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You can upload video at major social media or video hosting such as YouTube, Daily Motion, and Facebook. AVS Video editor is a freeware video editing software tool with which you can edit videos and audios samples by directly dragging them onto this tool. Also, it provides a faster interface to process high definition videos, and does not consume most of your processing speed simultaneously as well. With this software, you also have an option to create a slideshow of pictures with music playing in the background.
AVS Video editor faces tough competition from other similar video editing software tools like Avidemux, Sony Vegas pro, Virtual Dub and Windows Movie Maker.
The next best software available is Sony Vegas Pro which offers DVD range quality and Dolby sound refining as its plus points. With hundreds of editing options available nowadays, a good user-friendly interface, simple editing tools and great quality output as assured, AVS video editor is the recommended software tool to combine your audio and video files with just a simple click. AVS Video Editor was developed by Petr Kolman who belongs to Online Media Technologies Ltd., a United Kingdom multimedia firm. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This free software is available for all versions of Windows operating systems viz-a-viz., Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (both 32 and 64 bit).

It supports almost 300 video effects and transitions which makes this tool very useful to work with while dealing with raw videos. Though Avidemux holds a high level of popularity among its users, it does not support a wide range of video formats like AVS editor does.
Though Vegas Pro is easy to use, it restricts editing options when compared to the AVS editor.
The manager has a built-in collection of results to be used on the monitor such as wait, flanger, refrain, reverb, and other resources for switching a easy documenting into anything professional-sounding. This software accepts all possible video formats including AVI, MP4, 3GP, DVD, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VCD, Matroska and many more.
Basic audio effects are also available such as mixing down two tracks, cutting music files, and joining two files of different formats. The output formats of the videos are less in number when compared to the input formats, and this decreases the number of output format options. Also, the editing interface is complex, and often inflicts an opinion of complexity in the user. Windows Movie maker is a simple in-built software tool in the Windows operating system which is very easy to use. It software really work to Improve your photos adjust size, zoom, change and improve colors, sharpen objects shapes.

Supportive feature plays with color, icons, shades and completely change your true picture or video.
This tool also provides timeline-based video editing, effects like video trimming, and thus, cutting becomes an extremely easy task. Also, another drawback of this software is that all the output videos contain a watermark of the software which might seem a bit unprofessional at times.
It also provides timeline-based editing but there are a very less number of editing options.
The next time you are worrying about joining an audio and video clip, this is the best tool available on the Internet for you. Sometimes, it might become a bit difficult to search for the exact file that you want to edit which in turn is yet another minor drawback of this software. It generates movie in just one click, and you can make complete multimedia system at your home.

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