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The important factor to remember when building your email list is to give your target market an invaluable offer in exchange for their contact information.
You see, with inbound marketing, you are attracting a specific group of people who are already looking for what you have using platforms such as social media, content marketing (blogging, article marketing), and video marketing, to name a few. Below are five “bait” ideas you can use to increase your opt-in conversions for your email marketing. Another suggestion is offering an extended training series on how you do something in your business that will help shorten your markets’ learning curve OR solves a problem within your niche. When you share information that could potentially come with a price tag (yet, you’re giving it away for free), there’s an increased likelihood that when it’s time for you to promote a special, they will jump on it. This idea is similar to the eBook, yet with a specific purpose.  Reflect on the important decisions your prospect must consider prior to making a final buying commitment. Send til e-mail adresse Dit navn Din e-mail adresse Annuller Indl?g blev ikke sendt - kontroller din e-mail adresse. It's cost effective - While the cost of actually designing your email creative can be comparable to direct mail, the big savings start when you consider there are no printing costs and you can get your message delivered for around two pence per recipient. It's immediate - Email generates an immediate response, instead of waiting for a subscriber to visit your site you can get your message to them when it counts.
It's completely measureable - More than any other form of marketing, email can provide actionable data on the results it generates. We employ groundbreaking new software to manage all aspects of your email marketing campaign.
Whether you want a one-off mailshot, the odd promotion, or a full-featured weekly newletter, we can take away the pain of email marketing, and help bring you closer to your customers. Have you ever invested valuable time and money creating a great email marketing campaign, only to be let down by the "after-sales service"? We'll provide you with your own reporting system account so you can log in and see a comprehensive range of results on each campaign we send when it suits you. Campaign SnapshotOur campaign snapshot lets you easily gauge the results of the campaign from a single page.
Opens Over TimeOur simple Opens Over Time Report shows exactly who is checking out your email, how many times they're doing it, and when they did it.
Recipient ActivityOur recipient activity report lets you get down to some serious detail on your campaign. Link ActivityThe Link Activity Report makes it easy to guage what your subscribers are interested in.
Forward to a FriendBy including a forward to a friend link in your campaign, you can easily see which subscribers are forwarding your email and who they're forwarding to. Unsubscribes and Subscriber Complaints Over TimeWhile we automatically process all unsubscribe requests and spam complaints for you automatically, the Unsubscribes and Complaints Over Time reports makes it easy to see exactly who, when and why each subscriber left your list. Bounce ActivityAs well as automatically processing any bounced emails for you, we also tell you exactly why that subscriber bounced out of your list.
Bounces Over TimeIt can sometimes take days for a recipient's mail server to let us know your email to them bounced. With over three billion email accounts open worldwide, numbers are showing that email marketing is a viable strategy to target and captivate potential customers. How do you make your email stand out from an inbox that receives an average of 112 emails per day? With election day coming up, we wanted to celebrate the occasion with a patriotic infographic on email marketing. This is a good way to use an infographic as a visual explanation instead of a bullet list in text for a blog post. They had some great data about the growing number of email accounts, but they didn’t include that in the infographic.
Timeplots has launched a new infographic poster, The Visual History of the United States House of Representatives.

The poster also visualizes the balance of power for each two-year Congress by party, and compares it to the Senate and the President from the same time period.
Nathaniel Pearlman, Founder and President of Timeplots, agreed to answer a few behind-the-scenes questions about designing the poster. Cool Infographics: What software applications were used to help analyze the data and create the design?
Nathaniel Pearlman: So far we have programmed our information graphic prints in the R language and done the final design pass in Illustrator.
Nathaniel Pearlman: For the House poster, it took us a while to come up with a compelling central graphic. The Supreme Court yesterday upheld the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, in a landmark 5-4 decision.
Individual Mandate: Obamacare requires that all Americans carry health insurance or face an annual penalty. Medicaid Expansion: As the original Act is written, the PPACA would require states to expand Medicaid support or risk having their entire Medicaid federal funding cut off.
Obviously, this design is promoting a specific opinion, but we’re here to discuss the infographic design itself. The sizes of the circles in the Cost of Obamacare section are close, but not quite accurately representing the dollar figures shown. The states that have filed lawsuits would be easier to understand if the colored states were still placed within the map of the U.S. Need a copyright statement and the URL to the original infographic landing page for readers that find the infographic posted on the Internet to be able to find the original. Eric Reeves is Professor of English Language and Literature at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. Email marketing is far from dead, according to ExactTarget’s 2014 State of Marketing report. Marketing, advertising, communications & public relations trends, statistics, charts, graphs, infographics, presentations, and video that are not published to the e-Strategy Internet Marketing Blog or to eStrategy TV. David Erickson, VP of Online Marketing at Minneapolis Public Relations firm, Karwoski & Courage.
When you show up during their search, you want to be ready by giving value and sharing a gift.
If you have a topic that exceeds 600+ words, consider converting that into an eBook instead.  Diteba Research Laboratories implemented this idea and soon they saw a 3x increase in conversion rate.
Why not record one that will be useful for your target audience and give that as your offer? This could be in the form of videos (highly suggested) or just an email series your leads will receive for their first 5 days. Perhaps as a marketer you could share “the 6 most important things to do in your next blog post” checklist.
Five effective tips that will help improve your email marketing conversion rates while generating quality leads for your business. Based on research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association in the US, email marketing has returned over $50 for every dollar spent in recent years. Keep track of who opened your email and when, what topics they were interested in, who forwarded it on to a friend, how many sales were generated and much more. Easily see who opened your email, who clicked a link, who forwarded it to a colleague, and much more. Find out how many recipients opened your email, clicked a link, unsubscribed, forwarded your email to a friend and loads more. You can get an overview for the life of the campaign or drill down all the way to minute by minute detail.
Not only can you see the total number of clicks for every link in your email, you can also find out who clicked that link, when they clicked it and how many times.

Maybe we got an out of office reply, or perhaps their mailbox was full - whatever the reason, they didn't get your email and we'll tell you why. The Bounces Over Time report explains any sudden spikes in your bounce numbers and lets you drill down to exactly who bounced out of your list, and when. Our subscriber reports let you easily keep track your subscriber activity from a month-to-month level right down to each and every minute. This report includes new subscribers, those that have bounce out and are no longer valid, those that have unsubscribed as well those you have manually deleted yourself.
If stats citing click-through rates for 2011 are accurate, only 22 of those emails are opened, leaving the other 90 emails to become unopened, or worse, marked as spam (a four-letter word that strikes fear into the hearts of email marketers).
We were looking for something visually arresting from a distance, but that captured the key patterns in the data. The federal government is effectively compelling individual citizens to enter a market, which is a clear violation of the Commerce Clause of the Constitution. These attacks have been only fitfully condemned by the international community, and no effective action has been taken to halt them. Reeves has published an extensive report and makes his Excel data file available to everyone on his site, so I’ll keep my comments focused on the unique challenges we faced when designing the infographic.
He has spent the past twelve years working full-time as a Sudan researcher and analyst, publishing extensively both in the US and internationally.
Instead, 68% of respondents to the survey say that email marketing is core to their business; by comparison, 46% say the same about social. The only way to pull your audience into your email marketing campaign is to provide them with an offer, or free gift, they can use that will solve a problem. You can share immense value in just a few pages that starts the relationship building process with your new subscriber through an email marketing campaign strategy. Because if your free stuff was good, just imagine the type of value you’re offering with the paid. Put this information into a step by step guide that showcases your company’s awareness and understanding of the issues, while offering the solution. Sticking to an email marketing campaign strategy will help you attracts potential clients in to view more of your content. To put this in perspective, that's more than double the average return for other forms of online marketing and more than 6 times the return from print catalogues.
You can even search for a specific subscriber to see exactly what they did with your email. You can even search for a specific recipient to see exactly why your email to them bounced.
The Supreme Court ruled that this was constitutionally valid as within Congress’ taxing power. He has testified several times before the Congress, has lectured widely in academic settings, and has served as a consultant to a number of human rights and humanitarian organizations operating in Sudan.
With 88% of respondents saying that email currently – or eventually will – produce ROI, email is set for a spending increase. You can clearly see the ebb and flow over time of ideological overlap between the parties – and how they are at such loggerheads now. As part of the study, marketers assessed the effectiveness of the various email lifecycle marketing campaigns they engage in. I would also love to hear from your audience what they would like to see, and we are always looking for collaborators, if someone would like to work with us on a project that they care about.

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