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Find Your Web Email Contacts prompts users to enter the email address and password for their account on one of many supported email services including Hotmail, Yahoo, and apparently Google, despite Facebook’s recent clashes with the search giant over data portability and contact sharing. Those who have a Facebook account associated with one of the selected email addresses will see a Recommended Page sidebar module. Those without a Facebook account connected to a selected email address receive an email stating “Check out [Page name]. The Tell your Fans tool will make it significantly easier to start a successful Page from scratch. By my count, the name “Silverpop” appears 9 times in this email, if you include the subject line (“Silverpop Webinar: 10 Email Marketing Ideas You Can’t Ignore”). Studies show that emails often get read at a mere glance, usually in the preview pane, and so one of the most effective ways to ensure that key messages, and reasons to attend the Webinar, are highlighted, is to break the copy into bullet points that spell out those learning benefits. This entry was posted in B2B Marketing, Branding, Campaign Strategy, Content marketing, Demand Generation, E-mail, email design, email marketing, Graphic Design, Interactive Design, lead generation, Webinar Invitations, Webinars and tagged silverpop, Webinar best practices, webinar campaigns, Webinar Invitations, webinar promotion, webinar strategy, Webinar success, Webinar tips, Webinars on July 12, 2013 by Howard Sewell.
That said, here is the ironic thing – this Webinar had the highest number of registrations of any Webinar in the 13-year history of Silverpop. You can receive all new posts on Flipboard, by adding us to your RSS feed, or by following Spear on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.
As I have often lectured in this space, much of what makes for an effective email has less to do with deliverability, mobile compatibility, social media functionality, and all the technical bells and whistles that most people fret about, and more about basic direct response principles such as a strong subject line and a compelling offer.
As an example, see the email below from Novell (via Ziff Davis) inviting the reader to a free Webinar.

On a positive note, the headline “Technical Expert shows how to slash 50% off enterprise Linux support” highlights the key selling point, albeit in a confused way (I think it’s the cost of the support that’s being slashed, not the support itself.) Date, time, and call to action are all prominent and above the fold.
By all means imply that doing business with your company is the way to realize the benefits described in the invitation. This entry was posted in B2B Marketing, Demand Generation, direct marketing, E-mail, lead generation and tagged b2b demand generation, b2b lead generation, B2B Marketing, email design, email marketing, Webinar best practices, webinar invitation, Webinar Invitations, Webinar tips, Webinars on July 21, 2009 by Howard Sewell. Contacts can be imported directly from supported email web services or uploaded through a contact file.
Earlier this year, Facebook began allowing users to send app and game invitations to their email contacts.
It’s currently unclear what Pages qualify as new or small enough to use the tool, but in our testing a Page with 21,000 Likes that has existed for years still had access.
Upload a Contact File lets admins use a flash uploader to choose an Outlook, Constant Contact, .csv, or other contacts file. This is much less direct and prominent than the Page Suggestions users get from friends which appear on their Requests Page and the Requests panel of the home page’s right sidebar. It should lower the apprehension of businesses and other organizations about making the move to Facebook because they will be able to use their existing contact resources. Again, Page admins should not currently count on the feature to help them grow their Like counts.
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Sewell is president of Spear Marketing Group and a B2B marketing veteran with more than 25 years' experience in direct marketing, demand generation and lead management.
DDW has designed a number of email templates and graphics for use in eNewsletters, event invitations, holiday greetings, and promotions. To ensure admins know what they’re sending, they must view a preview of the invitation before being allowed to send the invitations. Admins of Pages often purchase advertising to further grow their audience, so each additional Page that’s created or grown large enough to advertise because of Tell your Fans represents potential revenue for Facebook. Every Emma account comes with our collection of invitation email templates, each hand-crafted with love by our designers to stand out in the inbox. Our invitation email templates are optimized to look great on mobile devices, smartphones and tablets of all sizes. We make sure that your email campaign renders correctly on any device your audience uses.??Not yet a customer? Sign up for Emma today for unlimited access to these invitation email templates, plus our standard collection of 100+ readymade and seasonal designs.

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