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I'm often contacted by site owners with an idea for a new site who are trying to work out how much revenue they'll be able to raise depending on the number of visitors to their site.
There's no simple answer to this, but to help, several years ago I created this spreadsheet model which also features in my books as an activity to help students working on this topic.
If you plug in some average figures for pay-for-performance-based advertising options like cost per click or cost per action approaches li as shown below it shows why fixed fee and CPM models tend to be preferred by publishers.
To use this model different Internet site revenue models and income potential use our online revenue model spreadsheet - see Ad Revenue model worksheet (for Expert members). This spreadsheet can also be used by owners of existing sites like publishers to estimate ad or affiliate marketing revenue from a site or section of site.
Total revenue for each ad unit or container and corresponding Earnings per 100 clicks (EPC) or Earnings per thousand page views (eCPM) are calculated automatically. For a publisher or other media site owner, I would identify eight types of revenue model which are possible online. Of course, transactional sites have the option of these also in addition to sales - online, everyone is a media owner. Here payment occurs for single access to a document, video or music clip which can be downloaded. For example, I've paid to access detailed best practice guides on Internet marketing from Marketing Sherpa. Digital rights management (DRM) The use of different technologies to protect the distribution of digital services or content such as software, music, movies, or other digital data. The revenue for search engines or publishers from these sources can also be a fair proportion of this. Google Network Revenues through Ads generate around one third of Google's revenue. For me, the Google's content networks are one of the biggest secrets in online marketing with search engines such as Google generating over a third of their revenue from the network, but some advertisers not realising their ads are being displayed beyond search engines and so not served for this purpose.
Google is the innovator and offers options for different formats of ad units including text ads, display ads, streamed videos and now even cost per action as part of its pay per action scheme.
A fixed-fee sponsorship approach was famously used by Alex Tew in 2005, a 21-year-old considering going to University in the UK who was concerned about paying off his university debts.
His page is divided into 100-pixel blocks (each measuring 10x10 pixels) of which there are 10,000 giving 1,000,000 pixels in total. Increasingly this approach is replacing CPM or CPC approaches where the advertiser has more negotiating power. However, it depends on the power of the publisher who will often receive more revenue overall for CPM deals. The data a site owner has about its customers is also potentially valuable since it can said different forms of e-mail to its customers if they have given their permission that they are happy to receive e-mail either from the publisher or third parties. An example of a company that uses this approach to attract revenue from surveys is the teen site Dubit.
Considering all of these approaches to revenue generation together, the site owner will seek to use the best combination of these techniques to maximize the revenue. This is particularly important for affiliate marketers who make money through commission when their visitors click through to third party retail sites such as Amazon, and then purchase there. Do you know how CLICK OUT REVENUE MODEL would work and how it would back out for a publisher?

We better know that the internet is a gift by technology to us and now a days internet is and essential need of our life, through your information you have proved that with internet you can get the better business revenue and its worth too, Thanks for your ideas about the business.
Your landing page has just a short time to grab your viewers’ attention and interest, so you should make it concise and engaging enough to effectively convert buyers.
Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have all introduced new digital-video ad products.A Social video offers several major advantages from an advertiser perspective, includingA huge built-in mobile audiences, advanced targeting, and native-style ad units. Our BI IntelligenceA INSIDER Newsletters are currently read by thousands of business professionals first thing every morning.
Our subscribers consider the INSIDER Newsletters a "daily must-read industry snapshot" and "the edge needed to succeed personally and professionally" a€” just to pick a few highlights from our recent customer survey. The report is included in LMIA subsriptions (LMIA is a paid subsription through the Local Media Foundation that includes monthly reports such as this one with a related webinar and other benefits). The graph presents the social media advertising revenue in selected countries in Europe in 2015.
Statista’s Digital Market Outlook offers forecasts, detailed market insights and essential performance indicators of the most significant areas in the “Digital Economy”, including various digital goods and services. In terms of generating revenue for your digital magazine, where do you put your focus: advertising revenue, subscription revenue, or a combination of both?
The subscription revenue model is very straight forward and has long been used as a revenue stream in print publishing. Chargebee, an online billing solution company, points out that successful online magazine publishers who have had a robust subscription model are those that understand that a magazine’s appeal lies in the reader experience. Some publishers prefer to keep the focus on advertising revenue and may even offer free content as a way to increase the size of the readership base.
The advertising revenue model places a high premium on metrics and profiling of the readers. So which revenue stream deserves your focus - or is there an avenue to engage both in a manner that brings out the best in each? This timeline depicts the out-of-home advertising revenue by platform in China from 2010 to 2014 and provides a forecast until 2019. With Statista, you get straight to the point: analyzing data, rather than searching for it.
It shows the main parameters you need to set - blue fields and it works how the revenue earning - orange fields.
At a CPM Of ?10 with 2 ad units on the site, you would make just ?4,000 per month even with a million page views per month for which you serve paid ads to 20% of the audience. This includes a range of Internet planning models including a way of assessing Internet revenue sources - this is on worksheet 3. Advertisers are charged not simply for the number of times their ads are displayed, but according to the number of times they are clicked. This is no longer a concern since he earned $1,000,000 in 4 months when he set up his Million Dollar Homepage.
For example, in 2005 manufacturing company Unilever negotiated CPA deals with online publishers where it paid for every e-mail address captured by a campaign rather than a traditional CPM deal. After all, the publisher cannot influence the quality of the ad creative or the incentivisation to click which will affect the Clickthrough rate on the ad and so the CPM. The site owner can charge for adverts placed in its newletter or can deliver a separate message on behalf of the advertiser (sometimes known as list rental).

To assess how effective different pages or sites in their portfolio are at generating revenue, they will use two approaches. I think it might be helpful and useful for some others to share my experience in the affair. Fortune 1000 companies, startups, digital agencies, investment firms, and media conglomerates rely on these newsletters to keep atop the key trends shaping their digital landscape a€” whether it is mobile, digital media, e-commerce, payments, or the Internet of Things.
Alongside revenue forecasts for 50 countries worldwide, Statista offers additional insights into consumer trends and demographic structure of digital consumer markets. While both seek to bolster revenues for the publisher, each needs a definite and distinct kind of nurturing.  A well-planned strategy can result in revenue streams that feed off each other creating a more robust cash-flow model. The challenge for publishers is how to approach the subscription model with regard to digital versions.
Hearst Magazines President David Carey offers that tablet and digital versions of magazines are offering publishers a new lease on life with augmented subscription revenues that can help mitigate the losses in declining advertising streams. Weaving together digital and print subscriptions and offering features such as access to archives, in-depth and up-to-date analysis with options to download etc., are some of the features which encourage subscriptions. Niche Media Operations Manager, Robyn Ireland says that subscriptions can be achieved by offering the online audience with interactive content.
Fear.less Founder and Publisher, Ishita Gupta, who adopted an ad-revenue model for her digital magazine pointed out that the reasoning behind this model is to encourage virality and make sure content makes its way into the hands of people who really need it.
Nate Wooley of The Motley Fool Blog Network points out that so long as the content is original and good, all consumers are willing to pay for it; “The premium stuff, the actual good stuff, people are willing to pay for. Set this to 100% if you are selling all your ad inventory, as for example through Google Adsense. Ads may be served by the site owners own ad server or more commonly through a third-party ad network service such as Google AdSense as is the case with my site. These are typically text ads similar to sponsored links within a search engine but delivered over a network of third-party sitesby on a search engine such as the Google Adsense Network. Subscribers might want to pay for the print version or the digital version, but seldom wish to be charged for both.  The concern is that revenues from either version will just eat into the other. To sustain advertising revenues, publishers have to offer both engaging content as well as measurable returns on investment. The smart companies are figuring that out and going in that direction.” This means that a subscription price that justifies the content is not likely to scare readers away. It may also be part of a reciprocal arrangement, sometimes known as a "contra-deal" where neither party pays. The other alternative to assess page or site revenue generating effectiveness is Revenue per click (RPC), which is also known as Earnings Per Click (EPC).
Digital ads that are placed adjacent to highly relevant and positive content, where clicks to their homepage are measurable, and which reach a targeted audience is highly appealing to advertisers,” explained Gupta.
And publishers who seek to fully embrace the rich content available on tablets by marrying them with robust apps can expect to garner a large slice of online revenues, which are expected to hit $46 billion by 2015 in the US alone.
That being said, an active subscription roll also provides great insight for the publisher into the demographics and interests for his readership-base - which can then be greatly monetized by advertisers.

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