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You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. As we enter 2015, the latest stats on use of digital media and technology all point to the growing importance of creating a digital strategy. The need for businesses to compete to reach and engage their audiences as they use digital devices is clear and well-established.
Yet we know from our Managing Digital Marketing research for 2014 and 2015 that many businesses don't have a digital strategy - only around half of all businesses are using digital media and technology strategically. To help businesses create or refine their digital strategy, Dan Bosomworth and I created the RACE planning framework to summarise key activities that need to be measured. This infographic gives a brief explanation of each part of the customer lifecycle and highlights the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help review strategy effectiveness.
For 2015 we have updated our RACE digital strategy infographic to give a stronger focus on strategy development rather than inbound and content marketing which was more the focus of the original from 2012. We developed our RACE Digital Strategy framework to help businesses scope out their investment in digital technology and media. It's one of 10 infographics which are designed to be useful - to help businesses map, plan and manage their digital strategy. If you're not familiar with RACE, these are the four main stages of the customer lifecycle and how a digital strategy and different forms of technology can support businesses to improve the efficiency of the funnel. The marketing funnel remains as the most common way to manage customer engagement and to set targets and review performance.
A digital strategy defines a focus for investment in digital technology and media for an organisation to engage audiences as they use digital devices.
The growth in use of digital devices by consumers as they select and buy  products has changed consumer buying behaviour to such a degree that a digital strategy is now seen as essential by many. A digital strategy and digital marketing strategy are very similar, so it's not worth getting too hung up on the terminology or differences, however they can mean different things to different people within an organisation, so it's best to standardise.
So, alternatively, a digital strategy focuses on making the right investments in digital technology rather than digital media. Hi Dave, would you please explain that satisfaction and loyalt is a KPI for effectiveness or efficiency?
AIMBIG Technologies provide t your company with a complete seo services to increase your revenue by your website traffic all under your own brand identity by delivering on our promise and working with you to get your clients real value. AIMBIG Technologies offers Online Reputation Management (ORM) refers to the monitoring SERPs in online media and Web content. ORM involves in tracking what is written about a client on the Internet, then utilizing sophisticated online and offline techniques in promoting positive and neutral content to prevention from negative reviews and repair of online reputation threats of your business. Madeleine Schein, especialista em Marketing e Inteligencia competitiva, reforca a importancia da utilizar bem as ferramentas online para sobreviver no mercado atualmente. Hoje, temos um alargamento na piramide etaria brasileira, na qual, em termos populacionais, existe um numero predominante de adultos na faixa de 18 a 24 anos. Ha alguns anos, empresarios e profissionais podiam dar-se “ao luxo” de dizer que nao gostavam e nem entendiam nada de tecnologia da informacao. Se voce tivesse que escolher entre televisao, Internet ou revistas, qual dessas midias voce escolheria? Se a opcao foi a INTERNET, entao podemos concluir que o marketing digital esta ocupando cada vez mais importancia nas estrategias de marketing. A facilidade que o consumidor tem de localizar qualquer produto atraves da rede, buscar informacoes em sites e blogs, e discutir sobre as propriedades e funcionalidades nas comunidades virtuais, faz com que as empresas tenham preocupacao em investir numa comunicacao digital mais informativa, interativa, eficiente e otimizada.
Nesse contexto, marketing digital sao estrategias e acoes de comunicacao que as empresas podem utilizar por meio da Internet e da telefonia celular, alem de outros meios digitais, para divulgar e comercializar seus produtos, conquistar novos clientes e fidelizar outros, melhorar sua rede de relacionamentos e fortalecer sua marca. Enquanto muitas empresas ainda tentam ocupar um espaco no mercado sem ter ao menos um site, outras comercializam seus produtos atraves do e-commerce, possuem blogs, utilizam comunicacao atraves de celulares, redes sociais e otimizam suas paginas na web possibilitando um maior resultado na busca pelos seus e-consumidores.
O marketing digital permite que tenhamos alto retorno sobre o investimento de tempo e dinheiro na comunicacao online. O desafio e analisar o novo perfil comportamental dos seus clientes e “prospects”, planejar e implantar acoes de marketing digital, e estar preparado para se comunicar e ampliar os negocios com clientes mais informados, exigentes e internautas. Outro passo importante e ter um profissional capacitado em marketing e internet para elaborar, desenvolver e acompanhar as campanhas de marketing digital. Para empresas de pequeno e medio porte, os beneficios do marketing digital sao ainda maiores, ja que dispoem de poucos recursos para promover seus produtos e servicos. A Camara Brasil-Alemanha de Porto Alegre e parte de uma abrangente rede de 10 Camaras Brasil-Alemanha, sendo esta uma situacao unica, em se tratando de Camaras bilaterais no Brasil. April 17, 2014 by C&EN Media Group 1 Comment Nearly every company — including those in the science industry — is investing more of its marketing dollars in digital media. However, the extensive array of digital marketing platforms available today is exactly why it’s so important to develop a solid strategy before embarking on a campaign. Here’s how to build an effective plan that sets up your science-driven digital campaign for success. A carefully planned digital marketing strategy begins the same way as any other marketing plan: with a consistent and well-defined message. Devote careful thought to these questions, ensuring that your integrated campaign is successful at every touch point.

To decide which channels will work best with your campaign, go back to the core goals of your marketing efforts.
The key is to choose the combination of marketing platforms that best accomplishes the task at hand.
The biggest advantage of digital marketing is your ability to measure results (and hopefully, success).
The C&EN Media Group is passionate about scientific communication and we are dedicated to staying up to date on the latest market research, emerging technologies, best practices, and trends. Sharing advice on selecting and using these tools to get better results from digital marketing was one of the drivers behind setting up Smart Insights and we'll soon be launching a marketplace to feature these tools - get in touch if you'd like to be featured in our new directory. However, the range of tools to gain insight is daunting and this has been highlighted again by the new Gartner Digital Marketing Transit Map - newly updated for Spring 2015.
It's a great complement for Scott Brinker's Digital Marketing Landscape map which you may know - I personally prefer since it has clearer groupings of technology categories and specific tools shown by popularity. To the south are the “business districts” that connect with other parts of the organization: IT, sales and service, general marketing, business intelligence and general advertising, which is often outsourced to agencies. The stop in the center, labeled “digital marketing hub,” is the central station where all of the functions converge.
In the northeast are services concerned with engagement quality: creative and user experience.
Maps like this can help in reviewing tools available against what you currently have in place as part of reviewing your use of insight, so I hope some may find this useful - let us know what you think? Dave … glad you made sense of those because I was going crossed eyed with the joining up of all the different dots, inc. A unique view on content marketing, interactive content and challenger sales seamlessly mesh to create customer centric organizations. As a marketer, you’ve experienced the influx of marketing predictions and forecasted trends that are out there. It’s easy for marketers to reflect on the successes they experienced over the past year and make the decision to duplicate efforts that are already working, but what marketers also need to realize is the importance of staying on top of new opportunities, if they want to be innovative. Telling you about the predictions and trends for 2015 is one thing, helping you figure out how to put them to work for your organization is the real benefit. In 2013, Oreo made this term come to life when they capitalized on the power outage of Super Bowl XLVII and came up with “Dunk in the Dark.” While brands didn’t have the big opportunity last Sunday night in the way Oreo did two years ago, they sure did their best to tap into Super Bowl fever with efforts across social media. Your social audiences can be a truly inspired source of content that is authentic and highly sharable.
Many organizations know that content is important but the stats highlight that brands are struggling to create, manage and maintain a steady flow of content in the pipeline. Let us help you answer these questions and more, as you set out to WOO your customers in 2015. Bill Schick is the Founder, CDO and blog author for MESH Interactive, a 10-year veteran Content Marketing Agency in Boston, MA.
This brilliant, concise checklist by Evolve Digital Labs is suited to more experienced SEO professionals. RACE is structured around the classic stages of customer lifecycle marketing from generating initial awareness in a brand as part of customer acquisition through nurturing relationships with prospects to sale and ongoing customer engagement. Although most would agree that prospects don't pass through the funnel in a linear way and it's more of iterative process as shown in this infographic summarising the customer buying decision, it's essential that a funnel-based conversion model is use to set targets and review the effectiveness and efficiency of online marketing. Otentimes, I find they are simply different labels with digital strategy a short-hand contraction for the longer digital marketing strategy. Alguns dos principais motivos sao: acirrada concorrencia, avanco na tecnologia da informacao e mudancas no perfil comportamental dos clientes.
Esse publico comporta-se de forma muito diferente da que adultos maduros, ou seja, pessoas com mais de 40 anos.
Atualmente, nao ha mais como fugir dessa realidade, e ela e parte estrategica do marketing digital. As empresas precisam entender que, para utilizar a nova comunicacao e integrar-se ao mercado digital, e preciso elaborar um estudo de mercado e utilizar estrategias competitivas para diferenciar-se dos concorrentes.
Assim como a informacao e disponibilizada rapidamente na Internet, os boatos e retorno de clientes mal atendidos tambem sao registrados com facilidade e precisam ser administrados.
Using vehicles such as social media, search engine marketing and sponsored online content, brands have the opportunity to immediately engage with their audiences on a personal and targeted level. Without a coordinated and focused effort, your message may become diluted or lose power before driving scientists to action. Before buying mobile ads or composing your first tweet, ask yourself the following questions:What is end goal of my digital campaign?
And most importantly, always place a special emphasis on the platforms where your scientific audience is most active.
Nonetheless, the endless metrics and data that digital marketing offers are only as valuable as the refinements you implement.

Often times, the difference between failure and success might only be small tweaks to your messaging or strategy. The C&EN Marketing Elements blog aims to connect companies who support advances in marketing and communication in the scientific marketplace.
From water analysis and the environment, to new omics technologies, C&EN Supplements ride along with key print issues, are available online, and are distributed at industry trade shows.
When I'm talking at conferences I often see most pens to paper when I'm recommending the many freemium tools to gain insight to improve results from marketing. Gartner’s digital marketing transit map presents a comprehensive landscape of marketing technologies that will enable organizations to see every kind of service and technology that is available and how they relate to each other”. But how difficult has it been to stay on top of all the emails, blogs and reports and still get your day-to-day responsibilities accomplished? So, we will dive deeper into specific marketing predictions and trends that will help inspire you to innovate throughout the year. Take for example this tweet from Cheerios that they shared seconds after the goal-line interception by Patriot’s Malcolm Butler. They tell your brand story without any provocation, simply because they love you and all that you stand for. Consider how you can re-shift your marketing strategy in a way that allows you to stand out, be more creative and relevant, and work on building relationships. This checklist can help you form a foundational process that you use at the beginning of each SEO campaign that you work on.
We’ll also create for you a market opportunity report, competitor report and develop you an SEO strategy. From an internal point-of-view, digital strategy considers the range of digital technology deployed inside a company to manage digital marketing and digital business such as marketing automation, content and commerce management and CRM systems as catalogued so well by Scott Brinkler in his Marketing Technology Landscape  From an external perspective, a digital strategy focuses more on digital technology used by audiences and considers how to engage audiences when using different types of digital devices from the obvious smartphone, tablets and desktop devices to the less obvious games consoles and in-store devices. Eles dominam as tecnologias da informacao, se comunicam muito bem atraves de e-mails, redes sociais e compram eletronicamente. And, with powerful reporting metrics a few clicks away, digital channels also offer science marketers clear and concrete markers of success: you can discern which messages resonated most clearly with your scientific audience, and make quick tweaks to boost impact.
Research your competitors’ marketing strategies to pinpoint areas in which you can effectively differentiate your product.
More than 40 percent of business-to-business organizations say they plan to increase their social media, e-mail marketing, and SEO budgets in 2014, according to a survey of more than 500 U.S.
I've kept this map for reference - here's the new Digital Marketing Landscape map from Scott for 2015 - checkout the difference. I’m a big fan of infographics, but could have done with some some simple tables for the technology landscape ones.
Take advantage of this genuine marketing content and leverage your online brand ambassadors to help you humanize your marketing. When an organization thinks about the creation of a larger piece of content, such as an eBook, whitepaper or case study, the next step is to think about how that larger piece of content can be disseminated into small bites, including infographics, charts, slides, videos, testimonials, and more, for use across multiple channels.
Learn what your customers want and combine that with your brand story to create the content that drives your marketing. In government, or some not-for-profit organisations, developing a "digital marketing strategy" is less appropriate, so a digital strategy gives a more appropriate label for managing digital technologies. Is your objective to inform your audience, or paint yourself as a thought leader for a particular scientific niche or area of specialty?
It is nearly impossible to stay ahead of all of the information, not to mention make sense of it all so you can do something smart with it. Then, use the marketing predictions and trends we compiled to blow your marketing strategy out of this world, giving you the competitive advantage to stay ahead in 2015.
For example, the UK government defines its Digital Strategy in this useful way - here there is a clear focus on technology to deliver services rather than marketing.
Sending a prospect to your home page isn’t nearly as effective as serving up a customized landing page with messaging that ties into the ad’s call to action. As scientific audiences consume more and more of their information through digital sources, it’s critical to have a well-developed plan for marketing in this arena. That’s why the team here at MESH took January to do our research and aggregate all of the data to create this easy-to-digest periodic table of digital marketing predictions and trends for you. The table is comprised of 114 elements—interesting opportunities facing your marketing team—in content marketing, social media, digital marketing, mobile, marketing automation, big data and analytics and much more.

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