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Begin the first step by making a series of shapes for the head and body of this massive creature. You will now begin drawing out the shape of the elephants head, mouth, and long thick trunk like so.
You can now finish drawing your elephant by drawing a tail, and making some swirl like lines on the back knees.
Iron Man's mask has a few angles so you will have to pay close attention when drawing out the actual structure of his face and head. You will now start drawing out the inner lining that will eventually form a frame for Iron Man's face.
For the last drawing step draw the shapes of the eyes, and connect the two with a middle robotic brow like you see here. You’ll find no limit to their usefulness, from making a patch ornamental, a handkerchief more personal, a guest towel more inviting, to giving your wardrobe and your house furnishings, in general, a more precious look.Here are several examples of attractive border designs using basic embroidery stitches (vintage patterns).
Add the belly line, and then draw an eye, the trunk hole, and then add some wrinkling lines and shapes to the trunk, head, and leg.
The reason why I chose to make another Iron Man is because the old lesson that I did a few years ago has made it back to the top 50 once again.

Start in the middle between the forehead and draw a long shape that sort of points at the end. Elephants are always fun to draw because they are just so big in size, and their appearance is so massive.
I know not everyone is going to be able to draw Iron Man the way he appears in the lesson, so I decided that making an easy version would be appreciated by many novice artists that are fans of the superhero.
You will then come down the sides straight, then draw an angled line to form the jaw and then the chin. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial that showed you how you can draw Iron Man using a simple line work. Believe it or not, but I was a big time fan of the first Iron Man movie when it first came out. Make some ear like shapes on the sides of the head, then proceed to step three once you have drawn the definition line for the chin. Now just because elephants look harmless, they are still very dangerous and should not be approached even at a zoo. Anyways, to me these animals have a serene presence about them, and that is why they are one of the more popular safari creatures roaming the world today.

When it comes to drawing an elephant, there is so many ways to start a project such as this. In the past I have done lessons on cartoon style elephants, realistic elephants, and even just a plain old elephant. This tutorial is going to teach you to "draw an easy elephant" with little or no complications. When you are done, you can make a neat looking background, or you can choose just to leave your newly drawn animal just the way you see it here.
No matter what you want to do, there is no better way to enjoy one of the oldest mammals on earth.

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