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Definition: International StrategyIn marketing and strategy, the market of operation is a very crucial parameter.
The first step in forming an international strategy should be analysing the markets, in general, if not specifically. The third step is setting the international and global objectives, which, counter-intuitively is not done in the first step.
The final step in this process is development of the service offering which will encompass details like pricing, products and distribution. Marketing Management is the art and science of targeting markets and increasing customer’s satisfaction by creating delivering and communicating superior customer values of management. Choose a target market: This is the first step to follow as to set a target and gather market information and analyze the available opportunities and threats.
Create goods or provide services as per of demand: The marketers first ascertain what the customer wants and then produce goods according to the customer’s need to achieve maximum satisfaction of them.

Creating, developing and communicating customer’s superior values: The primary job of a marketing manager is to create superior values so that the customers are attracted to the products and services and communicate these values to the prospective buyers and persuade them to buy these products by providing goods of predetermined specifications or standard of quality, price and packaging. Market Share: Every business concerns tries to capture reasonable shares in the market to survive in the competitive world. Goodwill: Marketing goals are majorly set to build the reputation of the firm through various image building activities such as popularizing the products by advertising, conducting public relation program, etc.
Financial success depends on the marketing ability as marketing management is the focal point of all the business activities.
Marketing management is not a production activity, but it includes merchandising, packaging, warehousing, transportation, branding, selling advertising and pricing.
Marketing Management is such a way by which the exchange of goods and services can maximizes the satisfaction of customers’ need effectively and efficiently.
Or where you, the business manager who needs to get staff trained effectively, can do so within very reasonable budgets. Thus, a company operating in India cannot employ the same strategies should it want to expand to Russia. This will include analysis of general macroeconomic data of the country, balance of trade, trading partners, per capita income, etc.
The company may choose routes like launching of a brand new product or venturing jointly with another willing partner company, already present in that market. A good design can improve performance of a product and also give it a competitive advantage in the market. For this purpose, various promotional methods are used to make the product and services popular.

A business firm can achieve its goals by identifying the customers’ need and satisfying them better than the competitors.
It involves many activities that are performed even before goods are actually produced and continue even after the sale of goods. So for a company seeking international foothold, framing of an a€?international strategya€™ assumes a very crucial role. It is the process of planning, organizing, directing and controlling all the activities which are related to the marketing of goods and services to satisfy customer’s need and achieve organizational goals.
For instance, when we plan to buy any product say, a car, we not only see its features like price, mileage, etc. It is the responsibility of a marketing manager to take the decisions in the areas of product, price, place and promotion of goods and services. For instance, activities such as gathering and analyzing market information to identify customer needs, developing appropriate market plans to achieve market objectives, designing suitable product package and giving it a brand name are preformed before commencement of the actual production. Concept of Marketing Management has become an increasingly vital ingredient for business success.
Similarly, many customer support services such as after sales services, dealing with customer complaints, maintenance services etc.
A good market management is a result of careful planning and execution which profoundly affects the business.

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