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While the benefits your company offers don’t necessarily change, the journey for a digital buyer is often much different than that of a traditional buyer. Econsultancy just published its Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing, which offers tremendous insights on 2016 digital trends through the lens of 7,000 marketers and e-commerce professionals. In business, when ever I take a client for digital marketing strategies, I will evaluate whether I can help the business or not and whether the business will be profitable using digital marketing. In this strategy the idea is to have a planned approach to creating a programme of customer acquisition to grow the volume of customers they need at an acceptable ROI. Here I will understand the type of customers business are targeting, their purchase pattern, where they are from, where do they hangout online? Here I would work with business to show where to allocate the budget to make the most impact.
Here I will be using tools, choosing the right attribution model, understanding and getting most out of the analytics, measuring social media campaigns, and provide reports on conversion rate optimization. There we go, the 7 strategies I always take when handling clients for digital marketing strategies.
Oreb Reloaded provides digital marketing solutions that can help you reach out to more clients, market your products and services and boost website traffic.
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Every business independent of its size has to invest on marketing to increase or retain its market share or to maintain their goodwill.
As the year ends and 2016 is approaching, your digital marketing strategy should be a combination of old as well as new techniques. Inbound marketing is all about presenting yourself in the right way at the right place at the right time. Once your customers have been attracted and they are on your site, put up your best face forward.

Any owner doesn’t just want random site views, ultimate aim is to convert strangers into customers. Follow up your customers on the social platform by showing your ads with the content they love. In today’s competitive world even Digital presence alone might not work as it did in 2014-15. This entry was posted in Marketing Strategies and tagged digital marketing, digital marketing strategies, strategies on December 20, 2015 by Puneet Badam. Therefore, you need to recognize the experience of a customer at each stage and focus on delivering value throughout the journey. Along with above, also make steady that your clients get profit and ROI are outcomes not the strategy itself.
Surprisingly most businesses here do not know what they want to achieve or worst still want maximum results but not willing to pay. What are the costs of acquiring of a new customer measured by the incremental revenue less the incremental resource and media cost required?
Then we dig deeper into, what channels of communication they prefer and what kind of content they are looking for. We have maintained a good reputation in providing excellent and high quality services to our clients for years. In today’s scenario, Digital Marketing has become an essential part of marketing activities, but the key is to be selective and go for the most efficient Digital Marketing strategies that are prevailing in the present and will stay for long. It is about earning people’s interest by showing them relevant content while they are browsing online.
Well planned and selective Digital Marketing strategies can put you above your competitors in 2016.
When possible, seize opportunities to automate for consistency and efficiency, while maintaining a personalized approach.

Basically we can divide into 3 categories; advertising by using paid search, display ads, affiliate marketing and digital signage. Should you wish to learn more about us and our services, feel free to contact us or sent us a message. Inbound marketing results in customers visiting the website with interest cultivated by this strategy; instead of Conventional Marketing where a company executive approaches a customer’s place. As searching is done on search engines, search engine optimization (SEO) becomes an essential part of Digital Marketing strategy.
Blogs should be clear and objective & the content of your blog must answer the question of the customer.
Logo should be crafted in such a way that customers can identify you in future and re-live their experience by just seeing your logo. As the New Year is on its way, implement these strategies will definitely boost your marketing campaign. Using partner networks such as Facebook and influencer outreach and finally digital properties by creating blogs and social presence online. Integration of video ads in apps, games and websites is the newest and successful ad strategy. Its goals are meant to focus upon 3 things, which are to generate more traffic, improve awareness and increase sales.
Digital marketing strategies also centre around 4 activities, namely, content, connections, consistency and analysis.

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