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The first step in implementing an effective IDM strategy is to define and establish your brand for the digital age. By Carolina 6 Comments When I work with clients on their online marketing, we spend a lot of time defining the business niche that the client is trying to serve. If a prospective client is considering hiring someone, why should they hire you instead of any of the other qualified professionals out there? One of the best ways to answer this question and demonstrate your value is to specialize in a business niche. For example, marketing consultants can specialize in different areas such as branding or public relations.
As a business owner, your two biggest and generally most limited resources are your time and money, so it’s important to use them strategically.
When your website shows up in search results, it will be one of many on a page that people will scan quickly to see which link they should click on. The only way to stand a chance to get someone’s attention is to provide them with content that is relevant and useful to their unique needs. To identify your own business niche, figure out how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and what area you can specialize in. Once you have identified your business niche, you will be in a better position to market your services effectively. Get Support in Marketing Your Business Coming soon: free tools and resources to help you market your business more effectively and easily. The results of this survey show that 55 percent of marketing departments are not collaborating with sales to define what constitutes a sales ready lead. Agreement between marketing and sales on what constitutes a sales ready lead is one of the keys to a happy productive relationship between marketing and sales. Subscribe to Synecore Tech's YouTube Channel for more insight into the world of IDM! By channeling company-wide values, to define your business goals, you can establish a robust online presence for your brand!

This could mean focusing on a particular industry (such as working with clients in the food industry) or a specific area within your field (such as board development if you’re a nonprofit consultant). Instead of trying to do everything related to marketing, I focus on a specific area: online marketing, especially content marketing and search engine optimization, for B2B firms. To use them strategically in your marketing, you need to be really clear about the market you’re trying to serve since all of your marketing efforts will stem from this.
This will diminish the overall effectiveness of your online marketing because people won’t click through to your site, read your blog, or share your posts and updates on their social networks. If you know who your ideal clients are and you craft content that is specifically targeted towards them, you will have a much greater chance of success (this will also help with your SEO). Almost as important as figuring out what you enjoy doing is figuring out what you don’t enjoy doing. You’ll have a clearer idea about what you do differently than others in your field, what your expertise is within your field, and who values your services.
It can help you focus on the customers you want and helps your potential customers understand what to expect of you. You make a good point about how identifying your niche also helps your potential customers understand what to expect of you. Once sales and marketing have met and reached agreement on what a sales ready lead is, they need to plan on reviewing and adjusting this definition at least every six months. Other keys include establishing a lead nurturing system, having a process for sales to send leads back to marketing for further nurturing, and having a system for scoring how leads are progressing through the nurturing system. Understanding the client’s niche is critical to effectively marketing the business online. Whether you’re an attorney, a bookkeeper, a nonprofit consultant, or a sustainability consultant, there are hundreds of other people out there who do what you do. This reflects both my interests and expertise and where I can provide the most value to my clients. When they click through to your blog, they will scan it quickly to see if it’s worth their time.

Think about the clients you’ve worked with and identify the ones who really understood the value of what you were offering to them and were happy to pay your fees. These tips and strategies will help us in during our niche selection process and we can give our self the best chance.
Marketing sends leads over to sales and then complains that sales doesn’t follow-up on the leads. Perhaps he started with the foundational values statement, something simple and to the point like; a€?I wanna take over the world!a€? From there I suppose he fleshed out a two-part goal. First, you can provide more value to your clients because you have honed your expertise in an area relevant to them, and second, you limit the competition you face. When they choose to follow you on social media, your updates will be one of hundreds that show up in their newsfeeds. Paying attention to what you enjoy is important, since we generally enjoy doing the things that we are already good at.
For example, both startups and established businesses may need your services, but would one be a better fit for you? You can put together your online marketing plan and know that prospective clients will be much more likely to stick around on your blog and read your social media updates!
Sales complains that they can’t get through to the prospects, or that the prospects are not interested in meeting with them. Number 1 - Establish a physical presence over every land and Number 2 - slaughter everyone who gets in my way. When they choose to receive your email updates, your newsletter will be one of dozens that lands in their inbox. In my case, for example, I started my marketing career working for an ecommerce business, so all of my experience was focused on blogging, social media, search engine optimization and paid Adwords campaigns, not in offline marketing strategies; focusing on online marketing was a natural course for me.

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