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Sony has it’s own proprietary software, PC Companion, that you can install on your PC in order to transfer data to and from your device. If you are interested in modifying your Xperia or flashing third party packages, we recommend you install PC Companion software first so that your computer successfully recognizes the Sony device connected with it and interacts correctly. Bio: Writing, Web Development, Excellent Food, Exceptional Coffee, Great Company, Sublime Design and Nicely Built Cars. LG PC Suite software is a one-stop shop for managing everything on your LG mobile phone. There are third party software developers like Moborobo developing programs to manage Android phones but its nice to see phone manufacturers building apps specific for their own phones. Be it the newest Xperia Z5 smartphone or the new Z series tablet, each device requires you to install PC Companion before you can actually transfer files and music. The LG PC Suite makes it easy to manage data on your LG phone by offering USB and Bluetooth connectivity, called Air Sync. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws.
This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.
Also, once you install it, all of the required drivers for your device(s) will be automatically downloaded and installed.
For example, if you enter a Zip Code number, the program will find the Zip Code for you and give you the matching city, state, telephone area code and time of day in that part of the country.

While Bluetooth gives you the flexibility to go wireless, USB will be faster for transferring data. Users of the LG PC Suite will have to create an account with LG for syncing with their servers to keep your basic data safe. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners.
The Zip Code Companion database includes city, state, ZIP code, area code and time zone data for over 42,000 locations in the US. The LG PC Suite has the ability to back up your contacts, calendar, notes, photos, music and more, making it a very capable back up system for LG phones. Another nice and unique feature that the LG PC Suite provides is the ability to control your LG phone on the computer. You can download the latest Sony PC Companion software from the fast download link given right below.
The screen is mirrored on the PC, making it easier to interact with the device without actually being on the phone. Overall, the LG PC Suite is a great piece of software from LG. It's a shame it only developed the software for its own phone as it would have been nice to use it with other phones, especially Android smartphones. You can also purchase separate a database file in dBase III or comma delimited format for importing into your own favorite database program (such as Access). ZIPKEY is a complete city-level directory of 5-digit United States zipcodes, 3-digit telephone area codes, and time zones, combined with a keyboard enhancement program. The database includes ZIP code, city name, state code and phone area code in United States.

It contains a database of over 42000 ZIP Codes and is of great assistance to marketing, mail-order, transportation, relocation, shipping and catering companies.
The database includes postal code, city name, colony name, state abbreviation, state name, latitude and longitude in Mexico. The complete database contains over 58,000 precise records with 28,000 unique postal codes. The Wizard knows his stuff, and he will be happy to step you through the unzipping process.
With Browse and View you can place your HTML pages on a diskette or CD, and distribute your Web site to others! All 4 gospels appear on your screen side by side for easy reading, scrolling, word search and studying.

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