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Experience with social and emerging media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest a plus! Street Team Marketing is the planning, staffing, training, outfitting, deployment and management of brand ambassadors to create outdoor brand presence, consumer engagement and sharable experiences. Street Team Marketing is typically deployed on public sidewalks around transit stations, shopping districts, campuses, business districts and city events where trained brand ambassadors can engage a high-concentration of target consumers. One of the main benefits of street team marketing approach is that city marketing or advertising permits are often not required.
Street Team Marketing is most effective in cities with ample pedestrian sidewalk foot-traffic such as New York City, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Washington DC.
Product Sampling Street Team Marketing consists of the planning, staffing, training, deployment and management of brand ambassadors to engage consumers with product messaging, samples and marketing materials. Costumed Character Street Team Marketing is the planning, staffing, training, outfitting, deployment and management of fully costumed brand ambassadors to generate attention and consumer engagement. With the breadth of approaches and tactics available for a brand to market themselves in addition to the intricacies of city street culture and laws it is essential to partner with a company with extensive experience in planning and producing street team marketing initiatives. Contact ALT TERRAIN with your specific Street Team Marketing ideas, requirements, dates and desired results for a custom proposal.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Events have become an extremely viable sales model - whether that's seminars, webinars, or lunch-and-learns at high-end restaurants. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
When the day of the event approaches and we’ve sold just few tickets, the temptation to lie is almost irresistible.
Whenever an event professional of such breed receives marketing material with certain calls to action, she immediately knows it’s a lie.
If an event social media strategy involves giving discounts on specific social networks, fine, I am down with it. First, if an offer is only for Facebook, the same offer should not be available on Twitter. In other (more frequent) cases, the organizer just bought a random mailing list of individuals who don’t care and are not engaged at all.
The concept of interactivity is now supported by a fantastic community of event designers who study how people interact during events to improve live experiences. You may notice a particular lying angle when the marketing department puts an asterisk next to the statement, specifying according to what metric.
Those working with events in education should be wary of the language they use and promises they make.
If there is no effort by the management to offer tangible networking opportunities, a lie has been said. There are lots of customers who want to do business but may be introverts or simply do not know where to start.

Any statement of networking benefits not followed up by a proper attendee empowerment strategy is just a marketing statement. Even though social media marketing has risen in popularity over the past few years, as long as people are using email there will always be a place for direct email marketing.
There are many email services that help you manage your email lists and complete campaigns. If you’re not already in the habit of tracking and analyzing your event marketing efforts, start now.
The focus of product sampling street team marketing is to distribute as many messages and product samples to target consumers as possible at a certain location within a certain timeframe. Typically Flash Mob Street Team Marketing involves intricate concept planning, casting, costume design, choreography, directing, rehearsals prior to the activation day, plus dedicated videographers and photographers to capture consumer reaction and interaction for social media purposes. From their knowledgeable, experienced on-site managers to their enthusiastic street teams, my events were meticulously coordinated and all them went of without a hitch and with great success. A great event professional is an individual who is able to manage such pressure with honesty and integrity.
If tickets are indeed going fast, highlighting the benefits of attending, that made it sell fast on the first place, may be a wiser and more truthful strategy.
Nevertheless, if I buy an early bird, I will go back to the event website and check what’s the ticket price a day before the event. Whenever you spot such situation, you should immediately realize the event is trying to capture you in their marketing net. One day workshops that promise attendees to transform them in half an hour are just, well, telling a lie. There is not a definitive number of addresses you need in order to start a campaign, but we recommend that you have, at the very least, 100.
How to say things or what finding the perfect words often distracts promoters from simply communicating their message.
Tell them exactly what it is you want them to, like buy tickets, RSVP to your free event, or share your event announcement with their friends. Put the most important details—the what, who, where, and why—at the top of the email so that the recipient doesn’t have to scroll down to get to it. Along with links to the relevant website (like a ticket sales page), also give readers easy access to Facebook (especially a Facebook Event page), Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media sites you’re using. The pricing varies for each one depending on the size of your email list, how many emails you send, and the features that you need. This makes everything you do, even the marketing flops, have worth because you’re learning where you can improve. Most services provide you with day-by-day reports of your email performance, including the open rate, click rate, and number of forwards. For example, MailChimp provides integration that imbeds tracking codes to specified links in your email so that you can see how many visits you had from that email and what visitors did after they clicked on the link (like whether they bought a ticket or viewed that promotional video you imbedded). Try different content techniques, subject lines, and calls to action to see what people respond to.

Product sampling via street teams typically includes a coupon or promotional component to influence consumer behavior.
Note that with the large number of participants Flash Mob Street Team Marketing activations are often outside city public assembly laws and in turn requires in-depth location scouting and contingency planning. Note that fully costumed characters typically require un-costumed brand ambassadors to work alongside them to ensure the safety and to effectively engage with consumers. With ALT TERRAIN planning and executing a guerilla marketing campaign, I know that the job will be completed with fantastic results that will really impress a client." Roland B.
Then there are others who simply do not care and would do everything it takes to sell a ticket.
This is particularly the case with event promotion, which is ideally suited to a type of information that’s best communicated through email—fun, unique, or entertaining things to do.
When you set up an email gathering process, think about how you can give away a free something or a discounted something. You’re using it to get the reader to do something else, so you want to eliminate any reason they might have to stop reading and click delete (or worse, mark your email as junk). Along with streamlining your email process and providing a polished, professional finished product, email service also provide you with performance reports (more on that in the next section).
They offer a free membership, too, which includes 12,000 sent emails and a list of 2,000 subscribers (or email addresses). They focus on email newsletters, but they do offer a lot of great HTML templates and tools for basic emails.
You can do the same thing with a link to a webpage that you’re not promoting otherwise.
This will make every new event email campaign better than the last—and it will mean that your overall event marketing and promotion strategy will benefit. Often product sampling street team marketing is deployed around transit stations to connect with morning commuters in cities with highly utilized public transit systems such as Chicago, New York City, Boston and San Francisco. Use this beginner’s guide to set up and follow through with a direct email marketing campaign for your next event.
Assume that only two to three of every 10 people you email will read and act on your email. Remember what your overall campaign goal is (sell tickets, build awareness for your event, etc), then put what will help you meet that goal at the top of the email. No matter what it is, set up email subscription so that you’re delivering the incentive to their email address. It needs to provide just enough information for the reader to make the educated decision to open the email, and something a little something to pique their curiosity. Also be clear at the outset what you’ll be doing with their email address in the future.

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