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There are 3 recruits promised for every new member that’s a lot of referrals that need to be recruited to keep things rolling,  will the marketing campaign be able to keep up to that demand? If you’re interested in pursuing an online work from home opportunity that may lead to you living an unbelievable lifestyle, then check out this 7 Day FREE Online Training Course . The intentions by the owner may be pure but selling people 3rd party marketing tools for the prices they are being sold for is not ethical. Thank you Jerrod for your comment, I agree with your statement that Zukul’s tool suite packages do seem overpriced and that is just one reason Zukul is a hard sell. I personally think there is opportunities out there that offers a lot more value and much higher commissions. Hi Jaco thanks for the comment, I can’t say I agree totally with your $1000 commission thing.
Good comment Jim you have done some math which people should do when joining a referral based program. Hi Anton I believe they now use paypal for payment transactions, if you look at their site and scroll to affiliates this will usually tell you what your payment options are, cheers Mike.
Hi Anton once again just go to Zukuls main website scroll to the bottom where it says affiliates and the compensation plan is explained usually programs pay out at the end of every month.
I really don’t think that as of now we have any program that has the answer to what many of us like.
Wa hangs their hat on helping you build niche websites and promote products on these websites from multiple revenue streams. I don’t see anything in your review about GUARANTEED SIGNUPS …how about the compensation plan ?
Hi John Yes I know I needed to have another look at Zukul and I did it, just takes time, I have many posts on various products and programs and many make changes, I put these programs and products on my update list and it really just boils down to where they are on the list. I try and look at programs objectively and therefor can’t agree totally with your comment, why? Hi Graeme thank you for letting me know Zukul has made some dramatic changes to its platform.
Thanks Graeme I viewed your video and I am in the process of updating this review I just have a huge work load at the moment with scams popping up all over the place and other reviews that need my attention, thanks for your patience. Hi Sam thank you for the comment and your valuable insight into Zukul you obviously know what you’re looking for. Wealthy Affiliate is by far the most elite Internet Marketing program that I have found to date so it is my first recommendation, Chris Farrell and Mark Lings Affilorama are also legit programs but have a couple of kinks such as upsells and some dated content which you won’t find at WA. Hi Jamie sorry for the delay getting back to you have a full plate this week, 3 new reviews coming out.
Thanks for your comment Dean, I would be happy to correct any information that has changed.
Awesome article seems pretty detailed to me, I was seriously considering Zukul but I need a lot of support and I don’t think by the sounds of it I will get it there, thank you mike for your review, Seymour. Since the beginning of the last decade, social media has been taking a driving role to mobilize views and build opinions.
Among all social media sites, Twitter leads all of them from the point of boosting awareness, creating buzz, and intriguing conversion.
To thrive in the given environment, any business, however smaller sizes of it may be, has to integrate a comprehensive strategy to grow and retain consumers.

Make every decision about your business strategy according to the audience type you expect to draw in. By Professional qualification a Computer Engineer, By Profession an Online Marketing Strategist and Media Buying Expert, By Industry position working as a CMM at Zebra Techies Solution!
With this offer you must purchase one of Zukuls tool suite options starting at $50 a month, Zukul just says $50 they actually don’t mention this is a recurring monthly bill that I could see in their promotional video!
Will their training actually give you the skill set so that you could actually use their tool suite to sell products other than Zukul? I feel Zukul is up against some stiff competition in the online marketing tool category if that is their true mission,  I think this component of their business will be a bit of a grind. This course has the potential to help you make Thousands a month in recurring income from home! Over the years I have been scammed numerous times by products and services that have claimed to help me build something real online. This may work if the product is good and you have a really good background in marketing and know how to set up an effective sales funnel but like I said this takes some experience and know how and in most cases when you are looking at a $1000 commission you are looking at some type of licensing fee that will cost you some pretty big coin, could cost somewhere in the range of up to $5,000 out of pocket for the right to sell. What you make is based on what package you buy into which is explained there, whether it is the intermediate or advanced your commission is paid out accordingly. I was a member of WA, for five months and I paid monthly dues to be a member, the only easy course with WA, affiliate was building website and sharing information with members other than that you are on your own.
When you say the only easy course was website building then I would consider that a success considering that is their expertise, they promote blogging platforms as the most reliable, profitable and longterm means to build an online presence and in the process a great living online. Since this review and the above comments the Zukul Business Opp has been transformed by the addition of Guaranteed Signups.
I will definitely have another look at Zukul, feel free to send me any relevant points you would like to address and I will go over them, cheers Mike.
I see you promote Wealthy Affiliate and all I ever see is people down a company and give it an F and Wealthy Affiliate always gets an A like its the holy grail of make money online. I don’t do the Facebook thing much anymore found it to be a bit of a time waster, not the traffic generator that most think it is, especially targeted traffic!
I am still a free member at Zukul and from what I see not much has changed other than I get weekly spam emails from Jeremy one of the partner. The first name which will obviously come to your mind is social media and microblogging platforms. Businesspersons noticed its power of influence across all orders of human life, from engaging users into light as well as serious discourse, to dealing in business products and services. The 140-character range of punch-line, advertising line, or simple tweet can leverage worldwide audience, without haranguing over a subject. Number of subscribers is excelling total strength of population of China and of many countries like Finland, Netherlands, Germany, and more! Observe carefully what your social people are saying about your brand and listen to them and their responses patiently.
If you would like to learn how to write quality engaging content and have that content rank on the first page of Google then once again Zukul may not meet your needs for this type of training. Many recruitment based programs can’t deliver recruits which leads to their demise, what makes Zukul any different? If you earn $20 per sale and you want to earn $10 000 per month, then you need to have 500 sales to earn that amount.

The $99 offer gets you all in with the guaranteed referral offer for the first month after that you will have a monthly fee of whatever tool suite you buy into, wish you all best let me know how make out, cheers Mike. So you will either buy a tool suite that is $50 a month or $250 a month and if you sell any you will make your commission of that package, not sure if they have a minimum payout threshold some outfits do, hope that helps, Mike. I created a great living online from the training offered at WA and I found the support from experienced marketers to be invaluable. You also state you shared information with members which is also encouraged, the problem arises when people spend more time socializing than working on their online business which I see way to often.
Where Zukul is concerned, the above review is out of date and as all businesses evolve over time it is misleading to leave a review on the table when the company has made dramatic changes to its business model. I have personally used WA as the program that got me started in internet marketing and would recommend it to anyone looking to break into the online money making game, it’s a very legit program. I will say if spamming is the revolutionary way that Zukul thinks it will get sales and build a long term presence in the online money making game then I have news for you, bombarding people with email campaigns is nothing new!
The surge of social media has built interactive membership communities, more commonly known as social networks. As all of us suffer from short of time these days, we love tacit and terseness in statements.
The influence of Facebook is so much perceptible that it can mobilize people to build an opinion and engage in societal change. Keeping the growing numbers of social media users, businesses must require developing a better understanding of social media marketing and social network communications, so that they can succeed now and in the future.
In order to get through optimizing your business on social media platform, place an expert in charge of social media marketing plans.
If you however sell high backend products with $1000 commissions per sale, then you only need 10 sales. I still have relationships with top marketers online that are WA members and still benefit from their knowledge. All leading researchers have said that more than 83% of the entire online population is the user of social media. Similar to various other online networks which have come earlier, namely The Globe, Friendster, and those that remain and rage like lions are Facebook, MySpace, etc., social media has launched a brave new world. Magnetism of Facebook to the online users came to the notice of businesspersons and they are making their business plans accordingly. This world is open for all and anyone involved in the business of selling or communicating about services and products. I always look at companies that use Paypal as less of a risk because, Paypal has guarantees in place for it’s users and will only deal with companies they feel pose less of a risk after an assessment of their business model, cheers Mike.
While I am not at all saying its anything wrong with the people who promote this…i am just sticking to other ways that are much more affordable to the average consumer. Develop your next plan so that you don’t fail to motivate and gravitate audience towards your products and services.

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