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The ALZO SHOE MOUNT easily attaches to all BLACKMAGIC Cinema cameras providing easy mounting of accessories including microphones, field monitors, wireless receivers and more. Use this adapter cord to connect stereo microphones with 3.5 mm TRS plugs to camcorder XLR inputs. If you’re brand loyal with your cameras then this is the best Nikon DSLR camera equipment guide for you.
If you shoot weddings, portraits, or lifestyle photographs this lens makes your pictures look different than others just on the fact that the zoom range is so unique. There are a few other pieces of gear that I particularly love, especially if I’m working out in the field.
Not only are the stock camera straps horrendous to look at but they aren’t functional at all.
Buy 2 of these if you shoot multiple cameras so you can cross them over your chest and hold your cameras like a 2 pistols. There are many quality yet low cost stereo microphones available and this adapter cord allows these mics to be used with camcorders with XLR audio inputs.
This fully adjustable hands-free camera support is an important device if your field work includes long hours of holding up a video camera, camcorder or DSLRs. There is some 3rd party gear but even Nikon will admit that other companies do some things better than they can.

That means you can take and store smaller picture files without sacrificing a lot of pixel quality.
In order to stand out as a photographer it helps to have angles and compositions that other people don’t.
This camera harness distributes the load mostly to your waist (when properly adjusted) so you can work long hours without straining you arms and your back. The Black Rapid RS-7 camera strap has a messenger bag style strap that lies across your body diagonally.
It’s really just a matter of 3 years (1 birthday and 1 Christmas each year) plus 1 random purchase for yourself.
Nikon has been making the best professional cameras in the world for years and this is better than anything that exists in this price range. Or make a post online that you’re booking gigs for the year and use the deposits to buy this camera.
I swallowed my pride and threw the $390 down on the Think Tank and haven’t regretted it for a second. The camera sits down by your hip, off to the side of your body so the space in front of you is open. I can point the mic at someone having a conversation over 50 feet away and pick up pretty clear audio.

It is absolutely worth it and it’s one of those things that you purchase and smile every time you see it. Even more amazing, there are clips that lock the camera down by the hip if you don’t want to worry about it moving up and down the strap. Ever buy something when you were a kid with your own money and want to sleep with it at night?
It rolls smoothly and stores all my equipment – 2 camera bodies, mics, laptop, power chords, batteries, lenses, and other misc stuff. Also, and pretty sweet, the tripod opens almost all the way out with a special clip near the head  so the camera can be mounted just a few inches off the ground.
It also locks shut and locks to poles if I need to leave it for 2 minutes to get a shot in the middle of the street.
That means you don’t have to use stacks of books or lens caps to stabilize the camera close to the floor.
Switching from a backpack to a roller bag has eliminated all of my back and neck pain from hauling 60 lbs of equipment around and made all day shoots a lot less stressful.

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