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CondividiDa tempo ormai il web e inondato da parodie sulla rivalita tra i due colossi Apple e Samsung. Nell’ultima serie di pubblicita, Samsung adotta una tecnica di advertising decisamente irriverente prendendo di mira i nuovi prodotti Apple, senza perdere occasione di mettere in ridicolo il brand di Cupertino per far sventolare piu in alto la bandiera koreana della Samsung.? In occasione dell’ultimo keynote, i nuovi iphone6 e iphone6 plus sono stati i protagonisti. Il celebre caso di real time marketing ha fatto scuola ed in occasione del flop dello streaming Apple dell’ultimo keynote, Samsung non si e lasciata sfuggire l’opportunita. Che siate pro Apple o pro Samsung o, meglio ancora, nessuno dei due tutto cio dimostra che ormai non e piu un mero messaggio commerciale a premiare bensi l’epic content, la reattivita e l’immediatezza che sanno fare sarcasmo ed ironia.
Questo sito utilizza dei cookie, anche di terze parti, necessari al corretto funzionamento e secondo le finalita illustrate nella Privacy Policy Read More, dove trovi maggiori informazioni e anche indicazioni su come eventualmente negare il consenso a tutti o alcuni cookie. Content and knowledge in the past was trapped on film reels, photo albums, printed books and filing cabinets. To consume content required sitting down in front of a television, reading a book, opening a folder or finding a device plugged into a wall. Creating content was also clunky and it needed big bulky movie cameras, tape decks and pen and paper. Laptops gave content more freedom but without the web it was still hard to move. The advent of the web gave content more distribution power but the web was slow. Social media networks over the last 10 years have generated a lot of media attention and consumed our consciousness. How to use images to create exciting content, boost visibility on social media, and turn customers into brand advocates. You will discover the tools you need to be great at visual content, regardless of whether you are a small business or a massive brand. Register now. Unless you get the backing of the CEO and management to provide the resources including money, platforms and people then your success will be muted, not appreciated and ignored. The new frontier of digital marketing often means starting the journey with little proof of future success.
But there are some ways to create content efficiently in the new age of digital content marketing. Much innovation is occurring and new ideas are emerging all the time in how content can be created, optimized and distributed. Global business to consumer brands (B2C) such as Red Bull have publishing companies as subsidiaries, Big boring B2B brands such as General Electric are using photos and mobile sites like Instagram.
Niche industries such as Real Estate are using creative content and content hustling to drive traffic and create brand awareness. Even in the the news and publishing sector content marketing is challenging the stalwarts like the New York Times, Forbes and the Guardian .
Creation of unique content – Creating great original content is a time consuming challenge.
Curation – Curation is finding what content works in your niche and then collecting, curating and adding your own creativity and touch to the content.
Crowdsourced – People love to share their content, whether that is photos, images, videos or content that resonates with them. This means at a high level, understanding your target customers, deciding on what goals you want to achieve and creating and optimizing content across all your digital channels to achieve those goals. The other important way to gain understand is to see what content resonates with your readers. If you are serious you are going to need a digital marketing platform of some type or a collection of tools that work well together. For traffic – Traffic is the first thing before engagement so you need to learn about the art of headlines writing and making it easy for people to share your content.

Conversion – Converting traffic into an email subscriber and buyer means constant testing and experimentation. Search – Optimizing for search engines is a long term strategy that should start to be done from day one. Referral partnering with online influencers and websites – This tactic can lead to fast and accelerated traffic.
You will be measuring the success of your content marketing by monitoring website traffic, email subscriber rates and much more. Best of all, you’ll discover the tools you need to be great at visual content, regardless of whether you are a small business of massive brand. I really like the 5 pillars of successful content marketing and the parts I’m slow on or generating more traffic, sales , and opt ins. I agree with this, there is always a great tool and strategy on content marketing and this article proves that It is one of these. Marketing needs the constant vigilance and unique content because content is the key of sea or You do not have been thinking what happen in digital world now.
As such, businesses and brands have gone to great lengths to improve their content marketing game in the last year, and many companies have completely revamped their content marketing strategy.In fact successful companies’ online marketing practices are now entirely customer-centric, focused on presenting content that is interesting and informative and appropriately timed rather than sales-oriented material foisted on customers. Infatti non sono mancate battaglie legali come quelle riguardanti i brevetti e le certificazioni. Nel marketing si parla di “gattizzare” un passo falso, cioe saper cogliere l’occasione e sfruttarla a proprio vantaggio.
Chiudendo questo banner, scorrendo questa pagina o cliccando qualunque suo elemento acconsenti all'uso dei cookie. The more traditional the industry the bigger the opportunity but also the larger the doubt. It could be adding your own voice in the introduction and your take on the the original content. Writing content around their pain points will also allow you to find out what information they are really looking for.
Do you want to achieve brand discovery, engage, build followers and subscribers and achieve sales.
At the budget end of the spectrum you will be using a mix of cobbled together free tools that help you create, distribute and measure the success of your content marketing efforts. Here are some of the optimization strategies that need to be part of the content marketing best practice. It is indeed a paradigm shift in marketing that needs constant vigilance to be relevant in a digital world!
By “process” I mean the actual nuts and bolts of how you’re going to accomplish your content marketing. Its a content marketing application for entrepreneurs and professionals built to optimize its users activities across all social networks, blogs and other websites. Here’s a look at six companies with the best content strategies of 2014 and what you can learn from them.ChipotleChipotle, the Mexican grill company that offers burritos, tacos, and bowls, capitalized on the benefits of using videos for content marketing in the release of their 3 minute, 22 second short film in 2014.
Guardate le immagini e coglierete il genio del gruppo Saiwa che e riuscito a realizzare un tweet epico. It then became digital and started to be loaded onto mainframes, personal computers and hard drives. It wasn’t until smart mobile devices and fast 4G wireless networks became mainstream that content creation and its distribution exploded.
It requires continuous marketing, rather than just one off campaigns to realise its full benefits.

So creating digital content on your website, blog and other online assets is essential to optimizing for search engines. Print is dying, direct mail is too expensive and often ineffective and schmoozing at golf days is a waste unless you have more money than a sheikh with a harem of oil wells. The problem is that they have built their success on the old paradigms and you will have to work out a way to evangelize the people in power who will resource your efforts.
It is not about doing just a post every month and expect the sales to just happen. Hubspot recently posted a blog outlining 44 types of content that need to be considered in your creation efforts. They are using the tactics of the the fastest growing publishers and websites on the planet to produce and hustle their content. Before you either wait for the content to come to your mailbox, wait once a week or a day to see it on TV, or go to the Library. Social is really just the distribution network for video, text and images that take people through the sales process.
If you want to appear in search engines when people type in those key words and phrases then learn the art and science of search engine optimisation.
The new breed of online publishers that understand content marketing such as Buzzfeed and Upworthy are in the most part very clever curators that know how to publish and make it easy for content to be shared and go viral on social web.
Instead, the video was part of a broader content marketing campaign they named the “Scarecrow,” and is a mobile game and website in addition to a short film.Chipotle created both the film and game to bring light to the negative aspects of processed food, simultaneously naming Chipotle as a better, and more sustainable, option. The video has received more than 11 million views, and the game has received upwards of 400,000 downloads. Using multimedia, Chipotle advertised their product, connected with their customer base, provided something interesting and engaging, and created something that went viral.AirBNBAirBNB, the travel company that helps travelers connect with home and apartment owners for accommodations, improved their content marketing in two ways in 2014. First, like Chipotle, they created an awesome video, the difference being that AirBNB used the help of their customers, inviting them to create short clips showing a traveling piece of paper and to send the videos in to the AirBNB team. Once AirBNB had the clips, they created a short film, approximately four minutes long of paper airplanes, paper boats, origami, and other paper creations exploring the world. They not only created a film that inspires people to travel, they did so by engaging their customer base in a unique and interesting way.The second reason AirBNB has one of the most epic content marketing campaigns of the year is its unique neighborhood guides. While it’s often overlooked, social media is a crucial component of content marketing, and Qdoba did it right when they held a vote on their Facebook page.
The contest allowed customers to vote for their new favorite Qdoba queso.While a lot of companies hold votes or contests on their Facebook pages, Qdoba’s was particularly engaging as it showed the results in real time. In addition to the app, there’s also a site customers can access.Sure, the app is creative and clever, but its real brilliance resides in the fact that once a customer finds a public toilet, they can then rate it based on its sit-ability (if it’s a nice restroom), or if a person should opt to squat (if it’s not so nice) instead.
Filled with storytelling imagery and content evoking a lifestyle that includes Williams-Sonoma products,(bakeware, cookware, cutlery, kitchen organization products, etc.), taste provides customers with information about how to do everything from make brownies with raspberries to can your own tomatoes to smoke baby back ribs. The poster not only features the child pointing at the plane, but shows the plane’s real flight number as well as the destination that the plane is arriving from. The #lookup hashtag encourages people to share the campaign via social media, and the project in itself has got a lot of people talking. For elite content marketers, they’ve trained themselves and their organizations to live them everyday.

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