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Este importe incluye los aranceles, los impuestos, la corredurA­a y otras tarifas aplicables.
Las tarifas de envA­o internacional e importaciA?n son pagadas en parte a Pitney Bowes Inc.
El motor de recomendaciones de eBay ha seleccionado estas sugerencias alternativas para ti.
Al enviar tu puja, te comprometes a comprar este artA­culo al vendedor si eres el pujador ganador. Si pulsas Confirmar, te comprometes a comprar este artA­culo al vendedor si eres el pujador ganador. We already gave you our impressions of running OS X on Apple's Retina MacBook Pro, as well as how to maximize battery life by overriding the automatic GPU switching. So I downloaded the latest Windows 7 ISO, grabbed an 8GB USB flash drive, and fired up Boot Camp Assistant. Once you have those, plug in your USB drive, launch Boot Camp Assistant, and simply follow the instructions.
Once your drive is partitioned, you'll have to wait for Boot Camp Assistant to do its thing. I should say it has been some time since I installed Windows, but the process didn't seem any different from what I remember. However, the Boot Camp control panel sets Windows font scaling to a reasonable 150 percent setting right off the bat. I did experiment a bit with different resolution and scaling settings, including setting text to render at 100 and 125 percent. There's no default 200 percent setting, which would be roughly equivalent with Apple's standard "Retina" optimized setting under OS X.
Clicking on "custom DPI" in the Displays control panel makes it possible to activate a 200% scaling option.
This inconsistency seems odd, given that Microsoft has been encouraging developers to support Windows' native scaling options for years. I also found the process of digging into the display settings to set a resolution and then going in to a separate control panel to change the text scaling to be cumbersome at best. Windows 8 will have new scaling rules for Metro applications, so those should fare better on high-resolution displays. Scaling issues aside, everything seemed (subjectively) as snappy as OS X during my "regular" workflow, which largely revolves around online reading and writing in a word processor or text editor.
On the other hand, Windows turned in OpenGL performance that was about 5 frames per second better than OS X. Finally, we pitted Redmond's latest browser, Internet Explorer 9, on Windows against the latest version of Safari on OS X.
Though Windows 7 doesn't quite have the same experience when it comes to resolution and scaling control as OS X does—it can be a bit of a chore to get it just the way you like it—it's still quite useable on the Retina MacBook Pro's 15" 2880 x 1800 pixel screen.
Entegy wrote:I would like to see this redone with Windows 8 once Apple makes Boot Camp compatible with Windows 8 (the current BC drivers under Windows 8 are not fun) as Windows 8 is the version getting all primed for high scaling like in Retina screens.How long ago was it that you tried the Windows 8 Boot Camp install?
If someone can point out what major issues they are seeing with IE9 scaling on websites I sure would like to know about it. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez l’utilisation de cookies pour vous proposer des services et offres adaptes a vos centres d’interets. MacBook Pro Retina 15" : nouveau design, ecran tres haute definition, Thunderbolt, USB 3.0 et HDMI, SSD, processeur Ivy Bridge… Avec ce MacBook Pro « nouvelle generation », Apple frappe un grand coup ! Ristourne de 50€ ce lundi 2 mai chez Amazon qui propose le clavier Azerty Logitech Ultrathin pour iPad Mini a 29,99€ au lieu de 79,99€, livraison incluse.
El porcentaje y el importe de "descuento" simplemente expresan la diferencia calculada entre el precio original proporcionado por el vendedor para el artA­culo y el precio rebajado actual del vendedor. El empaquetado debe ser el mismo que se encontrarA­a en una tienda, a menos que el artA­culo haya sido empaquetado por el fabricante con material no destinado a su venta en tienda (por ejemplo una bolsa o caja sin etiquetas). Since we still had the hardware at our disposal, however, readers expressed interest in knowing how Windows runs at the Retina MacBook Pro's ultra-high resolution. After a couple hours of downloads and two failed install attempts, I was able to get Microsoft's OS purring along quite nicely on the Retina MacBook Pro hardware. You'll need to partition your internal drive to give some space to Windows; I recommend at least 30GB at a bare minimum, depending on your software needs.
A relatively minor quibble: the first two attempts to install resulted in nothing but a blinking cursor. The problem is that until the Boot Camp control panel is loaded, Windows runs at the native 2880 x 1800 pixel resolution with a 1:1 pixel ratio. Text was still a little small in some areas, but my relatively young eyes are still good, and I found UI elements to be comfortably sized. We think that "retina"-like displays will become the norm within a couple of years, so hopefully Windows developers will move to embrace these scaling options in the near future. This is clearly the result of the fundamental philosophical differences between Windows and OS X—Windows offers much more fine-grained control in exchange for added complexity. Getting used to the slightly different keyboard shortcuts and trackpad scrolling was the only real impediment to getting work done.
I used the cross-platform Geekbench, which gives a pretty decent picture of relative CPU and memory performance.

While Apple has made some strides recently in improving OpenGL and graphics driver support, Windows still has an advantage here. I recommend running Windows at full resolution with the 150 percent scaling setting—that seemed to give the best overall usability. I just did this using a USB drive over this weekend with the Windows 8 Release Preview, and Boot Camp seemed to pick up the right drivers. It works great for me.I've been running Win7 on the MacBook Pro with Retina display since the middle of June and it absolutely runs like a champ. Rue du commerce propose le tres convaincant Sony Xperia Z5 a seulement 439€, frais de port inclus.
Apple avait devoile son concept de MacBook nouvelle generation avec la presentation de son MacBook Pro Retina de 15" en juin 2012.
Si tienes dudas en relaciA?n con el precio o el descuento que se ofrece en un anuncio determinado, ponte en contacto con el vendedor de ese artA­culo. Si resides en un Estado Miembro de la UE aparte de Reino Unido, el IVA de importaciA?n de esta compra no es recuperable. Though I don't have much Windows software on hand to give a really in-depth impression of daily use, I was able to run some cross-platform benchmarks, browse the Web, do a little writing, and play around a bit with both Windows resolution and font-scaling settings. You can download the latter online, but you'll need a license key to activate it once installed. More doesn't hurt, especially if you plan to run a lot of software concurrently—the virtual memory system can chew up quite a bit of space. Then various Windows 7-compatible drivers for the Retina MacBook Pro's hardware components are downloaded from Apple's servers (also stored on the flash drive). I ended up having to boot into OS X and re-run Boot Camp Assistant all over again to do the process over. Text at this setting looks amazing; I found that turning off ClearType made it look even better, as the benefits of the ClearType algorithm aren't necessary at "retina" resolutions. Such scaling support is also a benefit to users with visual impairments, even when using existing monitors. As we noted in our Retina MacBook Pro review, Apple's "recommended" settings really make it much easier to comfortably control screen resolution, though its options are more limited. However, I was surprised that Geekbench ran consistently faster—about 17 percent faster overall—on Windows than on OS X. Once I'd installed Windows 8 and run the Boot Camp driver installer, everything seemed to work just fine, from the GPU to the wireless networking and Bluetooth.My experience was similar to Chris' in that I had to manually set text scaling to 200% to feel comfortable with it, but besides that it seems to handle the Retina display well. Currently I'm running at 150% (144 DPI), but for casual web surfing I bump up IE9's zoom factor to 200%. Si des mises a jour technique ont heureusement eu lieu au fil des ans, le design est reste tel quel. I couldn't nail down the point of failure, so there's no way to know if it was an issue with Windows or with Apple's firmware.
Font rendering also had a few artifacts, including some toolbar display type getting truncated instead of toolbars or buttons scaling to fit. Apple should be able to build a control panel that works with Windows' native system APIs for setting resolution and scaling combinations, so it would be nice if its engineers could add that option for "retina" equipped devices. Considering that the benchmark is made of identical computational functions and it was run on identical hardware, it seems reasonable that the difference could be chalked up to under-the-hood architectural differences between Windows and OS X. Subjectively, browsing a variety of websites didn't reveal any perceptible difference in overall performance. In the meantime, you should have no trouble running Windows on the Retina MacBook Pro if the need arises.
I was very impressed with the performance of a few games I got from Steam, such as Civ 5, where I can finally max out all the quality sliders and still have it run like butter. I also turn on the "Windows XP" style scaling, which prevents the system from automatically scaling up applications that haven't declared in their manifest that they are DPI aware.At 150% I will say that some things are too small and not every application adapts well, but as a huge fan of high DPI displays I'm willing to put up with it. Il subsiste d’ailleurs avec la gamme de MacBook Pro 2012, que l’on qualifiera de « classique ». Lors de la presentation du 15" Retina, nous etions surpris (voir decu) de ne pas voir de modele 13". If you're installing from disc, you'll need at least a 1GB flash drive to download all the necessary drivers.
It doesn't make it unusable, but it is awkward; it can be difficult to even tell if you're typing in your password correctly or not. Even in cases such as Lightroom where the application doesn't yet scale the extra screen real estate is great.
Nous nous etions dit que ce n'etait que partie remise, qu'a terme Apple allait migrer l'ensemble de sa gamme vers le "Retina". Le constructeur y va petit a petit, et poursuit sa migration avec le MacBook Pro 13" Retina.
Le poids s'en ressent, le Retina perd   440 g (1,62 kg contre 2,06 kg).Pour atteindre cette finesse, Apple a sacrifie les memes elements que sur le 15".
Si l'absence du premier ne nous pose pas vraiment de probleme sur une machine portable, celle de la prise Ethernet nous gene vraiment plus.La MacBook Pro 13" Retina adopte le clavier du MacBook Air. A nos yeux, ce n’est pas une grosse perte a l’heure du dematerialise par rapport aux gains. Le bouton mise sous tension incruste dans le corps unibody se deporte dans le clavier en lieu et place du bouton "Eject" qui n'a plus de raison d'exister.

La conception de la machine est optimisee a l’extreme comme le montre le desossage en regle par le site iFixit.Cette epaisseur s’accompagne par un allegement. Soit celui d’un MacBook Pro de 13".La disparition de lecteur optique amene aussi celle du bouton d’ejection. La course a la minceur servira d'excuse, et la possibilite d'acheter un adaptateur : la solution proposee. En tout point identique, le bouton de mise sous tension remplace le « Eject ».  Le reste ne bouge pas. Une technologie qui officie deja sur les iPad (sauf le mini), les iPod touch  et donc le Retina 15". Comme sur l'ensemble de ces appareils, l'affichage est tout simplement exceptionnel.Sur une diagonale de 13", c'est une definition de 2560 x 1600 pixels qui est proposee soit une resolution de 227 point par pouce.
L’indicateur de charge de la batterie disparait aussi.L’evolution sobre du design debouche sur une machine esthetiquement tres reussie.
Apple n’a pas perdu la main a ce niveau la.Une connectique contemporaine Avec son MacBook Pro « next gen », Apple revoit en profondeur sa connectique. Le MacBook Pro Retina 15" propose une connectique mise a jour, resolument moderne orientee vers les hauts debits.
Ou a l'inverse de pousser plus haut avec deux options : 1440 x 900 pixels et 1680 x 1050 pixels. Bref, toutes les applications qui necessitent une grande surface d'affichage pour un usage confortable. Le 13" a comme atout une vrai portabilite.  La technologie choisie par Apple pour l'ecran reste sur de l'IPS retroeclaire par LED. La dalle reste brillante, et l'option mate n'est toujours pas reapparue.Si de plus en plus d'application tierces et de services ont ete optimise pour l'affichage Retina, ce n'est pas encore generalise.
Ils ne faut donc pas s'etonner de se retrouver parfois avec un affichage indigne de l'ecran Retina.Performances a niveau pour une puissance a minimaLes MacBook Pro Retina 13" n'exploitent pas comme le 15", les derniers et puissants processeurs d'Intel.
La qualite est vraiment exceptionnelle. La dalle du MacBook Pro Retina 15" atteint une definition de 2880 x 1800 pixels avec une resolution de 220 points par pouces. Par defaut les Retina viennent equipes avec des bicoeur Core i5 cadence a 2,5 GHz (possibilite d'opter pour un bicoeur Core i7 a 2,9 GHz), 8 Go de memoire vive (non extensible via les options), d'un disque SSD de 128 ou 256 Go (512 et 768 Go en option) et d'une partie graphique Intel HD4000 gonfle a 768 Mo de memoire.
La difference entre les deux modeles "de bases" reside dans la capacite du disque SSD (128 ou 256 Go).
Avec cette resolution, la surface de travail reelle equivaut a celle des MacBook Pro classique : une definition 1440 x 900 pixels.
Concretement, MacBook Pro Retina  et classique affiche des icones de meme taille, ou le meme nombre de colonne et ligne pour un tableur, la meme longueur pour la Timeline d’un logiciel de montage video. Dommage que pour son modele de prestige dans la diagonale de 13 pouces,  Apple n'ait pas fourni plus de puissance.
Le Retina ne propose qu’un niveau de details plus fin, beaucoup plus fin.Le MacBook Pro Retina permet heureusement d’exploiter la definition de sa dalle.
Le Retina 13" plafonne au niveau des 13" classique, loin derriere les performances du Retina 15".
Sans aller jusqu’au 2880 x 1800 pixels (ce qui serait totalement inutilisable sur un ecran de 15 pouces de diagonale), il est possible de basculer sur du 1680 x 1080 pixels, et de pousser jusqu’a du 1920 x1200 pixels. Deux modes tres utiles pour la retouche d’images, le montage video et audio, ou le travail sur tableur.Si le mode Retina est fabuleux pour l’affichage de photo et travailler avec, les definitions offrant une plus grande surface de travail ont nos faveurs. Sur Geekbench il atteint les 7500, a comparer au 13100 du MacBook Retina 15" que nous avions teste. Il s'agit la d'une machine destinee a des utilisateurs exigeants (professionnel, independant, graphiste, etc.), prets a investir une somme consequente pour avoir le dernier cri en terme de technologie.
A chacun de choisir.Ces haute definition et haute resolution ne sont pas les seuls atouts l’ecran de ce MacBook Pro. Meme s’il faut admettre que les reflets sont reduits par rapport aux ecrans des MacBook Pro classique. Nous avons deja fait le tour des modeles, et de leurs options.Au niveau des performances,  le MacBook Pro Retina s’avere la machine portable d’Apple la plus puissante que nous ayons eu jusqu’a present entre les mains. Pour nos tests, Appel nous a envoye le MacBook Pro Retina Core i7 a 2,6 GHz avec 8 Go de memoire et un disque SSD de 512 Go.Pour les inities, elle atteint une moyenne de 13100 sur Geekbench. Un score qu’il faut comparer aux  7850 atteint par les MacBook Pro 15 pouces de 2011 (nous n’avons pas encore recu la gamme 2012 devoilee en meme temps que le Retina).Autant dire que la MacBook Pro Retina a encaisse tout ce que nous lui avons demande. Le tout sans atteindre de temperature extravagante.  Les ventilateurs l’ont contenue en dessous des 50°C, sans se declencher de maniere intempestive. La recharge complete de la batterie s’est alors effectuee en deux heures.Apple ne livre pas la clef USB d’installation de Mac OS X Lion. La mise a jour vers Mountain Lion sera cependant proposee gratuitement.Le MacBook Pro Retina est une reussite totale, tant en terme de design que de performances. Dans la gamme des MacBook Pro, elle vient remplacer avantageusement le 17 pouces qui disparait. Le ticket d’entree se situe a  2 289 € pour atteindre 3 850 € dans la configuration ultime.

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