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I have a Gopro Hero2 HD camera, now, I record many video clips with the camera and want to edit the Gopro video, any help? Step2: Connect GoPro to Mac with USB cable, and the program will auto detected your camcorder, following the Camcorder Wizard to import the MP4 video to the desktop.
Step 6: Finally, Click the Convert button to start save the edited Gopro video files on your Mac. GoPro Studio is an intuitive application designed for the specific purpose of helping you process and export media files recorded with your action camera in a few easy steps. It offers a decent range of editing tools, as well as templates based on the most popular GoPro videos, enabling you to create similar, high-quality clips with very little effort.
GoPro Studio can import media from supported devices automatically, which can significantly speed up your workflow.
To speed up the editing process, you can trim the imported files and assign them relevant names before moving to the next step. Unless you have a specific idea in mind, it may be wise to take advantage of the templates provided by the application, as they can make your job a lot easier. All you need to do is choose one that matches the type of clip you want to create, and then replace the existing videos and audio tracks in the timeline with yours. While the application’s interface has an intelligent layout for the most part, it is a bit cluttered in some areas, making it difficult to alter advanced settings in editing mode.
However, the initial tutorials do a good job of explaining the app’s major functions, so novices should not have too many problems figuring things out.

All in all, GoPro Studio is a powerful video editing platform specially designed to help you process clips recorded with your action camera.
Any graphics card shipped with Intel Dual Core Macs or better (Recommended for 4K editing and playback: Intel HD4000 or better).
Gopro Editor for Mac is an important Gopro video editor on Mac for those who don’t use much too expensive editing suite like FCP X or the complicated iMovie. Gopro mp4 videos encoded in h.264 is not born to be an editing format, However, it does give Gopro Editor for Mac a chance to show how good a video editing tool it is. Shorted Gopro video, join several projects, split gopro, adjust effects(Brightness, Contrast, Saturation). Prepare gopro videos for online sharing website such as Youtube, google video, Yahoo video, clipshack, vimeo and metacafe and so on. Drag the slider bar beneath the previewing screen, you can set the start time and end time to trim any segment as you like.
HD Video Converter is top video converter for GoPro Hero 3, with it you can easily convert GoPro Hero 3 video to best codec for Adobe Premiere Pro for editing. Just free download and install this GoPro Hero 3 to Premiere converter, run it on your Windows or Mac computer, you will see the interface. You can load GoPro Hero 3 video files by directly dragging and dropping, or you can click add button to load clips. This tutorial will recommend you the Gopro Video Editing for Mac tool, which can help you edit the HD Gopro video with ease on Mac os x.

Then click "Add File" button to browse and input the MP4 video to the GoPro Editing Mac program. Multiple videos can be added to the processing queue and converted to an edit-friendly format in no time at all. They are based on the most popular GoPro videos and include sample clips, audio tracks and slow motion effects. Of course, many other advanced settings can be modified, such as video speed, audio level, color balance, view mode, zoom and rotation. Simplest Gopro editor for Mac (OS X Mavericks) equips editing features that is necessary but not redunant to edit Gopro video on Mac.
As we know, H.264 MP4 video is not so good for Adobe Premiere Pro editing, the best way to edit video files with Premiere pro native is to convert GoPro Hero 3 video to best format fort Adobe Premiere Pro.
In this GoPro Hero 3 video converter, you can crop, trim, add watermark, or adjust effect to the video.

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