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Apple's EarPod headphones sound and look fantastic, pushing the iconic white iPhone freebie forward.
Apple’s original Earbuds are an icon of mobile technology, but not because they actually sound good. For this hands-on, I listened to some Jazz (Sweetnighter by Weather Report and We Insist by Max Roach and Abbey Lincoln), Hip-Hop (The Morning After by the Jivin Scientists and De’Nir by Mestizo), Rock (Escante Calling by Maneja Beto and Coexist by The xx) and Electronica (Metahuman by Eprom and Beams by Matthew Dear). As with any low-end earbuds, turning up the volume creates distortion and reduces mid-range detail. Actually, because the EarPods fit so comfortably and securely in the ear, I found that I could get away with lower volume levels than with the original Earbuds. I should note that, as comfortable as the EarPods are, they did fit in my right ear a bit more snugly than my left. A problem I have with almost every set of in-ear headphones I’ve tried is the suction effect that arises from a piece of rubber sliding into my ear canal. Apple says it spent three years designing its EarPods, with more than 124 different prototypes tested out on more than 600 people. Many of us rely on the iPhone as an alarm clock these days, but unless it has been changed, the default alarm clock sound effect is usually the same as the default iPhone ringtone.
There are plenty of good choices for the alarm sound, from fairly mellow to incredibly annoying, so you can choose however you want to be woken up.
First World problems continue to be ignored as being very real things, with our struggles ignored and even ridiculed in contemporary media.

Hi, I’ve reset my alarms so that when it goes off in thenlornjg it plays my ringtone but this last week instead of playing the sound I want to here it plays the default and I barely hear it sometimes to wake up. And while they won’t convert those spending hundreds of dollars on luxurious over-the-ear models, these new in-ear headphones do raise the bar for entry-level audio.
Distinct instruments and inflections are much clearer now, and there’s been a noticeable boost to the mid-range and bass. The EarPods handled all of it. I also noticed that the design allows for a comfortable level of isolation. But I only noticed this when I was playing music with the volume all the way up, which is louder than anyone should be playing music.
Apple scanned hundreds of ears to try and figure out how to come up with a shape that would fit comfortably for the widest possible range of people.
I find this so offensive with some models that I simply can’t stand wearing them for more than a few minutes. Given how much better the EarPods are than EarBuds, there’s no question that the effort was well worth it. Here is how to edit an existing alarm sound, but the process is practically identical for setting a new alarm as you can select a sound option during that configuration as well. Similarly, it can be helpful to have unique text tones and ringtones assigned to specific contacts and callers.
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Hundreds of millions have made their way into consumer ears, delivering flat, muddled sound absent of any significant bass.
The EarPods aren’t noise-canceling by any means, but they do a good job of blocking out background noise without the discomfort that can come from buds that completely seal off the ear canal.
That option allows you to wake up to your favorite song if you’re into that sort of thing. The rounded shape was comfortable enough, but the buds could easily fall out of an ear while you were running, and they did little to block out noise around you. There are five on each one — a large port on the front of the headphone, which directs sound into the ear canal, and others strategically placed on the sides and further down on the stem.
I went for a short run with the EarPods in place, and they didn’t slip out or irritate me at all. If my phone rings I would have to put on my glasses to see who is calling,hence I have those I want to answer a ringtone so I don’t have to answer nor hear any other one. These allow air to flow in and out as the speakers inside work, so that the speakers can move more freely. This also should help keep things clean — no more rubber to collect dirt from your ears or the inside of your laptop bag, purse or coat pocket.

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