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Old methods of increasing employee engagement are giving way to some new ways to look at what keeps workers motivated.
Technical knowledge and ability are important but companies are also seeking employees who have soft skills.
Enhancing soft skills such as teamwork, communication and problem solving can set IT managers apart from others who lack people skills. Supervisors undermining your work or setting impossible expectations are some signs of workplace bullying. Developing a brand strategy guides a company through nurturing, protecting and growing one of its most valuable assets. FedEx has maintained a commitment to providing its employees with the support and resources they need to advance their careers. Ongoing professional development for their employees is one of the many reasons Sprint has continued to be successful.
Johnson & Johnson is highly committed to supporting professional development for its employees. Technology has changed the face of marketing to such an extent that the job descriptions, expectations and responsibilities of today’s marketing managers differ greatly from those of just a decade ago. Today’s marketers need to stay on top of trends and technology; they need to know how social media, search, video, conversions and analytics work in the marketing mix.
Future marketing managers should think in terms of the following broad-based skills that can be applied to different scenarios, in different industries, and for companies large and small.
In a 2010 survey by the American Management Association (AMA), a majority of executives responded that they need employees with solid critical thinking skills, but the current pool of workers has not sufficiently developed them. Future managers will approach marketing by thinking in terms of integrated, interconnected systems, and how they affect each other. Because technology will continue to advance and closely influence how marketing is accomplished, it will always be important for marketing managers to be tech savvy.
This is the Cycle of True Marketing, which I discuss at length in my book, The Accidental Library Marketer. Facebook Profit Funnel has 8 modules and has a good combination of video and pdf supplementary materials. Here are the module topics: Getting started and setup, Creating your irresistible lead magnet, Craftting Crazy Converting Landing Pages, Developing Outstanding Ad images, copywriting systems that sell, Ads manager practices, FB Targeting Mastery, Creating your Email Autoresponder Engine, plus special bonuses. Facebook Profit funnel is full of good material for those looking for help in Facebook advertising. Click below to grab your copy of Facebook Profit Funnel before the price goes up any further!
Don't Miss Any IM Reviews!Sign up for our email list and get access to a great list building course! Ever since traditional forms of advertising have started taking more of a backseat, businesses of all sizes are embracing digital marketing strategies to grow brand awareness, pull in revenue and create impact. According to the statistics collected from Kapost, website conversion rate is 6 times higher for those who’ve adopted content marketing strategy than those who haven’t & there is a whopping 75% increase in marketing qualified leads through content only.
Here are some essential content marketing tips that you should consider if you’re looking to boost your website conversion rates.
What you need to understand is that Panda (Google’s latest changes to its search algorithm), loves “High quality Pages” and sweeps off “Low Quality” content.
Creating high quality content should be on the top of your list because that’s the only thing that you can do to hook viewers and please Google at the same time. Do you know that an average customer is bombarded with hundreds of marketing pitches right from the start of the day till dawn? Often, business owners are completely ignorant of the fact that there’s a huge between creating content that educates readers & selling (advertising) content that sells to customers. A good example to explain the difference between both the types of content is – Let’s say you are an ecommerce business(XYZ online store) and you want to focus on writing content that strikes a chord with visitors in a way that it hits them emotionally and logically by being interesting & relevant.
Selecting the content wisely can be a daunting task but it is the most important thing to consider if you’re looking to attract customers through content marketing and improve your sales funnel. Do thorough Keyword research by including relevant search terms that can bring traffic relevant to the business domain you’re in.
You should plan your content strategy & implement it in such a way that it turns out to be successful in covering a wide range of different content types and in different forms.
Here, I’m describing the 6 popular types of web content that you can create to fulfil all your online marketing needs while boosting conversions as well. When we present data in a visually appealing form along with the text, the end result is an infographic – a powerful medium to present information and get eyeballs on your content. A case study guides customers as to how your product or service has helped your previous clients who’re associated with you. Blogs as you already know are a great way to express and voice your own opinions on the web and earn a lot of high quality traffic. Releasing press releases from time to time about the latest contracts you’ve signed up, or news about any latest activity or mergers etc is a great way to keep your customers informed about what’s happening in your business & popularise yourself in the process. Though it all boils down to gain actionable industry insights, you shouldn’t just stop there itself. Yes, even the most popular businesses put-in efforts to get their content right in front of their readers.
If you have a wide customer base, select multiple social media channels to promote your content.
Creating strict editorial guidelines around your content in terms of grammatical rules, tone, style, topic and pitching messages is extremely important if you want to please search engines. Just like you’re reaching out to the audience with your content, your target niche should also be keen to interact with you.

Planning a separate content strategy for each social channel will reduce the risk of losing out on conversions.
It is very important to ensure that the content you’re going to publish is search engine optimized before going live. Allowing customers to post comments, share valuable insights and vote for interesting news or stories about your brand will improve engagement to a great extent. Performing a content audit on your website to monitor your efforts is very important after you implement different strategies to create and promote your content. Analytics Metrics : Evaluate everything from bounce rate to average time spent on the overall site and individual webpages.
Guest Author: Sandeep Sharma holds a decade of experience in designing and developing user friendly responsive websites. Expanded more broadly to writing, a persona is a character representing the thoughts of a specific person. Regardless of any similarities with real people, living or dead, a persona is a fictional character. The persona also assumes a defined set of characteristics in the environment where he lives.
Because by understanding your audience and their hot buttons, you can craft more effective communications.
To put this in perspective, the average American spends 12 hours and 14 minutes with media per day! These attributes of a persona definition are posed as questions to help you understand your specific audience so you can create more effective marketing content and communications.
When answering these persona questions, be specific just like an actor has to prepare to be able to walk in someone else’s shoes.
A marketing persona is a fictional character that represents and communicates attributes of distinct set of people within a target market. Most importantly, even if you fit the target demographic for your offering, your priorities as a marketer aren’t the priorities of your customers. It’s tempting to view social media and SEO as two separate entities, but in our experience these two elements of digital marketing are interwoven. Using appropriate search terms in your social media posts helps users find your most relevant content and clearly spells out what’s being offered. Subscribe to receive notice of each new actionable marketing post delivered free, directly to your inbox.
Couldn't make it to Social Media Marketing World 2016?Get all the sessions with the SMMW16 Virtual Pass. The Actionable Marketing Guide participates in the following affiliate marketing programs to bring you great products and services. Critical thinking, or the ability to analyze situations or statements and determine their validity, is the foundation on which modern management professionals build their careers.
Projects can be simple or complex, short- or long-term, but in marketing, they are increasingly happening in quick response to social media opportunities and customer engagement.
They know the value of the vast amount of data available today, and are highly interested in what that data can reveal about consumer behavior, efficacy of various marketing approaches and more. From trade show displays to Twitter feeds, it’s vitally important to see how the relationships between all parts of the marketing plan work, and to manage them effectively. Customer engagement will occur in more ways, and competing for their attention will mean delivering the services and information they want, through user-friendly apps and relationship-building tools.
While it will be important to know how to leverage specific opportunities, marketers of the future will also need to acquire specific tactical marketing skills that can be applied to help their company reach its goals. Many people who have not studied marketing make the mistake of doing just a few of these steps, usually from the middle of this figure.
This in essence means converting website and blog traffic into sales, because traffic without lead generation and sales is pointless. By producing quality content, you’re expected to come up with something absolutely unique, valuable and interesting.
So, they end up mixing both in a wrong way which affects the overall content strategy and fails to serve any of the purposes. So, if you’re planning a blog, you can write something like how to choose a perfect outfit for a glamorous office party and within the content, you can include some links of semi-formal dresses your online store sells by keeping a short message like – XYZ store has an amazing collection for such parties & presenting it as if it is syncing with the content and not necessarily stuffed by you to advertise your product.
Always choose trending topics concerning your industry that are relevant enough to bring value to the target audience & in turn your business. Also, observe the landing pages for the keywords you select, see the metrics and figure out what is likely to work out for you.
Read this blog post on top 10 strategies for increasing visitors time on blog to get slight idea on writing an effective blog.
While writing a press release, be very specific and stick only to providing content in the form of news.
There’s no use to create endless content and perceive that it will bring you business online.
But when it comes to distributing and sharing content on social media, reaching out to people through a right social channel is very important.
In case you’re considering paid advertising campaigns, you have to be very specific about what you want to do and what channel will bring the maximum returns on your investment.
The new Panda 4.1 algorithm update by Google will take this into account while weeding out poor quality content from the search results. In other words, you need to carve out a viable content strategy in such a way that it sparks two-way conversations. Leverage the craze of people being connected all the time & cash their habit to your benefits.

This is because while posting tonnes of content, you often don’t realize that traffic is bouncing back off your website.
You really give a thorough guide for creating content and I’m going to share this with my clients. Personally, I believe in the value of good content promotion to bring quality traffic to the blog. It’s in this role that personas have been borrowed and adapted for marketing purposes, especially in light of the explosion of information, channels and devices. With the explosion of social media, content marketing and mobile (or connected) devices, you need a marketing persona. To better target their marketing messages, direct marketers have used customer acquisition and past buying behavior data to better understand their audience in terms of demographics, psychographics and interests. Therefore, you need to do your homework to provide the information they need and want before they realize it. Consider spouse, children, parents, friends, boss, co-workers and social media connections. I've just returned from San Diego where I presented a workshop session on Blogging at Social Media Marketing World 2016. Here, we’ll review five essential skills that every future marketing manager should develop. Future marketing managers will need to sharpen their project management skills in order to lead their teams and accomplish their objectives.
The best managers also know how to look beyond the data and pick up on trends and patterns that can lead to better, more successful marketing efforts. So while marketing managers will depend on technology innovators to create the tools, they must be familiar with what consumers want and how best to deliver it. But true marketing, which is much more effective than bits of hit-or-miss, is a process that starts with market research and continues in a never-ending cycle. Maker has been very thorough in Facebook Profit Funnel as he takes you through the process of learning Facebook marketing. To rank amongst the High quality pages and get rewarded by Google with a lots of organic traffic, hire domain specific experts to get fresh content for your website and focus on consistently posting relevant stuff that sparks interest amongst the potential customers. You have to do something unique to “stand apart” and spark interest in your content while gradually monetizing without sounding like advertising. You can use WordPress – one of the best content publishing frameworks to set up a blog for your business. You have to voice your opinions and earn a position of authority within your industry if you want to monetize your content. However, this involves doing a lot of research and gaining enough industry insights while also considering the limits of each channel. The content that you publish should be shareable, capable of triggering discussions, encourage your customers to comment and must add value to both your target audience as well as search engines. Well, this is because each social media platform may it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest has unique characteristics, posting rules and targets different demography in a different way. The more likes, shares or comments you get through your content, the more it is likely to pull-in big bucks for you. Schedule a content audit weekly, quarterly or at least monthly to know whether your campaign is succeeding in grabbing readers’ attention and earning you profits by converting into leads.
Video is proven to engage more than regular written text and there are lots of new companies and ways to create quality video cheaply. Additionaly, I can suggest using specific tools on the website to find out the conversion barriers. Actually I already know few among them all but few are indeed the best and effective for content marketing. Because your marketing must talk directly to your audience and resonate with them or they’re gone.
Try to identify which problems are concerning customers in the industry you’re in and how you can solve these problems with your content.
You can’t just post photographs of your jewellery business on Linkedin or tweet a “How to select jewellery for wedding” on Twitter. For inbound traffic, link previous posts that are relevant to the topic and position your content at the right place. Make sure your messages revolve and affect a big chunk of people everytime you publish your content.
It is very important to know whether the content you’re posting is consumable enough to keep people hooked and engaged.
Heat map providers like UsabilityTools helps a lot to find out the clicks and mouse movements. Understanding the need to create and implement a distinct content strategy for each channel is as important as it is to promote content on social media.
Also, acknowledge the comments that you receive by replying and appreciating with a short “thankyou” message.
Based on the statistics, evolve your strategy and improve your content marketing model as per your growing needs. Also publishing a wide variety of content forms is such a good way to engage all types of visitors to your site.

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