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My initial thoughts about the movie were that it was good that not great, but my husband had some scathing things to say about it. I created myself a cage and lived that kind of life of my own volition because I thought that was the right thing to do, the way to please God, and the way to not be hurt. This message of female empowerment, shedding of rules, being strong, testing limits – this is a message I have embraced in the past. And a part of me believes that being in that place was necessary to get me to where I am now.
I recognize that this song does not encompass the whole moral and message of the movie in its entirety.
So please understand, I’m not sitting here in judgment of the movie itself or anyone who has seen it and liked it. A young boy named Bastian constantly gets in trouble for being a dreamer and having his head in the clouds. This was one of those movies that I always wanted to watch in it's entirety when I was a kid.

But if you can just switch off, ignore those things and enjoy the great sets and characters and what could have been the ultimate children's fantasy story, you'll wish it really was neverending. In NeverEnding story, Atreyu is pursued across Fantasia by an evil black wolf called Gmork, who is a genuinely frightening addition to the story.
Her powers had been misused in her youth as she accidentally almost killed her younger sister.
She releases her powers, sheds her cloak and her gloves, transforms her overly-modest gown into a stunning off-the-shoulder gown with a slit up her thigh, lets down her hair (literally), stomps her feet, and builds an ice castle with her bare hands.
But I think that if I had one, this would not be the message I would want to share with her.
I know that Queen Elsa didn’t act this way throughout the rest of the movie and that there are themes of sacrificial love and redemption apart from romance throughout.
Can we avoid sheltering them or forcing them to be perfect good girls who can’t feel – without simultaneously pushing them toward rebellion, defiance, and isolation? But I think that there is a better message to speak to the hearts of impressionable girls than the one being spoken in Let It Go.

One day, he is chased by three bullies into an old bookstore where he discovers a mysterious book called "The Neverending Story". His design makes him look like that nightmare werewolf that all kids dream about, and the sound effects and narration are fantastic.
Her movements gain confidence throughout the song; and by the end she is sashaying seductively as if she is a model on a runway.
At one stage he talks to Atreyu in a growly voice, while the world quite literally falls apart around them. The only problem is that you never get to see the whole wolf on screen, and when he attacks Atreyu it doesn't look that convincing.

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