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But just a video isn’t enough to convince patients that you are the right dentist for them, at least not the patients that are going to help you reach your financial goals.
Let us show you how we have converted clicks to consultations and page views to patients for our clients and how we’ll do the same for you. ProMed Templates offers high quality and professional medical and dental website templates. At ProMed Templates our goal is to deliver high quality medical and dental website templates that are uniquely tailored to medical and dental practices.
Its official, ProMed Templates is live and ready to offer the best medical and dental website templates. With our hassle free and easy to use content management system, adding and editing content is a breeze. We offer custom content development to help brand your business and create a distinct online identity. We offer custom website design solutions that are uniquely tailored to you and your business. In this fast paced digital world, people are prone to snap judgements – especially on the web. Do you have a competitor with an identical dental website design because you’re both using the same template company? The professionals at Golden Proportions Marketing developed a beautiful new website for our practice that allows us to convey to existing and prospective patients the vast array of comprehensive services we provide for children, and adults, as well as the friendly caring nature of our practice.
After being disappointed with our old website for some time I was referred to Golden Proportions Marketing.
While most dental offices today have a website, a majority of them are not yet investing in search engine and internet marketing.

In addition, we offer full template customization, search engine optimization (SEO), CMS integration, custom written content and more.
Check out the latest and greatest of out ever growing collection of awesome and professional medical and dental website templates. We seek to provide our customers with a valuable and enjoyable online experience through a diverse selection of products and services.
Contact us today if you have a question or comment about our medical and dental websites and or services.
It means that other customers may have already purchased the template and that future customers will be able to purchase the same template after you. It means that other customers may have already purchased this template and that you would be the last.
Within a second, prospective patients have already decided if you are worth a second glance, or if they need to hit the back button and make another selection.
You already know how important that first impression is to the 97% of new patients who use online media to help find a dentist, or you wouldn’t be here reading this.
The quality of the website truly reflects the quality of the care we provide for patients in our practice. We went from 5-6 new patients a month last summer to not being able to get them in for three weeks now. They helped me create a new website that reflected the quality and values of my dental practice. Everyone uses Facebook to communicate with friends, Twitter to follow artists and trends, Foursquare to find the best deals and places, watches videos on YouTube, even pins interesting articles and photos on a virtual Pinboard called Pinterest. Your competition has probably been on the internet for 10 years or more and is taking all your patients.

When I heard Xana speak at our TNACD study club, I knew immediately that this was the company I was looking for.
They first educated me as to what was available and gave guidance on what would be beneficial. You probably upgrade to a shiny new iPhone or Android the moment you are eligible for an upgrade, right?
Because more and more people use the internet to find everything and anything, and if you can’t be found, you’re losing out. If not, we can handle that for you, too.) Think that means you’ll convert searches into clients?
If the template is sold at this price it will be permanently removed from our website and never be sold or be available to other customers again. And then there are the doctors who have had trouble pulling the trigger on a website, because they had enough patients. They were on top of the project from the start and you can see from the final result that they did a great job. They helped us through the process all the way and gave us an ongoing outline of where we were at all times. They were very patient and spent time with me to understand what I wanted in a website and to have it properly represent my office.

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