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The Wise Eyes program was originally designed to assist in child abduction cases, since the first three hours are critical in saving a child's life.
Wise Eyes has expanded to keeping the community informed on public safety issues such as burglaries, thefts, scams, drug investigations and other criminal activity. The program is designed to disseminate vital information to the community quickly via e-mail or fax to participating neighborhood groups, businesses and registered individuals. If you wish to submit a tip and remain anonymous click here for Montgomery County Crime Stoppers.
Portable Document Format  PDF is an open standard file format for the exchange of documents. So, today we are here with a list of top sites which allow you to edit PDF files and that too for absolutely free. Along with uploading PDF files from your own computer, it also allows providing direct web based link to the PDF file. It also provides you the required tools to accurately convert and extract PDF files and their content and the best part is that the whole process is fairly easy and simple.

31, readers responded with a (pardon the pun) load of pics of their own hot, heavy, big and tall or just plain odd loads.
Created by Adobe in the 90?s, it has became one of the most widely used file format for sharing and exchanging documents with each other.
Most of them do not provide editing functionality  which means that you can only read the file but you can’t edit them. You are provided with all the required tools and once you are done editing, you can easily download it to your computer and then can share it with anyone.
You also get a good amount of online storage if you subscribe to their paid plans, the price of which is very competitive. Here in TRiXHUB i Write about Blogging, Wordpress, Internet Tricks, Technology, Make Money Online articles.
Although there are several paid softwares which provide this functionality, wouldn’t it be great if there was any free alternative? From checking boxes to inserting text in different fonts, it provides you a wide range of flexibility.

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They were found in water, and it was estimated that they had been in the water for at least 100 years!
Just like PDFfiler, it also provides you the option of grabing a PDF file directly from the internet by providing its URL. It also lets you quickly and easily create professional-quality PDF documents from any format or content type: paper scans, spreadsheets, presentations, reports, and more. Once you have completed editing PDF file, you can download it very easily to your computer.

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