do research various software programs and make sure it has the right features to keep your data organized.  All marketing and sales teams should have training on the program and be able to add data and pull reports when needed. Don’t keep your leads on your desk!  Make sure you have someone  in the organization that inputs leads into the company database program consistently.
Now is the time to get your database in place for 2012 and keep it organized!  Don’t let another minute go by without putting a database marketing strategy in place! About Monique MerhigeInfusion Direct Marketing's founder Monique Merhige has over 15 years of marketing communications experience with technology companies ranging from small service firms and equipment manufacturers to a 1.5 Billion dollar division of Motorola. I worked with a large membership organization (numbers changed to preserve confidentiality) where I learned about an aspect of email marketing that I had not encountered before.
The Account Mapping service is the starting point to deep penetration of major accounts a€“ for both new and existing customers. We use market segmentation, database marketing, and pro-active business development prospecting techniques to generate, and pre-qualify selling opportunities while also developing contacts that influence the buying process of each of those opportunities. In todaya€™s marketplace buyers have multiple resources available to them when researching and selecting an appropriate vendor for their application. These days, when there are so many stories about data security breaches and privacy, effective database marketing is at risk as well. We are awash in irrelevant offers wherever we turn, yet  consumers balk at providing the very information that could improve their experiences and perhaps give them some valuable offers on things they are interested in. When companies try to make the case, their communication can be so full of legalese that it serves to frighten consumers even farther away!

Companies interested in using database marketing to personalize communications need to keep making a clear, effective promise and then ask customers about their needs and interests.  Once a consumer has told you what they want, the best way to keep the relationship is to use that information, and not fall prey to the tendency to send out blitz offers in the futile hope that they may change their minds. Companies are also at fault for not using their data about what a customer opens and clicks on to improve the communications accuracy for an individual customer.
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Your marketing database is the most essential aspect of a perfect marketing kit – yet the most neglected one. Research shows that over 50 percent of companies do not have a defined, systemized process to manage the marketing database. Better management means greater conversions – When you meticulously manage your database, you will end up generating better quality leads and reduce inaccurate and incomplete data. Growth of Marketing Contribution – An updated database will lead to better conversions and higher revenue directly generated from your department.
Database marketing is a form of direct marketing using databases of customers or potential customers to generate personalized communications in order to promote a product or service for marketing purposes.
Only send information that they will find useful.  You don’t want to tick off your valuable customers!
Later, marketers began to understand that even simple grouping of their customers allowed them to run more relevant, effective and profitable campaigns. The vendor who takes a proactive approach in communicating with their existing customer base as well as their new prospects will have a higher success rate of closing new and repeat business. The marketing database holds the reins of our marketing spends, pushes our marketing programs ahead, and makes way for a number of opportunities to build the organization’s revenue. This means that less than half of the marketers are using a proper process of professional segmentation of database, data cleansing, data appending, and few other processes.

This will eventually set your sales team up for success as they will have access to good,  responsive contact information.
It only makes sense that marketing departments demonstrating higher ROI can make a better case for an increase in marketing budget.
Choose from a range of options like Data Segmentation, Data Appending, Data Licensing, Data Profiling, and more. More recently, sophisticated marketers and retention experts a€“ particularly in Internet companies a€“ have discovered that applying the latest technologies to this challenge delivers far more targeted (and profitable) campaigns. Getting in the door early and staying in constant communication is the key to you getting the order instead of the competition. What marketers are forgetting is that a powerful data management strategy ensures greater success for their sales and marketing organizations.
A report from Aberdeen’s 2014 Lead Management Study states that companies with proper data management strategies see a 25 percent growth of data contacts, year-over-year.
Successful lead management is one of the most important ways marketing can assist a sales team. Implementing a good outsourced customer retention support function, as opposed to a telemarketing approach, to your customer retention lead generation programs will show your market commitment and convey that you are serious about doing business in a professional manner.
Remember, marketing qualified leads (MQLs) aren't leads unless they are accurate and complete.

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