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As I told that there are lot many software available for Windows as well as Mac operating system. Windows OS users can also install Microsoft Office OneNote and use “Copy text from picture” option to get text out of images. Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. OCR refers to a process of analyzing the scanned image of any text material to obtain the text and layout information. Different from most of the typical OCR programs, this free desktop app is designed more for digital cameras and mobile phones which are along with scanners.
This is an online service which can help to convert any standard format images to text for free.
Well, this is also a free online service which you can use to convert a scanned PDF from JPG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF to most commonly used editable format files.
This is again an online OCR service which can be used to convert scanned documents and images to editable and searchable text files. By the way, if you once want to batch convert images to text files for better using, then iPubsoft Image to Text Converter would be a good assistant for you. Huge Dictionary - With more than 120,000 words, it is unlikely that SimpleOCR will run into a word it does not know. Format Retention - SimpleOCR can keep certain elements of the document's format in the recognized document.
Image Retention - Along with the document's text, SimpleOCR has the uncanny ability to capture and retain pictures from the document. Simplified Error Correction - Our text editor highlights suspected errors in the recognized text for easier correction. Zone OCR - Sometimes all you may need is to extract the text from a certain area in a document.

Input Formats - SimpleOCR works with all fully compliant TWAIN scanners and also accepts input from TIFF files.
Multiple Language Recognition - SimpleOCR currently supports English and French recognition.
I was asked to find some OCR software that was not too expensive and that did lots of things - well it looks like I've just found it - and it's difficult to complain about the price too. This is just one of the many helpful tips we have posted, You can find more stories here, Do subscribe to updates using your favorite RSS feed reader or using the secure FeedBurner email update form on top of this post. There you can use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software which are available for free to download to extract the text from images or photos taken from digital cameras or Smartphones. If you are having a scanner or All in one printer, then you can just scan a copy and use SimpleOCR to extract text out of the scanned document.
You just need to open a scanned document or picture in one note and right click on the image to get the option to copy text. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area. So, if you once try to extract text from some scanned images, you may need a OCR software for help. To make it convenient for you to check both the source image and the editable text, this free app provides two windows to implement the idea. This free online OCR service provides you a download link to get the converted text files directly. For example, you can draw support from this online service to convert images to Word, Text, Excel, PDF, and HTML with good preservation of the original structures. It provides you a professional way to batch convert scanned documents, PDF or image files into editable and searchable data in a breeze.
I also have had great luck with OCR conversion through the free beta software offered by Ricoh Innovations.

Actually, as long as you search OCR software in a search engine, you will get numerous related results over the Internet. With this free OCR software, you can convert files from JPEG, TIFF, GIF and BMP to PDF, RTF, HTML or TXT files with leisure. You only need to connect the scanner and set it as the input device in the software interface, then the app will do the rest for you.
So, you are risk-free to use it without having to provide an email address or register for use. What need to be mentioned for using this online service is that the max file size supported by it is only 4 MB.
It rightly provides you a straightward solution to turn your scanned files editable in a breeze.
Earlier we had discussed about the Google Books project by Google where they are extracting text from the scanned copy of popular books.
To save your time from selecting a proper OCR program among the masses of searching results, here I just pick up the best 5 free OCR software for your choice. After scanning and analyzing your text file, the app will also tell you which parts can be modified. The only defect of this free OCR software online is that you are limited to upload images up to 10MB. Google team is also using popular OCR software to get the text out of images or scanned books. Besides, it also allows you to adjust the image contrast for better readability before you proceed the conversion.

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