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It is probably no big news to you that having an effective email marketing campaign is a huge advantage for any business. Either if you are starting a new business and building an email list from scratch or you have an existing email list, your goal should always be to obtain and build on the contacts you have in your database.
As with any advertising, it is essential to know as much as possible about your target audience.
Unless your business is incredibly unique, there are similar enterprises which are competing for the same consumers.
With the huge amount of emails and other communication facing people every day, it is easy for your email marketing material to get buried. Key Takeaway: Now that you have seen some of the important focal points in designing an effective email marketing campaign, you should have a better idea of a few elements that lead to great results. Here are 10 social tips that also work with email marketing as well as how both channels can learn from one another. Maybe you treat them differently dependent on where they came from, but it’s important to make it clear from the beginning with what they should expect. There’s a lot of discussion on how imagery can significantly increase social media engagement.
The standard email image rules apply: make sure your alt image text is clear, engaging and clearly legible in image-off tests.
Humans are visual creatures, which means a clothing company actually showing you the clothes increases the odds of you clicking and buying.
On our team, we sometimes use GIFs and static images to support the action we want the user to take in order to improve their experience. We also use images (typically GIFs) to not only showcase the product or feature, but to generally impress people and get them excited and talking. One of the biggest draws of social media for brands is its ability to connect them with their customers on a personal, one-to-one level. The companies that are serious about social aren’t just posting messages on the fly as they think of them (aside from responding to and engaging with followers, of course). Sometimes you just need to establish yourself as a leader in the space by providing good content and by educating your subscribers about your area of expertise.
Speaking of selling, there’a plenty to talk about how to track social media’s ROI in business. It’s easy to get caught up in content creation, list management and just staying afloat rather than spending time analyzing what is and isn’t working.
When a brand first starts using social, it can take a while to find its “voice.” It usually boils down to the way your followers interact with your brand. For the most part, the link you include in your social post or your email will still require further action.
Dependent on your organization, you may have a whole team dedicated to creating your landing pages, or you may do it all yourself.
If you’re creating a beautiful, descriptive email but the place you’re sending the end user is cluttered, gross and confusing, you’re setting yourself up for failure. So if the entire marketing team sits at your desk, you’re in good shape to find these cross-media connections yourself.
Sprout Social is an advanced, collaborative social media management platform for teams of all sizes. When social media turned up the art of email marketing took a back seat with many marketers.
People will almost shoot you down about how Facebook trumps email marketing, and that email marketing is old school. I have written for many major bloggers like Pat Flynn, Problogger, Jay Baer, Social Fresh etc. The only reason I wouldn’t simply go just plain text is because you must be able to track progress. Jeff talks more about headlines here in his article 10 Awesome Headlines that Drive Traffic and Attract Readers.
If someone volunteers their email to you, the least you can do is to make that act of trust worthwhile for them. If your blog posts are short, over deliver on the email side of things, or else folks will go elsewhere to get something meaty. I have a question: Would you say a newsletter like this will have a lower open rate because of the pictures & links?
This is very helpfull article regarding email marketing works, We are following the rules what ever you suggested and now we are getting good result. Email marketing is one of the most affordable and effective ways to consistently engage customers and prospects.
But to ensure their message is read and distributed, brands need to focus on improving three important metrics: open rates, click-through rates, and forwards. The open rate is a percentage of the number of recipients who opened your email from a given list. In an experiment, entrepreneur Neal Taparia found that he could increase his email reach by 54.7 per cent by resending the exact same email to recipients who had not yet opened his original message. Your subscribers fall into different categories, which means they all have different interests and needs.
By segmenting your email lists, you increase the likelihood that the messages you send to recipients are interesting and relevant to them.
As soon as you establish a set time to deliver your email each week or month, stick to that schedule so recipients know when to expect your message. Avoid ambiguity in your email content and share one clear reason why subscribers should click your CTA or link. When the town of Enfield, CT added a video to their email blast, they experienced a 28 per cent increase in click-throughs. Reference the link you want subscribers to click multiple times within your email to increase your CTR.
Even though emails are a fairly private way to communicate information, most brands appreciate when subscribers forward their emails to friends or share their email on social media. Since emails feel private, some recipients may be hesitant to share your email with others. Some emails are standalone pieces of content that do not include a link for subscribers to click. A select group of marketers believe the practice of encouraging recipients to "Forward this email to a friend" is dead.
Like any other marketing channel, email requires relentless optimization to improve customer engagement rates.
This post originally appeared on the Salesforce Canada blog and is republished with permission. Email marketing is one of the most effective tools that a marketer can employ to enhance brand acquaintance, leads, and bring in customers.
You should optimize your email marketing permission by having a closer look at the opt-in method of your addresses.
Considering mobile optimization is essential because on a mobile device, emails can be read everywhere and everytime, thus you should personalize your email newsletter for mobile devices and tablets as well. At last, chances are high that even if you just think about one of the five tips described above, you will enhance your results and increase your sales. If you are new to the world of email marketing, the whole thing might seem confusing and more than a bit overwhelming. Building a lead generation web presence with specific calls to action that add value to a possible visitor to your site will generate new leads by them filling out a form with a specific offer. Successful email marketing campaigns do not utilize a shotgun approach and simply throw out a message hoping to connect with interested consumers. Your advertising and your business must present some special message that stands out from your competitors.
Aside from signing up via an opt-in form, most people who wind up on your list(s) didn’t explicitly ask for content.
Tell your audience how often they’ll hear from you, what they’ll hear about and basically why it benefits them to stay on your list. If you ignore this and do less with more, your call-to-action (the goal) gets buried and you confuse your audience. It’s never good to confuse readers or give them too much to think about when you want people to click your CTA buttons. Here, we show people exactly where to look for the trial extension button once they’re in the app. Joe LeKostaj, Director of Email Marketing at Sprout Social, explained how marketers need the data around them to stay relative in the fast-paced world of information. Rather than sending batch-and-blast style emails to everyone on your list, try sending emails reactively that are relevant to an action they just took.

This is so much more than your auto-generated “Thanks for following – click here for more info!” message.
The last thing you want to do is send an email that says “Hey there, Big Fat Test Account!” But if your idea of personalization is using their first name, it’s time to step your game up. They have well-thought-out strategies with planned posts scheduled across their various profiles. As you grow and develop different buckets of users dependent on their stage in the funnel, you need to know the recurring and one-off messages planned for those audiences.
Even more so, you shouldn’t sell something in every tweet and the same thing applies to email. But the benefits you’ll see from setting and tracking goals for individual emails (and for your email paths as a whole) will prove those efforts to be extremely worthwhile. The email or post itself is only creating enough interest to start the process—but not complete it.
But as you spend more time with each and understand them better, you’ll realize how similar social and email marketing are and that they could actually learn a lot from each other.
If not, break down those silos and see what your team is doing that might work for you too. But what usually happens is that people get discouraged with their low open rates and then turn to social media. It’s just a cheap way to let people know that you exist, but it’s not the best way for traffic or introduction of your company. Something that will either inspire them, make them money, save them money, save them time, save them pain etc.
You may make better profit with the images in all your emails, but if you’re looking for higher open rates, it’s got to go. I write about email building because it’s the greatest way to reach out to customers and increase profits. I learned this message with my old blog, and decided to go with three, 2500 word posts on my new blog. Some with shorter emails will use questions, or a quick How To tutorial, to make their point. We apply an email marketing model at Deloitte Africa which is based on the advice you provide in your article and we have had tremendous success with this approach.
Below, we define each metric, highlight its importance, and describe strategies to improve your current stats.
It is also an indicator of how much your subscribers may actually care about the content you send them.
Email marketing expert Noah Kagan modified Taparia's approach by changing his subject line and emailing recipients again one week later, increasing his opens by 30 per cent. To increase your open rate, marketing expert Lauren Hall-Stigerts recommends, "Land your email in your recipient's inbox when they're looking at it." Schedule your emails to deliver during times when subscribers actively check their inbox and when there may be less competition from other brands for reader mindshare. In fact, research from MailChimp reveals that segmented campaigns have a 13.07 per cent higher open rate than non-segmented campaigns. Because many unsolicited emails carry viruses or promote illicit activities, email programs automatically filter messages that appear to deceive and scam readers. Content strategist Jamie Wedge advises, "Make sure that you give your email a purpose--and stick to it.
And because mobile users are a fickle audience, you need to ensure your emails load quickly and are easy to read on smartphones and tablets.
Research shows video email marketing is on the rise and has a 280 per cent higher rate of return than traditional emails.
In longer emails, multiple CTAs give readers the option to click-through at the beginning, middle, or end of your email--whenever they are convinced they want more information from you. For Marketing Land, Tom Sather describes email forwards as "not only a good indicator of interest from your subscribers, but also their friends and family.
Therefore, invite them to forward your message to their family members, followers, and friends. In those instances, you may want to replace your standard CTA with a "Forward to a friend" prompt. To reach a bigger audience organically, they recommend including custom social sharing links in each email.
Using industry averages, companies can benchmark how well their campaigns perform against their peers.
He also leads marketing for Receiptful, a platform to supercharge all customer interactions for eCommerce stores, and Tenfold, a seamless click-to-dial solution for high-performance sales teams. Make sure you understand who you are sending emails to and what type of content they are likely to be receptive to.Split your email list into targeted segments so you can deliver content to a more specific audience. Read SEO Tips, SEM Tips, SMO Tips, SMM Tips, Email Marketing Tips & Affiliate Marketing Tips. But, it is not sufficient to just deliver promotional emails, you are required to send impressive, conversion-optimized messages. Does an absolute opt-in make sense or do you want to send diverse themed email newsletters? One cause for this is the fact that the involvement in brand or products decreases over time, which is general. Even if you are a veteran of many campaigns, you may be disappointed by lukewarm results from your past efforts. Now that I’ve made myself sound older than I am, let’s talk about how these two (just like Marcia and Jan—of course, Marcia gets top billing) are a lot more alike than you may realize.
These people likely purchased a product or service, downloaded a whitepaper or started a trial with your organization. But to a writer or marketer, that’s one of the best things about Twitter—it teaches you to really challenge yourself to be as succinct as possible. Get to the point without making anyone have to think too much about what you’re saying or what you want them to do. However, emojis are a bit more universal and they can really make your subject line pop in the inbox. These methods—which require a delicate approach—involve brands inserting themselves into trending topics on social media.
If you do need to send batch-and-blast, segment appropriately with different language and CTAs—depending on who they are.
Somewhere, you’re tracking when they last bought, what they last bought, how many team members are on their account, what their interests are, etc.
In fact, Sprout’s own Social Media Manager Darryl Villacorta explained why it’s important to have a clear view of what’s going out, to whom and when. Otherwise, when your events team wants to send out an invite, you could wind up burying or interfering with a more direct revenue driver that’s scheduled to go out to the same group. Branding efforts have always been harder to analyze, but that’s why tools like Sprout Social help you do just that. I was making my messages personal, by collecting data about the web behavior of my visitors. Social media fads have come and gone (like Myspace), but one thing has never changed, they (social media) will always be asking for your email to register.
People would rather see what junior had for lunch than to buy your eBook for $9.99 on Facebook.
You can still apply those things mentioned in those earlier post, but as Google gets smarter, so should we. Say things like, “ Hey it’s been 2 weeks since you join the list and I’m so excited to tell you about……” You know, something like that.
It doesn’t work and it’s why Mailchimp has almost completely shut down affiliated marketing within their services. Short and sweet can work nicely, but only post short emails if your blog posts are thorough.
While this strategy does not take each email's open rates into consideration, the results are what matter more. To create urgency, which encourages subscribers to open your email as soon as they see it, try different subject line formats.
First is a simple formula: the number of people who clicked a link within the email divided by the total number of email recipients. Develop one clear message with a clear CTA and you'll be much more likely to engage with the reader and encourage click-throughs. Otherwise, you risk recipients deleting your message because it is too frustrating to read; they may also archive it to read later, but forget about it entirely. When Strong Women Strong Girls, an organization that helps find women to mentor young girls, linked to their CTA twice in an email, they saw a 30 per cent lift in CTR.
Not to mention those recipients are more likely to open the email since it's being sent by someone they know." Email forwards and shares are one of the best ways to grow your audience because your subscribers help expand the reach of each of your marketing and sales messages.

If your email contains an exclusive discount or offer, give recipients permission to share it with a handful of people they know.
For example, emails containing event information with an open invite should include a "Forward to a friend" CTA to increase the number of attendees.
This is likely to be more effective than blanket-emailing everyone on your contacts list.Always get permission from people before adding them to your email list.
It is simpler for your recipients to select what they want to obtain and adjust the frequency as well as layout in a suitable way. Unluckily, many inactive users are made from the starting because no coherent communication has been developed. Dynamic content provides date, place, time, and selection based particular images and content in your email, based on when, where and on what device your email is opened and what your intended audience chooses.
Fortunately, the list that follows highlights elements that will help boost positive responses to you email marketing campaign. Down the line after seeing all the great work your organization does, these leads have the possibility to purchase or request your services. This is done by knowing things like how old they are, where they live, where they work, and where they play. Layout, color combinations, company logo usage, and language are among the factors which must be considered.
But with everything businesses know about their customers in the big data world, there’s no reason email shouldn’t be just as popular and even more powerful.
This way, if you fail (you’re going to fail, and that’s OK), it will at least teach you something. You’re lucky if 10% of your fanpage even see your next post, that’s without a link by the way.
I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s better to use the tool for what it’s made for and that’s to connect and remind. Sunday, 3am in the morning, with a message stating “You have received $10,000 from Jeff Bullas” never made anyone mad. Unless you’d rather have a corporation feel over open rates, I would remove the header and logos. You can do affiliate marketing within your email, but you will see your open rates go down eventually. We follow up with persons who show interest in the content with an offer to meet or send them related articles.
By resending the same email to subscribers who ignored your previous send, you get more people opening your emails without having to create an entirely new message. Second is the number of people who clicked a link divided by the number of people who opened an email as part of a campaign. Create emails that are mobile-friendly and remember to test them on different devices before you hit send.
To prompt your audience to forward your email to a friend or share your email as a webpage, leverage these three tips. These tips will help your email campaigns get exposed to more people and exceed your goals. But, a secret for having proactive reader is to fix a voluntary dialogue instantly from the date of registration.
For example, a black mobile phone for men and one in white for women, varying product ideas as per the time at which the email is opened, particular recommendations on the basis of previous purchases, then no issue with dynamically produced content. Do you really know that your email or social program is performing well enough that it wouldn’t benefit from a complete overhaul? You either click or you ignore, delete, or unsubscribe (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). Many people turned away from email marketing to social media hoping for that silver bullet of success. So it may arrive in the inbox at first for awhile, but if the person doesn’t seem to be opening them, Google will eventually scoot you along to the other tabs.
Gorilla Doctors, a veterinary organization, also saw their CTR grow 30 per cent when they added a "Click to Read More" button within their email template. It’s time you leave the offline marketing approach behind and enjoy its brevity, efficiency and promptness.
Support and acquaint your readers from the beginning to reply to your emails, even if it is not for buying a product, then at least for the involvement in sweepstakes or sharing of content on social media. If a reader replies to your email whether he purchases your product or clicks on a particular product or topic, take over the reaction and create that way a history of behavior on your recipient.
Utilize everyone on the team because you don’t know it all and a hunch can prove to be very rewarding. I am excited that your thinking is consistent with mine as I published an article on the subject on LinkedIn this weekend! In most marketing campaigns, emails serve as a precursor for further information or materials.
So use it to effectively segment and deliver more tailored offers and topics to your customers. Senders typically include a call-to-action (CTA) in each email they want recipients to click. There are tons of ways to do this, but one approach is to ask people during the checkout process. You could use a popup, but be careful not to annoy people.Offer people something in return for signing up. If you want to get in front of a specific audience you’re better off asking to be included in an already established newsletter in your industry.ContentTailor your content to a specific audience for the best chance of engagement. This doesn’t mean you have to tailor your email to every individual recipient, but try to write it as if you were only sending it to one person.Be human.
If you talk like a soulless corporate robot they’re likely to switch off very quickly.Play to people’s emotions.
Refer to our guide on blog page formatting for more info on how to write for an online audience.Use imagery. In fact, I’d even think that they are applicable for other various forms of marketing. A bit of personalisation is fine, but if you overdo it it’s just a little bit creepy.Make sure your emails are properly branded. I personally think that the use of more context-aware and location-based marketing will become increasingly common, and it’ll be interesting to see how mobile email marketing can complement that.Keep up the good work! It can be a great way to fine-tune your email marketing efforts based on what your customers actually want.Subject lineThink carefully about your wording. Why would you want to shout at your lovely customers?Don’t use people’s names in the subject line. This is more of a personal gripe I suppose, but I find it a massive turn-off when brands do this.If you serve localised customers, personalise your subject line to the recipient’s town or city. For companies like Groupon, for example, this works really well.Make each subject line unique. Even if you send the same newsletter template out every week, make sure the subject line applies to the content within that specific email.Offer people something. Hard selling may turn people off but there’s nothing wrong with the promise of a genuinely good deal.
Test out a few different offers to see what works.There are certain words you should never use.
Do your own testing to see which questions work.Make sure your subject line is relevant to your content.
The only way you’re really going to know what works is by testing different subject lines and seeing what gets the most opens. But depending on your audience you might want to update people weekly or monthly.Be consistent. If you are going to have a weekly newsletter then make sure it really does go out every week. If people are waiting for it it’s not going to look good when it doesn’t show up.Don’t overdo it on the frequency.
Do some research to see when your audience is most receptive to emails and do your own tests to see which days and times get the best engagement.Managing your subscribersSend a welcome email to every new subscriber. Check for anything returned as undeliverable or any incorrect or non-existent email addresses, and remove them.Make it easy to unsubscribe.

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