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Stretch and maximize your marketing spend with our Digital Marketing services and offerings. At SP eCommerce, we have a passionate performance marketing team backed by years of eCommerce marketing expertise.  We are not a performance marketing agency, we are your performance marketing partner.
We are with you from the start, by mapping your local customer’s online shopping journey from awareness through to purchase. Our team of experts provide you with an end-to-end search engine marketing solution – from research, to execution, to continuous data measurement and analysis.
As we are driven by the outcome of your marketing activities, we are focused on strategic advertisement placements in order to maximise visibility to your target audience. Our marketing experts develop and implement comprehensive SEO strategies based on best-in-class SEO techniques that enable us to improve your website ranking on search engines and increase the volume and quality of the traffic on your site. Once visitors reach your site, our site optimisation program will ensure that the content and design of your eCommerce site is built to drive revenue and improve returns, with a focus on a great user experience.
Maintaining the content on your site in today’s quick changing landscape can be a challenging task. Our social media experts work with your marketing and strategy team to develop campaigns bringing potential customers to your eCommerce site by leveraging on social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs. Our experienced email marketing experts ensure that your email campaigns acquire new customer and drive repeat sales. Our data-driven marketing team will build a customised program to meet your specific digital communication objectives so that you can reach your target audience more effectively. As a truly regional player, we have built a network of strong partnerships across Asia Pacific.
Through partnerships with well-known brands and organisations, your brand can benefit from the exposure to a wider audience to drive greater awareness and sales.
Our clients can leverage this database of potential online customers to drive traffic to your site and convert sales.
Drop us a line and one of our eCommerce Consultants will respond to you as soon as possible.
SP eCommerce helps manage your eCommerce expansion in Asia with end-to-end solutions, which delight your customers. It is explained that this provides marketers with the opportunity to use email and other types of marketing channels like Facebook Custom Audiences or Twitter Tailored Audiences. Identity is explained to have a key role to play in marketing, and this is well illustrated in the example above.
Another change is that content marketing has had to become much more dynamic and responsive, and many marketers still need to get to grips with this. Mobile devices are also of paramount importance for marketers to understand and leverage effectively. None of the information contained herein constitutes an offer to purchase or sell a financial instrument or to make any investments.
SOCIAL MEDIA: To B2C, this meant a few great things in terms of his experience with brands and businesses.
To B2B, his meant more great things in terms of education and retantion with brands and businesses. Cloud computing is going to continue to rise in popularity; especially in small to medium-sized companies.
I think we are rapidly moving past the stage where we can continually measure online and offline effectiveness against each other.
Over and above that, tailoring your marketing to how, where and when your target audience wants to interact with you is going to be critical. Through effectively harnessing existing data and monitoring trends, we will then provide you with relevant insights to help you better understand your customers.
With such a sizeable amount of traffic, search engines produce extensive lead potentials, making search engine optimisation (SEO) a fundamental part of your marketing strategy.

Our team of responsive digital marketing experts is equipped to execute best-in-class site optimisation programs. We have the tools and skill sets to build programs that drive not only awareness and conversations across social media, but direct relevant traffic to your site to drive sales. We optimise the content of your email programs to ensure a seamless customer experience and improvement of open rates, clicks and responses to your campaigns. These alliances across industries allow us to build tailored partnerships programs for our clients in line with their branding and positioning.
We own a growing database of over 700,000 online shoppers who have opted in to receive online shopping promotions from SP eCommerce. Size of circles represent average return of investment in marketing for eCommerce businesses. Although according to LUMA Partners, a marketer’s job has actually not changed with regard to goals. They outline that there are new technologies that are said to be helping to achieve targeting customers effectively. When done well, Big Data offers analytics that provide a greater depth of knowledge about customers.
This is a process that leverages personalisation to utilise data that was gained when a potential customer interacted on a site, to get them to revisit the site again. It is then possible to target messages that have been customised for specific clients based on their actual interests. This has led to the development of so-called predictive marketing platforms that help with the type of personalised marketing described. It is argued that in the past organisations have created content in silos which has led to difficulties repurposing that content. People use mobile devices for almost everything from reading the news, to booking accommodation, finding a taxi, ordering food and paying using the mobile wallet.
There is a greater focus on accounts-based marketing, with similar principles applying as with marketing to consumers. These needs include effectively managing anonymous data, while also managing customer data through a CRM solution.
The fact that QR readers are not native to smart phones and tablets just makes them an absolute pain to use. People are going stop talking about the benefits of social media and blogging and start actually getting involved.
There are a host of benefits of cloud computing that naturally lend themselves to SME’s to take advantage of.
I see 2013 being the year where marketing channels are all rated in terms of how effective they are at creating, sustaining and converting in to sales.
There has been this misunderstood void in the last few years that has been “mobile marketing” but in 2013 everyone is going to be taking this front very seriously.
Leveraging on our deep understanding of Asia Pacific’s diverse markets, our performance marketing solutions are built on technology, relentless data measurement & analysis and strategic usage of the best digital marketing channels.
LUMA Partners explain that every marketer’s ultimate goal is to increase revenues at the lowest possible cost. This provides the ability to be able to provide web and email personalisation, among others. Over time, more information becomes known about that specific potential customer, such as their age, name and interests and even their email address. This includes putting in the types of offers that they may be most likely to go for as well as making sure the email is delivered when the potential customer is most likely to open it.
One important development is the understanding of the importance of a customer experience that is consistent. Integrated content marketing programmes help to overcome this, allowing organisations to coordinate their content marketing regardless of channel.

That is, it is still important to get the right message at the right time to the right accounts. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written. To some extent, brands realised that their audience had a voice and they were not afraid to use it.
Those who did so properly were rewarded with online conversations that potentially led to sales, but at the very least strengthened their brand and reinforced their position in the market place. With more and more smart phones and tablets on the market than ever before no one can ignore to place emphasis on their “mobile strategies”. This means that you can expect to receive the best possible return of investment from your marketing spend as your goal to drive more conversions and sales is our goal too.
This goal sometimes gets lost when companies are thinking about technologies and approaches to use, but this is still the end goal for marketers. Few marketers have really embraced personalisation to the level that it is currently available through Big Data and predictive analytics techniques. These types of solutions are reported to be possible to deliver at scale, even though they include a great degree of personalisation. In doing this, having a knowledge of the customer’s identity is important to develop a profile based on that user, including knowing the device used. A number of companies have emerged to meet this need, including ScribbleLive, Kapost, Percolate and NewsCred. This has led to a situation where there are more than 1.5 million apps to choose from, making it hard for organisations to acquire customers. Predictive analytics are also used for picking out prospects, but also to score leads in an intelligent manner. Good reporting is offered in such systems to help marketers, but it can be hard to see the wood for the trees, given that there are so many options.
Social media became the voice of the consumer and companies were forced to listen and react.
Until now, people have been grappling with the difficulties of convincing their internal stakeholders that there are benefits to social media. I think that people are going to have to be more concerned with how effective all their marketing is and that they are going to be aggressively measured on this. This includes everything from USSD, SMS, MMS and WAP to mobile Internet and applications.  Its why we need to have mobile numbers on our data list! Consumers will be reached through location–based services reaching out to them through their mobile devices (smart phone or tablet). It is possible to track consumer activities to start building up a profile of potential customers.
Opportunities to market in-app have arisen, including push notifications, retargeting and in-app messaging, among others. All of this helps to become more efficient in the sales approach, by only targeting those that are likely to be most interested, through personalised marketing. The problem with this is that it is very difficult to show value in something that you are not involved in.
This enables better targeting of those potential customers in the future, by having more information about those possible customers and knowing what they are looking for, to some extent. We use platforms like Radian8 to valuate our marketing but building CONTENT is always our PRIORITY.

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