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Sounds like common sense, but a lot of small business owners burn the candle at both ends, and holidays are just like any other day for them. For example, if one of my campaigns fell on July 1st (Canada Day), instead of re-scheduling, I could just run with it. Marketers can Access all plans and activities via one, up-to-date system, ranging from a regional demand generation plan to the contents and recipient list of any email campaign. Via a drag and drop interface, marketing programs can be build and modify directly in the calendar. The calendar can be segmented by for instance channel, region audience and more to create relevant views for team members and stakeholders .
The Marketo Marketing Calendar promises a comprehensive view of all activities across the organization and a single platform on which programs can be planned and executed for global marketing organizations. According to a recent survey by Marketo of nearly 500 marketing professionals, 84 percent of respondents rated marketing calendars as “extremely important,” but more than 70 percent admitted they are using disconnected tools such as spreadsheets and whiteboards to plan and manage dozens of simultaneous activities. In other words, you might not want to schedule a big promotional campaign to go out on Good Friday. I’ve sent my fair share of campaigns on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, not realizing I was the only loser still at the office. I also have a pretty big audience in Australia and Canada, and I’m sorta big in Japan (har har). It’s a nice way to see where all your scheduled and sent campaigns are in calendar format, so you can easily spot conflicts. My introductory paragraph could say, "Happy Canada Day to my neighbors up north" or something like that.
In this post, I will focus on the strategies and tactics of implementing an email marketing plan.
As a result, teams should be able coordinate and communicate more effectively and avoid scheduling conflicts and communication gaps.

Everything you do hinges upon this and no work can begin until you have a clear and defined objective.Are you looking to entice new customers? Begin your year the right way and start planning your most successful email marketing campaigns yet.Looking through each month we have compiled a list of holidays that we think every marketer should remember. Our selection of important dates to remember is a great way to start planning your campaigns ahead of time. Highlight a new product or service offered by your company or organization?An email marketing campaign can serve dozens of functions, but it won’t serve any of them effectively without proper planning and a clear focus. This way you can identify what dates and seasons are the most important for your business and when you should reach out to your customers. Developing a comprehensive and segmented contact list will provide you with a pool of recipients that can be broken down into demographics for targeted email marketing. Some retailers place email sign-up sheets on premises and offer customers exclusive deals or a company newsletter in exchange for their contact information. Some online businesses offer customers who provide them with their email addresses exclusive content or free services.If neither of these tactics are valid options for your business, you can also purchase contact lists from consumer database companies like infoUSA. Purchasing consumer information can provide a company with a wealth of new contacts in far less time than it would take to source them organically.
Every marketer needs a good email retail calendar ?? Michele Legacy-Gugino Is the list attached or am I slow? Once you have your objective set and your contacts ready, it’s time to start building your email.
It may seem simple, but email design is a digital art form, one that requires as much care and attention to detail as any other medium.The layout, copy, and color choices you make contribute greatly to the success or failure of your email marketing campaign. Internet users receive dozens of email everyday, and if you don’t want your message getting lost in the clutter, you need to develop a subject line that jumps out and say “Hey you! Open me!”A generic or selling-centric subject line can cause a recipient to dismiss your message, or simply filter it out entirely.

On the other hand, an overly-friendly or unprofessional subject line can make it hard for a recipient to take you seriously. The time and day you select should be informed by the characteristics of your targeted demographic. For example, an email targeting professional young males would be most effective if deliver when they are capable of checking their emails, either in the early afternoon while they are at their desks or after 6PM when the majority of them are at home.Do your homework, and find out when your audience will be most receptive, and on what day. A large portion of your audience will be viewing your email on their phones or other mobile devices. Just because you’ve built an amazing, engaging, and effective email, does not mean that you will be delivering an amazing, engaging, and effective email. Test send your email to email addresses you own and check the received message to ensure that your design stayed properly formatted upon delivery.Check your sent email on all available web browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer. By analyzing your email marketing results, you can identify areas that need improvement, such as time of delivery or subject line.
It may seem a little intimidating at first, especially if your new to digital marketing, but just take each step one at a time and keep faith in your own efforts.
If you have any questions about implementing your email marketing campaign or if you find yourself stuck at any step along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out. If he's not in front of the computer marketing your business, he's playing with his son, Miles.

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