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Affiliates and online marketers can use ELPP to build unique landing pages and step above their competition. People who want to start making money online, but don’t yet have  the right tool to build landing pages. Easy Landing Page Pro (version 2) is included inside High Traffic Academy 2.0, which costs $497. Before you can start using Easy Landing Page Pro you need to have a domain name, website hosting and an autoresponder. I personally use Bluehost for my web hosting, GoDaddy for my domains and GetResponse for building my list.
Last time I checked, Easy Landing Page Pro version 2 supported only these two autoresponders: GetResponse and aWeber. Please note: This tutorial is for the older version of ELPP, but the process is very similar to ELPP 2. 2.    If you already have your domain name, web hosting and autoresponder, then click on the left button, “I have this handy. 8.    In Step six you can add important pages like Privacy policy, Earning Disclaimer, Terms of service, Contact us, etc.
Customizable background settings: You can select from pre-loaded images or use your own images for a landing page background. Customizable headline settings: You can choose from 5 different font styles and determine the font size for your headlines and sub-headlines. Customizable button settings: You can chose text for your buttons and have full control over the colours, fonts and size.
Like and share buttons: You have an option to add Facebook “like” and “share” buttons to your landing pages.
Exit popup options: Some marketers use this option when people try to leave their website and a small popup shows up.
Customizable thank you pages:  You can use customizable thank you pages when a visitor subscribes on your landing page. I mentioned before that you need to enter your ftp server details in one of the steps into ELPP. If you are not comfortable with sharing your hosting information with ELPP, then you might not like this software. When I create my landing pages in WordPress (I’m using Optimizepress) it can make changes on my server in seconds. With Easy Landing Page Pro you get a great, tested design, but you are the one, who will have the biggest effect on your conversion results.
If you are not satisfied with your landing page conversions or if you are just starting online and don’t know how to optimize your landing pages for the best possible result, then Capture Mastery training can truly help you improve these skills. If you want to create landing pages with Easy Landing Page Pro then you must become High Traffic Academy member. The last time I checked ELPP it worked on these hosting providers: Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostmonster, Justhost, Webhostinghub, Webhostinpad, Fatcow, and Greengeeks. You can capture the leads and then redirect them directly to the sales page after they click on your customizable call to action button. If you don’t want to capture leads then you can use “thank you page” option in ELPP and create a unique page with your unique call to action button that will redirect visitors to the sales page.
Thanks Dejan, I will give a shot at it , because initially I was skeptical whether if t can be use on my hosting, since you mentioned that. Hi there Dejan, I’ve tried the ELPP stuff, I have tried entering those info on FTP server and stuff. For the same reason, I joined High Traffic Academy and frankly, the training opened the eyes for me.
So, I decided to write a comprehensive review for the same so that others may also know about how beneficial this product is. Creating the right landing page is a must for businesses to survive and thrive in today’s highly competitive online marketplace. Traditionally, making an effective landing page takes advanced technical skills and a high level of understanding of how landing page software works. Once you have completed these steps, you will have a landing page ready to start driving traffic to and collecting data. Because I am such a big fan of OptimizePress™ 2.0 and the results I have seen by using it in my Internet marketing business, I created this blog about it to share my tips, tricks and experiences.
Previously, we have posted a collection of appealing landing page templates that you may purchase in selling your products.
Come and check out this 40 New Collection of Professional Landing Page Templates and help keep your advertisements on top!

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If you do not want to lose your visitors and readers, your Coming soon page or under construction page should have any option that allow visitors subscription to get hot new when your website already completed. PRO Under Construction HTML is a template perfectly suitable for any Creative, business website other Multiple Optional Under construction or landing page theme.
This template — is the original author’s vision of how the page “Coming Soon” or “Under construction” should look like. Nokia has started rolling out new software update ( Software Platform 1.4) for Asha devices, Nokia Asha 500, 501, 502, 503, 230 and the dual SIM variants. New Parental control feature can be enabled by setting a restrictions code for Browser and app installations.
Srivatsan Sridhar is a Mobile Technology Enthusiast who is passionate about Mobile phones and Mobile apps. May 9, 2012 by TemplateBulb Note: The Premium Tap-To-Call Landing Page Package Is No Longer Being Offered. A Custom Promotional Video that highlights the Benefits of having a Tap-To-Call Landing Page and encourages the Viewer to either call or email for more information. Learn more about Instapage here and use this template if you like to build landing pages in hours not weeks! When you download this template, you will find an easy help document and some .instapage files, which you can instantly upload them where’s specified on your instapage dashboard.
I will share with you my experiences with this tool and show you how you and your online business can benefit from it. So, for this price you get both versions of ELPP, as well as Tracker123, Easy URL Scraper and advanced online marketing training. Both versions are very similar to use, so if you know how to use the older version, you also know how to use ELPP version 2.
If you don’t know how to setup these things, don’t worry, because for every step that you need to complete, there is a video tutorial available inside ELPP that will help you out. The second field, “Folder Name,” is needed if you want to create a specific subfolder on your server. Your web hosting company probably sent them to you by email, but you can find the information also if you login into your web hosting account (for example cPanel). For example, you will create a signup form for your new campaign in GetResponse and then copy that HTML code into ELLP (HTML AR Code field). Select different colours, choose from over 20 pre-made examples, determine the opt-in box position on your page, and even determine the corner radius of your opt-in box.
By doing this, the software will automatically upload all of the necessary files onto your web server. Even if you are a beginner and have no idea how to build your own landing page, you will be guided step-by-step in every process from start to finish. So you don’t need to invest your money right at the beginning in some other software for creating landing pages.
Actually, it can create for you unlimited number of landing pages or sales pages that you can use on unlimited domain names.
I wish you a lot of success and a big list of loyal subscribers that will help you bring your business to the next level.
If you want to be notified about the product launch join my HTA 2.0 launch notification list. Because I’m doing CPA, it is good to have various landing pages, but instead of capturing leads, the call to action button is usually used to bring them to the sales page. Thank you page doesn’t create opt-in form on the page but you can customize other elements (background color, video, picture, etc) and then use that page as your landing page. You can contact also ELPP support team, but don’t hesitate to contact me if you think that I can help you somehow.
Once I hit the enter or rather the next key, it was alright, I presume if it is not alright, it will remain at that page right? But if you still have problems removing unnecessary buttons and boxes in ELPP then you can make changes also in Kompozer (free tool for editing html files). The software was replaced with new tool called SiteSuite (If you want to see how it works, please send me a message). A landing page is a place where you lead your potential customers and direct them to accomplish a specific action – it can be signing up for your email newsletter, registering for a webinar, downloading a PDF, video or e-book, subscribing to your list and more.
You need to find the style and technique that will work according to the unique needs and preferences of your target market. They are all tried and tested formats for various types of squeeze pages which you can even sort by conversion rate.

No need to switch to preview mode to see how it looks like – you can view the page as the menu fades out. It’s then up to you to split test and measure which version of your squeeze page is working better.
In today’s post, a set of promising and delightful templates is given with a more elegant and professional-look that will surely make your products more appealing. Each landing page’s features are once again given to give you a brief overview of what the templates can offer. There are more option for reader subscription such as email subscription, facebook, twitter, google plus…etc. This template design as pure html and responsive css and we used jquery timer for time representation. This template design as pure html and responsive css and we used cartoon icons for graphical representation. This can be used for companies that are coming soon online with their bussines or any other site.
This HTML page is so simple and easy to setup for your under-construction page or Site Down page or maintenance page. Nice combination of colors, unobtrusive animation — all combine to attract the attention of visitors and your customers to your project.
This update brings a lot of new features such as Nokia MixRadio, voice-guided self-portrait and panorama features in camera, Parental control and more. You can then edit my template’s dummy texts all visually and click “Publish” to have your own landing page online and ready to be seen by visitors! With this online tool you can have your landing page up and running in less than 10 minutes.
For example: you select “privacy page” to be shown in the footer of your landing page and enter the text.
You can make changes to your landing page if you have some HTML and CSS knowledge, otherwise, you must return to ELPP, find your saved landing page, make the changes and then again upload it to your server. You will learn how to create your own so called “squeeze page” and will be able to start building your list.
The upgraded version, ELPP 2, has more very useful features that can satisfy everyone from beginners to more experienced marketers.
With the right landing page strategy, you could increase your sales, obtain new customers, keep existing ones loyal and basically improve your business bottom line.
This is a handy way of seeing if the template you are using has been successful for others in terms of converting visitors into leads and opt-ins.
Aside from this, the features have extended into a more significant variety that will help the users get the service that they want. We can see lots of authority sites are using coming soon under construction HTML templates while they do regular maintenance. This type of templates helps you to inform your users what is happening with your website instead of a blank screen. Gravity comes in three versions: image background, image slider background and YouTube video background.
This can be used for new domain to keep the under construction page and for the websites which are down for maintenance as well.
By doing so you can create as many different landing pages as you need per domain and test their conversions.
Just like any other primary marketing tool, it should be designed and built accurately to directly increase conversion.
With this innovative landing page software, you can now build the best landing page in the fastest and easiest way possible, even without coding knowledge. Free coming soon under construction HTML templates is the important key for business company or organization when they purchased a domain, but they have not started the development website yet, so free coming soon under construction HTML templates very primary option for temporary use. The Quote html template is an unique look and feel, making it look more unique coming soon page than ever. This template has 2 models : Timer Clock and Progress Bar Under Construction Page to make your under construction website easily.

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