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Do you want to promote an event, project or campaign to businesses in the South East of England?
An email marketing campaign can be a fast, cost-effective and measurable way of achieving your communication objectives. Your relationship with your customers or clients is build trust and communication, like any relationship.
Having a relationship with your customers means you know who they are on a personal level.  It starts with gaining an understanding of who your customers are, what their needs are, what struggles they experience, and what success looks like for them. Being clear and direct in your emails to your customers only strengthens your relationship. Another great way to strengthen customer relationships is to ensure that your customers know you value them.
Note: As many of you know, CASL, Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, came into effect July 1st, 2014.

Are you interested in gathering survey responses from a particular sector of the business community?
We can offer a variety of digital marketing solutions to help you deliver engaging and relevant content to the audience that matters most to you. Send your customers highly relevant content that satisfies their needs and interests and solves their pains. When they sign up to receive emails from you, tell them exactly what they can expect to receive from you. All email addresses you send to must be permission-based, meaning the subscribers specifically opted-in to receive your communications. The more you know about your customers, the better equipped you’ll be to provide them with the content they’re looking for. By rewarding your customers with exclusive content, information, discounts, etc., you deepen the relationship you have with them.

CASL allows for what they call “implied consent,” where you have a business relationship that would require contact. You will start to see how much this can strengthen the relationship you have with your customers. For example, customers, clients, donors, supporters, volunteers or members of an organization from within the past two years.
When you send emails, make sure you tell subscribers what you want them to do with a clear call to action. They also allow you to mail to addresses that are published on websites, as long as there’s nothing saying not to send email.

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