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Eloqua is a sales and marketing alignment platform that allows organizations to collect, analyze, and distribute wisdom about customers and their buying patterns so they can maximize new customer acquisition and implement Revenue Performance Management. One secret to making a marketing automation tool like Eloqua work is to create the digital assets that compels decision makers to provide their contact information in order to access them.
What information or resources are they looking for once they experience a Trigger Event that makes them want to purchase your solution? What would they be looking for once they experience one of Trigger Events that lets them afford your solution? Win $1,500 worth of Trigger Event services by suggesting the resources you can put behind a form that can be used to alert sales to the fact that a decision maker now wants to make a purchase or can now afford to make a purchase. Gathering this information gives you a significant advantage over the competition once the decision has experienced a Trigger Event.
If a live marketing event or campaign doesn’t reach its intended audience, did it really happen?
Sometimes referred to as “engagement marketing,” live event marketing is a strategy that directly engages consumers by inviting them to participate in a brand event. Beagle Street, a UK life insurance company, took the web by storm when it “released” hundreds of origami beagles on the streets of London neighborhoods. So how did Beagle Street take this somewhat isolated live campaign to the next level on the web? Folding 500 origami beagles took a lot of work (120 hours, according to campaign coordinators). They also shot the photogenic dogs posing in front of iconic London landmarks and put the photos on the company’s blog and social media channels.
By capturing high-quality images and curating video footage of the campaign, Beagle Street was able to shape the story they wanted to tell, not only for those who encountered the dogs on the street, but also for anyone who heard about the event. Beagle Street started the conversation on Facebook and Twitter with pictures of the dogs and #ReleasethePounds.

As users shared pictures of the origami beagles they found around the city, the conversation grew louder. Once word got out about the hounds on the streets of the capital, large news outlets picked up the story. Release the Pounds was so successful in creating brand awareness, Beagle Street decided to bring the origami beagles to other cities in the UK—this time, letting users become further involved by voting to pick the next city. Beagle Street created Internet buzz through a well-thought out live marketing campaign, putting pounds in the pockets of Londoners and Beagle Street. I’m a writer who is constantly experimenting, exploring and fighting a losing battle with the travel bug.
It’s not always easy to understand the role that content strategy plays in content marketing.
Provisioning your site with customization options, personalized segmentation and social integration provides you with a blended personalization model for improving user engagement and increasing your site’s perceived relevance.
McCann & Craig Elias share insights on how to build your network to learn of the hidden opportunities that can take your career or your business to its highest level. His relationship building skills combined with his knowledge of Trigger Events has resulted in a 20-year track record as a top sales performer, winning a $1,000,000 prize in a global billion dollar idea competition, having his last company chosen by Dow Jones as one of the 50 most promising companies in North America, and coverage on NBC, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.
You can still get attention during a live marketing campaign or event, if you have the right content. Beagle Street shared a behind-the-scenes look at the Release the Pounds campaign with a short but sweet video that takes users through the journey. As people began to discover the dogs in London, the user-generated content started pouring in across social media.
Not only did the user-generated content create a buzz around the campaign, but it also provided Beagle Street with new opportunities to engage with consumers on social media.
I currently work as an assistant editor for AAA Traveler magazine and the AAA Vacation Now blog.

Discover how these two disciplines work together and get an inside look at our quantifiable approach to content planning and development.
As founder and chairman of the consulting, training, and research firm Ferrazzi Greenlight, Ferrazzi counsels the world’s top enterprises on how to dramatically accelerate the development of business relationships to drive sales, spark innovation, and create team cohesion. Earlier this year, a company with a small Internet following stirred up some big Internet buzz through a cleverly designed live marketing campaign.
The goal of the campaign was to let potential customers know that Beagle Street offers affordable life insurance, which means more money in the customers’ pockets. These interactions became part of the campaign’s story, which Beagle Street leveraged to communicate its overarching message: Beagle Street puts pounds back in your pocket. Meanwhile, potential new customers from all around the UK visited Beagle Street’s social media and website to engage with the brand.
You can also find my work in a number of other travel publications, including magazines for US Airways, Southwest Airlines and Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts. Ferrazzi is a thought leader and a philanthropist, putting his signature methodology to work to aid corporate citizenship and education.
Ferrazzi has been published in The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Inc., and Fast Company, and has appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNBC, Larry King, and other national TV. Prior to Polaris, he held senior positions at Microsoft, leading product planning for the Exchange Server Group and developing Service Delivery Platforms focused on mobile applications and was the founder of Jump2Go, HelpShare and Soft Labour.

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