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These are designed to offer clarity, good practice and a launchpad for further discussion around the marketing tool known as Native Advertising. Communicating with clients, both existing and potential, is an ever-evolving and complex undertaking for companies and their marketing teams. One of the trends that could change the face of the Internet is the increasing use of ad blocking software. Whilst this technology is not new, the web seems to have reached a tipping point where frustrated users are jumping the technical hurdles in larger numbers to filter out online ads. On September 4 2015, the Department of Trade and Industry gazetted the draft Marketing, Advertising and Communications (MAC) Sector B-BBEE Charter, which, once regulated, will apply to all South African businesses that derive more than 50% of their profits from advertising, public relations and communications services.
The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) 68 of 2008 is explicit in providing for the rights of consumers to restrict unwanted direct marketing and to exercising this right free of charge. This email marketing benchmark report was conducted by Everlytic, a marketing software company that manages campaigns and communication across email and mobile channels.
The IAB SA and Endcode have responded to an IAB SA member query with regard to cold calling by an investment company. We are excited to announce updates to our Spring 2016 Two-Day IAB Leadership Session held June 7-8 in NYC. Nowadays there are many voices around us telling us that email is dead for marketing purposes, however, no one conceives doing a promotional campaign without including email marketing campaign, to contact clients or our newsletters subscribers. It is important knowing that a good email marketing campaign must be done through an efficient email supplier. Once you have chosen the tool you want to use, we must say that before “kicking off” on the email marketing campaign, we should take into account many aspects in order to obtain the best results.
In that precise moment… You should know the best moment for our readers to read the email.
Always Group is an International Company providing tailor made solutions for brands and companies and we own, develop and manage sports marketing rights.
This website uses its own cookies, analysis and third parties cookies with the purpose of improving and obtaining data of your use of the website. Being able to categorize your subscribers into appropriate ‘lists’ is very vital for successful email marketing.
To enhance your chances of success, you need to ensure that your emails are as intuitive and reader-friendly as possible. Most professional email marketing services allow you to keep track of your email marketing campaigns.

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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The report presents hard data in the form of open rates, click-to-open rates, click rates, and complaint rates, and many more metrics targeted towards a South African audience. While they aim to simplify concepts and provide examples it remains cognisant that our market evolves quickly and the lifespan of these guidelines are likely to last a year whereupon it will be updated. Hardly had online advertisers started to become accustomed to online marketing when they had to start getting their heads around communicating on a vast array of social media platforms. If we try to do a campaign using our usual server, it is very probable that our emails will end up in our destiny’s SPAM box, or even worse, our server may end up in a “Black List”. The first 4 words are the ones that the reader will take into account to decide whether he opens the message or not.
If we achieve that the reader opens our email, he will decide in less than one second whether he pays attention to it or not. We must seduce our reader to obtain our results, give him valuable information, as well as being direct.
There is no sense sending a very cared mail, that catches the reader’s attention, if we don’t achieve our goal afterwards. Generally, the best days for an email marketing campaign are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 10am to 12pm, but you should evaluate it by yourself with your analytics tools. Even though the mailing tools available care a lot that there mails do not end up in the SPAM boxes, if we have a wrong behaviour when sending them, we might be detected as SPAM. It might seem heavy, but they are some rough guidelines that will ensure a great success in your campaigns. Creating proper lists allows you to send targeted messages to each category of subscribers. Keep your designs simple and avoid the temptation to clutter your emails with animations and images. For example, you can monitor how many times your email gets opened and the number of readers who click through to your site.
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Whenever a new avenue of marketing communication opens up, the same question arises: how do you measure how effective you are?
Therefore, the most advisable thing to do is using tools specially made for these campaigns. It is also important to remember that our clients usually block the images attached to the message, so we must try not to use them as much as possible. Follow the advice that these tools normally give you, such as always including a sender, its contact details, the reason of the campaign, etc.) and always comply your country’s law.
It would be pointless to invest your money and time in a strategy which would not bring any returns. Therefore, you need to choose the email design and list management service that is the best fit for your business. For instance, some subscribers might want to receive industry news, while others might be interested in special packages or offers.
Having this information will enable you to improve your email marketing strategy for better results. Never use words such as Free, Gift, you are 1 million reader, as well as interrogation or exclamation marks. Sending out newsletters only makes sense if it enhances customer loyalty and attracts prospects.
You need to ensure that these two categories of subscribers only receive information which interests them. If you want your subscribers to read further, you can offer a link to a longer post in your website or blog.
You should take care that more than 50% of the emails are opened on mobile devices, such as cell phones or tablets, so we should ensure that our email marketing campaign has a responsive design.
Finally, remember to use an email design template which is compatible with different mobile devices and web browsers.

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