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The Online Certificate course in Digital Marketing is a practical guide to use digital marketing to effectively reach out to your internet audience while building your brand and generating sales.
This course builds the understanding of the digital marketing and how to develop innovative strategies in displaying advertising, social media marketing, mobile and internet marketing, search engine optimization and marketing and website design to produce a higher response to your online marketing efforts.
Applicant Must Posses Sufficient Knowledge and understading of ENGLISH LANGUAGE & COMMUNICATION.
Companies running an active blog generate 67% more leads on a monthly basis compared to those who don’t blog. Marketers are already using dozens of analytics tools to keep a track of engagement and business performance on digital platforms. It would take an individual over 5 million years to watch the amount of video that will cross global IP networks each month in 2019.
It’s important here to note that personalization requires companies to first know their consumers well. How do you stand out when the entire industry is focussing on churning out relevant content? Targeting niche audience sizes and making use of data led advertising tools bringing in more effective results from campaigns.
Internet advertising is expected to rise by 10% on a global rate (PWC shows the CAGR between 2014 to 2019 is over 12%).
Get more inspiration in the video below with Gary Vaynerchuk- from 2013, but still relevant :-)!
We also offer media training, workshops in copywriting, media relations, public speaking and marketing. This is the workshop for everyone who suspects that the internet revolution has left them behind. Online Savvy is extremely practical and based on Hootville Communications’ 17 years as a web developer and communications consultancy. Brett de Hoedt founded Hootville Communications in 1999 after a career as print journalist (Sunday Age, New Idea, Truth) television publicist (Seven Network) and radio presenter (3AK, MyMP). Each year he trains trained hundreds of non-nerds to get more from the internet receiving rave reviews.

The former reporter and radio broadcaster has trained CEOs, board members, professional athletes, scientists, young people with intellectual disabilities, people with mental illness, priests, sex workers, people for whom English is a second or third language, asylum seekers and celebrities. Unlike most other digital marketing courses we support Online Savvy with three levels of follow-up coaching. Unlike other similar workshops, we aren’t trying to upsell you some software or ongoing program. Includes all of Online Savvy 4, but with 26 weeks of follow-up coaching, a one-to-one follow-up session for highly specific training, social media observation and feedback. A total of 52 weeks of follow-up coaching, two one-to-one sessions for highly specific training, SEO feedback, Google Analytics feedback.
Got more than a couple of people who need training? Book a private session for your whole team.
Imagine a trainer who gives away valuable training for free. Visit the Hootville gift shop and download our free media contact lists, marketing resources and eBooks. It also equips the participants with the basic understanding needed for practical digital marketing and sales as an entrepreneur or as a professional. Your brand success in 2016 depends on two aspects- a) knowing the marketing trends and b) consistently applying them and creating unique consumer experiences.
Every second, nearly a million minutes of video content will cross the network by 2019. Globally, consumer internet video traffic will be 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2019, 79% in 2018, and 74% in 2016 up from 64 percent in 2014.
Offering personalized content means sharing relevant and knowledge based posts to offer a solution to consumers. This may well begin by drawing out buyer profiles and knowing consumer demographics, and behavioral preferences.
Targeted campaigns are two times more effective than non-targeted one size fits all campaigns.
Mobile ads will grow by a whooping 45% (see more predictions by eMarketer here) and online ad expenditure is set to rise through the year. He tackles online marketing from a marketing perspective (not technical) and advocates a “whatever works” philosophy. Unique storytelling techniques are the most sought requirements laid down by leading brands. Perfect for driving in engagement and nurturing leads, stories help brands align consumers to the emotional core of the brand.

A study suggests that retargeted display ads inspire a lot more people to search for the product.
With organic reach on platforms like Facebook taking a nosedive, and Google ad-words consistently becoming more expensive, it comes as no surprise. If our workshop, notes and follow-up coaching don't improve your online communications we will return your money. Private sessions allow more time to solve your specific issues and you’ll enjoy a massive reduction in fee on a per-person basis.
In fact brands will be spending a lot of time creating more relevant and inspiring content than ever before!
Companies are all set to utilize the vast information and content pool created online by consumers.
Videos allow for greater engagement, lower site bounce rates and also showcase product usage in multiple scenarios.
A mix of visual and contextual storytelling inspires emotions in consumers and increases trust. It comes as no surprise that businesses are making targeting strategies more elaborately than ever.
Sure organic branding and growth is one way to go, but targeted paid advertising is definitely allowing firms to expand their consumer acquisition at a faster rate. Decision making in an overload of information and content, will be led by real data and not mere instinct.
Facebook and Instagram allow marketers to really delve deep into the various options to select the right users, definitely allowing brands to spend their dollars wisely.
And if 2015 was too experimental for your brand, the big trends we’re sharing today will definitely take you towards brand success in 2016. Social media driven videos whether on Facebook, Vine, or Instagram are likely to go up as well.

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