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Over the next two years, how will your budget change for social media marketing (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace)?
We use charts and diagrams to communicate ideas and concepts because visuals help us eliminate the distraction of details that don't represent the true picture of a situation. For example, a spreadsheet of daily revenue for every product sold has so many details it's hard to see the overall trend and patterns of customer behavior. Some time ago I discovered a drawing format called "mind maps." This type of drawing starts with a central concept, then topics and subtopics radiate out from the center.
Mind maps are used to capture and display information visually like an outline organizes information textually.
So, I started evaluating the many mind map software products to find the best drawing tool to make mind maps for marketers. When I came to SmartDraw I was surprised that it did other types of charts, diagrams, and graphs in addition to mind maps. I found that SmartDraw is good for marketing executives because so many of the artistic functions are automated. Many types of diagrams use symbols and shapes, such as flowcharts, organization charts, and mind maps. And, like many drawing applications, you can format, rotate, layer, and group the symbols and shapes.
In addition to all the diagrams that use symbols and shapes, there are many other visual templates that are used frequently by marketers.
Marketers use a lot of 2-by-2 matrix charts for SWOT and BCG matrix charts, as well as matrix charts to show correlations. There are also templates for "funnel" diagrams such as e-commerce conversion funnels and sales process funnels. I do small group workshops and group facilitation, so I like to work within SmartDraw during those meetings.
Since I started out looking for a good mind map program for marketers, I'll share what I learned about the mind map function in SmartDraw. The mind map function is different from traditional mind map programs, which is generally a good thing.
Traditional mind map programs add major topics to a drawing starting at the 1 o'clock position and add them clockwise around the center. Another difference between SmartDraw's mind map and other mind map programs is how icons and images are handled in a shape. Mind maps are frequently used to plan projects and tasks — the top levels are programs and their projects, and lower levels are tasks and sub-tasks. In addition to viewing a mind map as a Gantt project chart, SmartDraw can convert a mind map into a timeline drawing. The strategic marketing mind map links to a SWOT diagram, a product line matrix, and other charts (created in SmartDraw), as well as spreadsheets and, of course, other mind maps.
As a marketing organization becomes comfortable creating these charts, diagrams, and graphs, the whole team adopts visual thinking techniques. While there are many special-purpose graphics programs available, it's difficult for a team of people to use multiple programs to collaborate. SmartDraw has the best collection of templates and features for marketing managers and executives to create outstanding visuals. Marketing Plan - Marketing Plan Sample - Marketing Plan Example - Marketing Plan Template - Marketing Strategy - Marketing Strategy Plan - marketing planning process.

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Second, implement the strategies, agree to take the buyer calls and qualify the leads, and sell them a home. If the listing agent refuses your offer (some people will step over dollars to pick up dimes!), move on to another agent who’s got some business sense. You already know that the NAR research says 74% of all real estate transactions occur from a relationship – they know the agent or are referred from a trusted source. Are you willing to become that agent…the one who captures 74% of all transactions, holds such a high personal market share they generate huge income regardless of market conditions? Let’s say you want to send 300 Service For Life!® issues out each month to your Power List. That means you’re investing about $4,320 every year to contact 300 people 12 times each, or 3,600 contacts. Of those 300 people, you know statistically that about 42 transactions will come from them (300 divided by 7 years average home ownership period = 42 transactions EVERY year). But after all that marketing, do you really think all you’ll get is a ONE measly commission out of 42 transactions? First, ask yourself: Who will generally get the lion’s share of those 42 transactions?
To learn more about developing and harvesting endless commissions from your Power List, go here.
You may want to type up a list of home-staging items for your sellers to address.  You can use this 4-step process as an outline to work with sellers, get more offers, and sell your listings faster. It’s a dedicated voice-mail system created exclusively for people to easily and conveniently send you referrals.  It’s cheap to set-up and folks can easily send you referrals anytime they so desire.
Well, a past client, friend, family member or acquaintance may think of someone needing your services, and then forget about it if they have to wait for a convenient time to call or email. With an “always-on” hotline system, they can call immediately 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. And here’s the most important point: The sheer fact that you’re promoting your “24-hour Dedicated Referral Hotline” subtly reminds people that you work by referral in a way they’ll remember.
Plus it’s so unique from what other agents do, it will set you apart in a very positive way. You should already have a hotline to capture new leads that come in from your promotions, but if you don’t have one, you can find one online (try this company). Help a friend save time and money when buying or selling a home…Call my Dedicated Referral Hotline 24 hours at 999-9999, ext 1234. Introduce a friend or family member to my Free Report, “Sell Your Home For All It’s Worth, NOW!” simply by calling my 24 hour Referral Hotline at 888-8888, ext 2222.  I’ll rush their report out to them. Bottom line: Every agent should have a referral hotline – if for no other reason than the process of promoting it makes you unique and puts you top-of-mind for referrals. Plus, I frequently tell agents that the more “marketing systems” you have working in your business, the more clients you’ll generate, and the greater your production. Here are 5 more powerful marketing strategies to help you generate more clients and build a long-term viable business.

Imagine how your business would grow if you implemented systems to motivate prospect calls with every listing you take?
Do you think responding to a caller the minute they seek out for information about the listed home makes a positive impression? Marketing is a very diverse discipline, and mind maps are an effective way to organize plans and project tasks. I was looking for a mind mapping program that makes professional looking, presentation quality diagrams. And, for people who are "artistically inclined," the formatting and control make it easy for them to create stunning charts and diagrams. SmartDraw places symbols and shapes in a drawing, keeps them aligned, and can also automatically style and color them.
SmartDraw provides a separate template for each type of visual, which makes it easy to work in the context of that drawing.
Topics are added to the left and right of the center, which keeps the drawing balanced looking — but doesn't automatically maintain the order in which they were created.
Then, as we develop their strategic marketing plan, I'll develop a mind map showing how a sound marketing strategy can drive their marketing communication and sales programs. By having so many useful marketing templates available, SmartDraw really makes it easy for non-artists to create visuals that have a professional look and presentation quality. Work out a commission split, and you’ve now got a marketing system working to bring you buyers, and even a few great listings.
There have also been studies out there that say for every month you forget about your Power List, you lose 10% of them – another reason for monthly contact.
Now, I know that might sound like a lot of money, but let’s get some perspective here. And you’ll be amazed – people WILL call it.  The more places you use your benefit-rich message, the more referrals you will get. As subtopics are added to a topic they are automatically given the same color as their parent topic. Other mind map programs add one or more tiny icons to a shape's text, which can make a rather distracting mind map.
And, for people who are comfortable with drawing programs, SmartDraw provides the control and flexibility needed to make creative visuals quickly. This means the more inclined they’ll be to think of YOU FIRST when they think real estate. So you’ll spend about $360 a month for the mailing, including having the newsletter written for you. I’ve had dozens of agents who used this system and consistently add $100,000 to $250,000 per year in extra business. I provided you a free bonus Report with your Agent Inner Circle™ membership that shows you exactly how to write classifieds and home descriptions that motivate prospects to call you.

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