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L'attività di SMS Marketing, Short Message Service, consiste nell'invio di testi pubblicitari che hanno come target principale i possessori di cellulari e di prodotti legati alla telefonia. Questa tecnica ha il vantaggio di intercettare una nicchia di clienti altamente profilata e che rivolge in toto la sua attenzione verso un target definito di prodotti pubblicitari. UnionSystems mette a disposizione un team spelizzato in comunicazione che è in grado di concentrate molte informazioni in poco testo.
L'attività svolta dal nostro team Specializzato, consente quindi di ottimizzare i ritorni economici derivanti dall'utilizzo degli sms pubblicitari. Hoteliers can agree that many, if not all travelers bring their smartphones along during their travels. Hoteliers should never spam guests with text messages without first getting their permission to receive text notifications. Savvy hoteliers are capitalizing on the immediacy of SMS to save time, replace outdated procedures, provide personalized offers, and improve basic operations.
Travelers are increasingly relying on their phones while traveling, exposing a huge opportunity for hoteliers to connect with their guests and provide superior customer service. This short and sweet infographic highlights 3 eye-opening statistics on SMS marketing as well as an example campaign. Retrouvez-nous sur notre Stand ou nous vous presenterons nos solutions de SMS Professionnel ainsi que nos nouveaux outils exclusifs tel que le SMS Azur. Nos solutions sont accessibles en toute autonomie en mode SaaS ou par un webservice (API SMS).

Ciò consente di ottimizzare le prestazioni di campagne pubblicitarie con un alto tasso di conversione. It’s important to always make sure that your customers are aware that they have opted-in to receive mobile messages, and that they are comfortable with receiving them.
By implementing SMS based initiatives, it offers a new way to develop deeply connected relationships with existing guests and the ability to leverage those relationships to achieve broader market success.
Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. Specialiste du SMS Marketing , nous proposons egalement du Mailing vocal, de la location de base de donnees ainsi que de nouveaux outils tels que le SMS 2.0, PROXI le SMS Geolocalise, le SMS Long, le SMS Reponse ou encore le SMS Event et une connexion a plus de 140 pays.
Nous proposons un service de qualification de fichier (Look Up HLR) ainsi qu’une marque blanche pour que nos clients revendent sous leur propre marque. To be on the safe side, it may be a good idea to include a double opt-in for text messages, and it is absolutely necessary to have the option for customers to opt-out as well. Nos SMS HQ sont utilisables dans le cadre de campagne de SMS en masse ou pour des SMS transactionnels (SMS monitoring, SMS livraison, SMS authentification…).
En qualite d’operateur telecom ARCEP francais et agregateur SMS depuis 2002, nous sommes directement connectes aux operateurs mobiles (Orange, SFR, Bouygues, Free ) sans aucun intermediaire.
It is clear to see that the majority of travelers are highly engaged and connected via text messaging, so shouldn’t hoteliers reach their customers this way as well? Additionally, hoteliers should always send out meaningful and useful text messages that resonates with customers.

For example, hoteliers can send contest details, personalized offers, last minute rates, coupons, and special promotions via text message that can be redeemed at the hotel’s front desk.
Ce statut nous permet de vous proposer les prix les plus bas du marche, de vous assurer une grande reactivite d’un point de vue technique et de vous garantir une securite totale quant aux fichiers que vous nous soumettez.
SMS has the power to strengthen customer service and makes information-based services more accessible to customers. One of the main functions of SMS in hospitality is to use it towards embracing customers’ desires and aligning your messaging with them. Guests are also likely to appreciate receiving localized notices of events and deals through texts, which can greatly increase customer loyalty to your hotel. Hotels that have already adopted SMS text messaging into their marketing initiatives boast positive results in the form of reduced costs, operational efficiencies, and better communication by being able to connect with customers anytime, anywhere. Another important thing to consider is to respect the private nature of your hotel guests’ mobile phones. As a hotelier, if you have not yet taken advantage of the benefits SMS can offer, then it is the perfect time to start maximizing guest relationships and increase the success of your investment. Just as you would never disturb the privacy of your hotel guests during their stay, don’t disturb the privacy of their mobile phone by sending silly or frequent messages either.

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