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The Nokia Lumia 520 comes with a 5-Megapixel camera, which is great for everyday photos, while the 4-inch display makes for a good viewfinder in all conditions. The Nokia Lumia 520 comes with the standard camera software found on all Windows Phone 8 smartphones. Once you’ve chosen a photo you want to edit tap the … icons in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen and from the menu that pops up choose Edit. However, this wouldn’t be a Nokia Lumia smartphone without you finding something a little extra pre-installed. To carry out standard editing on your Nokia Lumia 520 tap Crop, Rotate, Auto-Fix and you’ll find your photo appears with four option buttons running along the bottom of the screen.
Creative Studio is an exclusive Nokia Lumia smartphone and first saw the like of day on Windows Phone 7 where it was very much a jack-of-all-trades effects app. Devices TutorialsTop camera tips for taking the perfect photo on your Lumia this ChristmasDid you get a shiny new Lumia phone this Christmas?

I have an Olympus-brand recorder (my second Olympus-brand recorder), and it allows the user to plug the recorder into a PC through a USB connection and download the audio recordings from it as Windows Media Audio (.wma) files.
My friend and colleague Emily Sweeney has already posted a primer on how to use Windows Movie Maker to edit video clips.
Jennifer Peebles is chairman of SPJ’s Digital Media Committee and is deputy editor of Texas Watchdog, a nonprofit online news site based in Houston. Once you’ve taken a photo you can either view them by swiping the arrow in the corner of the screen or from the Start screen tapping the Photos Live Tile and choosing either Camera Roll or Albums. The default editing software that comes with Windows Phone 8 is called Crop, Rotate, Auto-Fix.
Creative Studio is an exclusive app that allows you to add a whole host of editing features to your Nokia Lumia 520.
It’s worth bearing in mind that any changes made using this app and saved with overwrite the original photo.

The original allows you to choose photos from your Windows Phone Album, as well as take photos from within the app itself and instantly add effects. The new features include blur functions such as Focus Object, Radial+ Tilt Shift, as well as what Nokia are calling Play features that cover off Colour Pop mode and Collage mode.
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Each one brings a whole powerhouse of new techniques to the app and makes it one of the most resourceful apps any budding photographer can want. 600 seconds; there are drop down options up to 30 s, but you can type in something longer).

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