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Online video ad revenue will reach nearly $5 billion in 2016, up from $2.8 billion in 2013, while TV ad revenue will decline by nearly 3% per year during the same time period.
Video ad views exploded in 2013, topping over 35 billion views in December, averaging over 100% year-over-year monthly growth during the year. Online video ads are significantly more expensive than other formats, but prices are steadily declining as more publishers rush into video, and placements open up. Video ads have an average click-through rate (CTR) of 1.84%, the highest click-through rate of all digital ad formats. Viewability, the question of whether video ads are actually seen by multitasking online viewers, has emerged as an issue, but we believe that overall demand for online video is too high for viewability to put too much of a crimp in the video ad market.
Streaming devices and connected TV accounted for just 2% of online video ad views in the fourth quarter of 2013, but companies like BrightLine are experimenting with formats to grow this new niche market. Newly launched video ad platforms have been among the companies to adopt programmatic tools, including real-time bidding, ad exchanges, and advanced analytics. Examines how video ads stack up against other digital advertising formats in terms of both cost and performance. Looks at the issue of viewability, and explains how the problem could impact future spending on video ads. Our BI IntelligenceA INSIDER Newsletters are currently read by thousands of business professionals first thing every morning. Our subscribers consider the INSIDER Newsletters a "daily must-read industry snapshot" and "the edge needed to succeed personally and professionally" a€” just to pick a few highlights from our recent customer survey.
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Most importantly for us, digital advertising spending is set to overtake TV advertising budgets. This entry was posted in Digital Advertising, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing and tagged digital advertising, online marketing on November 14, 2015 by Adivm. Adapt or Die: The 4 Trends Shaping the Evolution of Digital Advertising You are using an outdated browser. Native ads are called native for a reason—they are natural—they are designed specifically to fit in with the content space around them, like this ad on Etsy.These ads are less intrusive and create trust and longer-lasting relationships with consumers. Online ad revenue reached its highest point ever in the first half of 2014, according to a new report from the Internet Advertising Bureau. Total digital revenue reached $23 billion and represented a 15 percent increase over the first half of 2013. The second quarter of this year saw a 14 percent increase versus the same quarter a year ago, the report said. The 15 percent year-over-year growth compares to an 18 percent YOY growth in 2013 versus 2012. On a percentage basis, the two categories with the highest jump were mobile at 78 percent and social media at 58 percent, which continues their strong growth trend in recent years.
The other three categories were video with a 13 percent growth, display advertising with a 6 percent growth and search with a 4 percent growth. At the current rate of growth, mobile will bypass display within the next six months and surpass search within the next 12-18 months.
Pricing models showed little change during the 2014 half versus a year ago with performanced-based (CPC) advertising accounting for 65 percent of the total in both years, impression-based (CPM) ad revenue making up 34 percent of the total versus 33 percent last year and hybrid declining from 2 percent to 1 percent. A product perspective on the ad trends showed that the growth of mobile revenue (search and display) came at a cost to desktop search ads.
Desktop search decline from 43 to 39 percent, while mobile as a whole grew from 15 to 23 percent.
It is worth noting that the IAB survey no longer tracks email as a digital advertising format.

Total email ad revenue in the first half of 2013 was $78 million or less than 1 percent of search. Despite its reputation for higher click rates, rich media showed no growth as a percentage of the total.
Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing.
Ita€™s my favourite time of blogging year, where we look ahead to what will be the major trends in digital marketing in the year ahead. In deciding on the most relevant trends for marketers I dona€™t just look at whata€™s a€?Hota€? or a€?Coola€?, but instead I focus on what make the biggest difference to marketers, from a commercial sense, since most of us are working in marketing to get better results for our companies or our clients. Which single digital marketing technique do you think will make the biggest commercial impact for you in 2015?
In the later parts of this post I review different types of analytics and reporting tools - perhaps not 'Big Data', but certainly to support data-driven marketing in 2015. In my discussion of trends in previous years I have exploredA innovation and trends in the use of digital marketing techniques at a top level, like content marketing, search, email and web development. These data-driven tools are again all focused on those that can potentially make the biggest difference.
Many of the trends in digital marketing involve marketers applying new services, platforms and software to plan, manage and optimise their marketing, so in this part of the post I take a look at the technologies that I think will fuel digital marketing in 2014. With micro and visual content giving the highest impact, tools to manage the creation and publication of this content from different sources become important to fuel the content marketing machine.
Even if you have won the battle to create outstanding content, site managers still have the challenge of connecting audiences with the most relevant content. Site personalisation technologies have been used for a long time for targeting products and offers to visitors to customer sites, but these have not been used so widely outside the Ecommerce setting.
Most businesses use a web analytics services to track visitors to their site, with Google Analytics most popular as a free, but very powerful service.
Google Analytics and the other analytics services mentioned under #6 have another limitation.
Ecommerce management platforms tend to focus on the serious business of getting merchandising right across home, category and product pages as described in our Ecommerce Design Bible.
I hope you find it useful to check out these tools, do add via the comments any other categories of digital marketing tools or examples of tools which you see as important for your business or your clients in 2015 and Ia€™ll update the post to include them.
Required post for digital marketing freshers this post helps them get in to right direction. Only room for so many trends, but certainly for retailers you’ve picked an important trend!
A very useful article on 30-cutting edge digital marketing tools and techniques, though the wave of digital marketing evolved in the west it is still picking up in Asian countries, however recognizing the importance, every SME and big companies are trying to integrate their existing marketing strategy with digital media for brand building, brand awareness, pre and post sale engagement.
If anyone would like to find out a little bit more about the profound impact effective digital marketing have on your brand, please visit our website! The simple keys to any marketing win starts from the introductory of your brand and ensuring that it has set ita??s mark in the heart of the audience. Subscribers also gain access to our 2014 Media Spend Forecast, which projects spend on all the top mediums and formats for the next five years. For full access to all BI Intelligence's charts and analysis on the video industry, sign up for a free trial. Marketers talk all the time about online video advertising companies, but have you tried to take a look at some upcoming trends for 2016? As an added bonus, you'll also gain access to all future reports and daily newsletters to ensureA you stay ahead of the curve and benefit personally and professionally. Fortune 1000 companies, startups, digital agencies, investment firms, and media conglomerates rely on these newsletters to keep atop the key trends shaping their digital landscape a€” whether it is mobile, digital media, e-commerce, payments, or the Internet of Things. Our experienced team offers exceptional insight and organisation in creating the best event for you. Mobile is going to continue being an enormous driver of growth, with social media moving towards a dominant position. They were retail at 21 percent, financial services at 13 percent and automotive as 12 percent. That means desktop search revenue shifted and split into both mobile display and mobile search. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I find therea€™s a real thirst for knowledge amongst marketers about the latest trends in digital marketing and Ienjoy reviewing the latest marketing techniques and technologies. They cover a wide range from analytics tools to retail ecommerce, but the first few tools relate to content marketing since this is where Ia€™m seeing the most useful and interesting collection of tools. I recently presented these at the Smart Insights Digital Impact marketing conference and at a talk at the Brighton Digital Marketing Festival. AdRoll is one of the best known featuring remarking via Facebook, Twitter, plus mobile and media sites. The tools I recommend here originated as SEO told for reviewing keywords and back links, but are now expanding into social media and content management. While they can tell businesses the number of users, their source and their journeys through the site, their limitation is that most data is shown in aggregate for different segments.
But these tools tend to focus on single pages in the journey rather than overall customer journeys, but they have increased hugely in their ease of setup and use recently.
Clavis Insights is a relatively new, but expensive tool that presents commercial insights to retailers and brands so their can optimise their merchandising. Ia€™ve kept this a€™til last since I suspect it will make the smallest commercial difference to most companies. Businesses simply cannot afford to bypass making digital a core part of their marketing efforts. The tools and technology here you mentioned was awesome i hope this will be the trend of 2015. If you’re making content like a magnet than all nearby iron will pull and website will be more stronger. By creating a right medium to build emotional bonding between your brand and your audience, we engage in a connection that is extremely powerful that can turn your branda??s familiarity into customera??s loyalty, gaining the required brand recognition it deserves.

It ‘s hard to say if it is going to fade away or definitely Although, one thing is for sure, companies are working to benefit from the skip button, or is it the non-use of the skip button?
However, there is an emergence of native ads with promoted videos on YouTube, a strategy that is implemented by 68.1% of advertisers.
For the past few years I have given my recommendations on the trends as I see them, based on reviewing innovation in marketing technology through the year, plus crowdsourcing what Smart Insights readers see as important for them. Content marketing topped the poll for the third-year running and in fact was even further ahead compared to previous years since mobile marketing and social media marketing have declined in importance as marketers have implemented these changes.
There is a problem of describing the a€?usual suspects.a€? So this year, when Ia€™m presenting trends I have been taking a look at tools and services to help digital marketing. No examples of tools in this section, rather efforts made by platform vendors to integrate other services to add value to their own tools.
Theya€™re not designed for understanding individual user behaviour, repeat behaviour by groups of customers (e.g.
Users have to know the right questions to ask, how to customise the tool for their business, e.g. All of these are due to be launched in 2015, so watching the popularity of mainstream adoption and marketing applications of their apps should be fascinating!
Content marketing and conversion optimization is the most important techniques, digital marketers should focus on upcoming years.
Many marketers and agencies are starting to use this as a direct mobile marketing channel and I truly believe that this will be a trend for 2015 and 2016. Quality content will attract audience, here my meaning to do blogging on your own corporate.
I especially enjoyed reading about SEO, Content and Social Media Management, which I found to be very helpful and inspiring and many relevant points were discussed.
There have been many types of research about shorter completion rates higher completion rates.
CRM services are particularly strong at this as are analytics tools such Adobe Analytics (formerly in Omniture).
I personally believe that digital marketing is more of an umbrella of cross-platform tools and technologies. Here you have mentioned awesome points and trends that definitely help marketer like us to boost business and digital traffic.
Thank you for sharing this article and I hope to come across more articles like this in future.
These studies have shown that shorter completion rates are highly viewed, or at least, that is how things used to be not so long ago. Even though the non-use of this button does not help advertisers, there is one good reason for it to start fading away. Collecting key customer information through data is essential to the idea behind targeted advertising. A It's significant that 'Big Data' is still in second position although the hype has receded.
These tools, which have been available for several years now offer a user-based, value-based focus which Google has been applying.
If we consider the six quarters from January 2014 through June 2015, we?ll see that things have not changed much.
While traditional advertising targeting was heavily based on reaching specific demographics, there is a shifting trend toward the value of location-based data. I think this shows the potential for companies to implement more data-driven marketing techniques in 2015, which will likely be closely related to marketing automation which is in third place.
Tools that present data more clearly to novice and management users and integrate action can help here. The first one is that video is scarce, and advertisers can?t risk it to have skip buttons that won?t allow their ads to be played in full.
Google hasna€™t evolved its Intelligence service, but new tools are becoming available including a new dashboard and recommendations service that will launch from Smart Insights.
But, when we take a look at what type of videos follow this trend we see that 30-second spots are next with 36%. The second, every advertiser wants to know whether or not their ads were seen; by eliminating the skip buttons chances increase, don?t you think? Consumer data capitalizes on specificity, effectively ensuring that campaigns are pushed to the right audience.4) ProgrammaticSo, what is programmatic? These days, we are experimenting an interesting fact; 60-second videos increased 16% in the first quarter of January this year. Besides, companies around the world are working in order to benefit from it, better said, benefit for the non-use of it. Well, according to funnyman Jimmy Kimmel, “programmatic buying is the gluten of advertising.” Why? Because programmatic, like gluten, is one of those hot buzzwords that everyone likes to toss around because they know it’s important, but few people truly understand what it really is.Programmatic refers to a wide range of technologies that seek to automate the buying, placement and optimization of advertising. The secret behind programmatic is its ability to marry premium ad formats with that rich customer data.
YouTube has a great deal of videos, so skipping ads videos is allowed, but YouTube doesn?t charge advertisers unless the video is seen through completion. Curt Hecht explains the mentality behind programmatic: “Storytelling remains a big part of what marketers want and what supports the brands. And we’re seeing a big link between the storytelling and the data, because more and more marketers want to be able to do real-time storytelling in an omnichannel way.”Why do we care?Reaching the right consumer is often about reaching the right screen.
But even within digital advertising, we are witnessing another revolution, the driving force behind marketing: video.Enjoy what you’ve read? The point is that TVs still represent the largest screen on the market, however, it’s no longer the primary screen used for consuming media, as people are spending 78 more minutes per day on digital.1) IAB Rising Stars Ad UnitsThe IAB Rising Stars are brand-friendly ad units that tap into the breadth of cutting-edge technology available today, providing new tools that resonate with consumers and serve as powerful vehicles for advertisers. One of these Rising Stars, a favorite on the ViralGains platform, the Filmstrip provides a richly engaging experience with a plethora of content possibilities delivered in page with users fully in control.

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