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Direct Email Marketing is a low-cost, high-impact method for expanding your supporter base and increasing follow through in your communications.
In today’s crowded email marketing space, email design matters almost as much as content. Are you trying to communicate with your supporters on important advocacy and policy issues?
A big thank you to Bree Robbins, Top Dog at Queensland’s #1 Doggy Day Care, Paddington Pups for sending this to me, she knows I love cool stuff like this!
One thing I am confident in is that our tam can tackle the Electronics Design part fo that equation.

Novo manual da serie de lideranca em marketing distribuido da Sapeio Creating Effective Integrated Email Campaigns at the National and Local Level (Creating effective integrated email campaigns at the national and local), shows that with a program coordinated e-mail marketing, the performance is optimized in local and enterprise levels. First, I understand email overload, but I also know there are email management tips that work. The most important things from an engineering perspective is to be clear about what you want. I have experience designing email templates that are both pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate, opening correctly across web and desktop email programs. With 25%+ CTRs, I can communicate your campaigns successfully to new and old supporters alike.

In general the technical solution to a problem is usually achieved, but market success depends on many other factors than just the design.
Split testing allows you to hone in on the most effective messaging to make the largest impact. Recent informaiton from the Victorian Centre for Innovation indicated that a new product’s success depended 2% on the engineering design 98% of the business model.

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