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You can use Swish 2.0 free for fifteen days, to create and use Flash movies without any marks appearing on them or any restrictions.
The swish editor structure you will be confronted with features a timeline row on top, a movie properties box in the bottom right, a layout panel in the bottom middle area, and an outline panel in the bottom left.
In the timeline panel at the top you can see a frame by frame representation of your movie in its current state of development. The various panel positions I am talking about here can get wild in the course of the use of the swish editor. To see what the swf format flash movie you have created looks like, hilite the movie or scene or element you want to see play in the bottom left outline panel and click ALT-C-M or ALT-C-P. When several pieces of text have been inserted into the movie, you will be able to see them in the bottom left outline panel when the box next to the scene listing in the outline panel is set to the negative sign. Save as (ALT-F, A) produces an swi saved to whatsoever folder you wish which is the particular movie's settings and codes opened in the Swish editor. It is at first difficult to understand how colors are specified for the background in the movie ( More time consuming confusion to feed the insatiable computer nerd owned and operated time consumption beast! When a piece of text is hilited in the outline panel, the transform tab is one of the tabs that appears in the movie panel in the bottom right of the editor, along with the text tab.
RE angles in the text transform panel: the uppermost of the two angle inputs at the bottom of the panel, tilts the text to right at 45 flattens to right at 90 turns to upside down at 180 turns around flattens at 270 does loop at 360. Right clicking in a timeline segment that is a fade in segment, and then choosing properties gives you the fade in dialogue box.
The "Reset components to original transforms" checkbox in the start at panel: when this checkbox is cleared, the position of the manipulated object at the beginning of the effect will be whatever position the object was left in at the end of the previous effect.

X scale and Y scale in these start at panels (clear the X=Y checkbox to show the Y scale input) sets the size of the object at the start of the effect before it is transformed by the effect.
X and Y angle inputs in the start at panels set the angle of the object at the beginning of the effect such as the fade-in. After an intense therapy session with Jimmy Kimmel, Damon decompressed by acting out every one of his movies in eight minutes with James Corden.
The $20 Swish Lite Trial Version by way of contrast never expires but its output is scrambled so you cannot create anything useful with it.
If that does not succeed in opening and playing the swf movie, even though heretofore you have had no problem playing swf flash format movies found in web pages, do not panic.
Just do something their instructions (which are sometimes not that well presented) do not specifically advise, and hit ALT-C-P or ALT-C-S and the Swish application will play their sample movie. The swi file is the Swish editor set to all the specifications that create a given swf flash movie.
By right or left clicking on various areas of this panel you can do some things you cannot do with other panels or that are more difficult to do working with the other panels.
The positions I am talking about are the default positions of the various panels within the Swish editor window.
Setting this to 20 will result in the text starting out at a size that is twenty percent of the size it ends up as during the fade in you have assigned it to undergo. THE FLASH MOVIE AS YOU HAVE CONSTITUTED IT SO FAR WILL PLAY IN THE BOTTOM ROW IN THE BOTTOM MIDDLE LAYOUT PANEL .
If it is set to the positive sign click on the positive sign to change it to a negative and expand the scene listing so that the words appearing in the scene can be seen.

45 degrees input with this top of the angle inputs, tilts the word so that the letter at the extreme right of the word is lower vertically than the letter at the extreme left of the word.
Clearing the continue from previous effect checkbox in this dialog box, will materialize the start tab.
In the movie panel you can set specs for entire movies and scenes or speficic segments of such.
If for example center is selected here, if you place the piece of text in the movie by click and drag, the resulting numerical indicator of its position will refer to the center of the piece of text; if however you select bottom left the numerical indicator will indicate the X and Y coordinates of the bottom left spot of the piece of text. Corden did it with Tom Hanks earlier this year, and this gimmick is just as entertaining here. This will cause the text panel to open in the bottom right so you can change how the piece of text appears in the swf format flash movie you are creating.
Likewise numerical coordinates assigned to the piece of text by input in the appropriate dialog box will assign the coordinates of the center of the text if center is chosen here but the top left of the text if top left is chosen. The angles work the same as the x scale y scale uniform being unchecked gives you more latitude. To see the panel corresponding to a particular effect such as a fadeout, right click on the effect in the appropriate row of the timeline panel, and hit properties.
Reset sends the specs for the piece of text back to zero angles and 100 percent scale factors.

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