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If you are looking for a role as a Marketing Assistant then you will be normally have some experience in Marketing, Journalism, and Social Media etc and may have studied this at University.
You will be up to date on all things Marketing and Social Media and actively follow Twitter and use Face book etc. I have excellent communication skills both orally and written and I enjoy writing documents and researching my information.
I have excellent time management skills and like to dedicate myself to the role that I am doing and learn new skills as necessary to enhance my experiences. In my role as Marketing Assistant, I use my skills to promote and market the business through press releases and social media.
Computer skills – MS Office, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, and In Design – any other Marketing type packages? Working for this large global brand as a marketing executive it was my job to think of marketing and advertising campaigns to publicise new initiatives and products in order to make them appeal to our new and existing customer base. As a Marketing Executive in this large high street furniture showroom it was my duty to ensure that all items were advertised in their best light. Working for this large beverage company my job was to advertise our products and services whilst maintaining a respectful moral balance and ensuring that all adverts complied with legal requirements for selling age restricted products.
All of these perceptual maps were produced using the free software download available on this site. You will notice that there are three different perceptual maps presented across four different markets.
Please keep in mind that we are mapping the perceptions of consumers (or a specific target market), not the actual reality of the market. For further information on positioning and perceptual maps, you should visit the Market Segmentation Study Guide.
One of the main benefits of a perceptual map is to demonstrate how the brand is positioned against competitors. In the first three perceptual maps, the major fast food chains in the USA market have been mapped. A perceptual map for quick serve (fast food) restaurants in the USA, using choice and locations. A perceptual map for quick serve (fast food) restaurants in the USA, using value and occasion.
One of the strategic options for positioning, especially for smaller brands, is to adopt a me-too positioning.
Many CV writing companies deliberately avoid giving examples of their CVs on their website. Unlike most CV writing companies we are completely transparent and not only provide a examples of our work but also are happy to describe our proven tried and tested in-house methods.
If you are really serious about landing a particular job, then the best way to do this is to ensure that every last aspect of your CV is as perfect as possible.
Whilst our one page CVs are extremely popular with our clients, the actual length of your CV can vary depending upon your own individual requirements and your own particular circumstances. Unlike most other CV companies who put your CV in a rather poor format and expect you to lump it; by default we not only put your CV in a superior quality format which is tried and tested to land jobs, but we are also happy to give you a choice of quality CV templates should you wish to try a variation. When you order one of our CV consultancy services we analyse your CV word for word and use our experience and expertise to make any necessary revisions. Most CV companies do not advertise their CV writing method, because they do not have a structured method (and it shows)!
Alternatively, if you have heard enough and want to order your superior quality CV then we will be happy to help you.

Mapping the existing and new (or desired) market positioning onto the same perceptual map is very easy using the free Excel template download available on this site.
In this case, the determinant attributes of sugar and caffeine have been used, as these product attributes are often highly relevant to consumers when choosing between the various product offerings.
For this example, we have assumed that the Mountain Dew brand is trying to reposition itself, by highlighting that it contains a reasonable level of caffeine and wants to promote that benefit to consumers, with the goal of changing their perceptions of the brand. This perceptual map clearly show this proposed shift by mapping the existing positioning and the proposed positioning on the same map. As you can still, if this repositioning exercise was successful, then Mountain Dew would be positioned, in consumer’s minds, as a direct competitor to Coke and Pepsi.
As you can see in the following screenshot from the free Excel template, to show how a brand is being repositioned, simply enter the brand twice; the first time in their old or existing position and the second time in their new or proposed positioning.
You will be required to help a business or company to Market itself through press releases, social media and analyse who you are targeting to gain maximum exposure. I work in a methodical manner and enjoy working in my chosen career as I like to provide advice to businesses to help them run more efficiently and smoothly. I also enjoy getting to know how people work and understanding the importance they have on projects.
I am very good at finding a products strengths and bringing those to the attention of prospective buyers. I was responsible for drafting out the proposal, creating a rough draft of the campaign and then deciding which campaign to go for out of several other drafts. I was in charge of online, post and telemarketing campaigns, which gave me great scope to really experiment with various different types of media and marketing campaigns. I would have to try and ensure that products were advertised in a manner that would not allure them to underage customers, and that they were as invisible as possible to minors.
This has been done deliberately to demonstrate how the positioning of firms and brands can be constructed using different product attributes on the perceptual map. As marketers, it is necessary for us to understand how consumers differentiate between brands in their minds. In the following perceptual map examples, Coca-Cola is shown in three different competitive sets. As you can see the most of major chains are presented, across six different product attributes (in the three different maps). In the following maps, you can see how effectively repositioning can be visually demonstrated. This is discussed further in the positioning strategy section, but it is a deliberate strategy designed to associate the smaller brand with the strong brand equity and perceived benefits of the larger brand. Similarly, the vast majority of CV writing companies do not divulge their CV writing methods. Significantly, presentation is not as important as the actual wording, direction and content of your CV. The only way to do this is to be original and treat your own particular circumstances and the job in question individually. However, you should bear in mind that you have a far better chance of landing your target job with an original, professionally written CV than you do with a DIY CV. Our own research shows that concise, legible, pertinent and proactive CVs are far more effective in the job market than longer and more cluttered alternatives which are not optimised for the job in question.
Your own individual CV would be worded differently and tailored to your own personal circumstances. Just as many CV companies also purposely fail to disclose the qualifications of their consultants.

We not only have a tried and tested method which is consistently proven to work and get results, but unlike other companies we are also happy to advertise it. It is no coincidence that we have many highly satisfied clients as we spend a great deal of consideration, time and effort on every CV. I am an articulate and personable individual who deals with things in a professional manner.
I am also very good at thinking up imaginative and different advertising campaigns in order to capture the attention of the public. I was solely in charge of the online marketing operation and also ran a successful tie in with a national chain of bars. I would encourage you, where appropriate, to produce multiple perceptual maps and even present more than one in your marketing assignment. In this case, the firm simply introduces a product offering that is not provided by competitors.
We are a company you can have complete faith in and can trust to write you the best possible CV. If you try taking short cuts by using a CV example then you will almost certainly end up with a CV that is not as strong as a professionally written original CV. Depending on who you listen to it is estimated that your chances of landing a better job increase on average four to six times should you use professional CV writing services.
Whilst the sample below is just an example, and would be different to yours, at the very least it should give you an idea of the format which came top in our extensive tests and research. It would also be optimised specifically for you to help you land your own specific target job.
In a lot of cases there is a simple reason for this; namely that their consultants and CVs are not up to standard, and they would prefer that you buy blind rather than advertise this fact.
For example, we not only improve grammar, presentation, and format, we also optimise the content, direction and the way everything is worded to bring out your qualities in the eyes of a prospective employer. Unlike other companies we go the extra mile to create tailored CVs which are just right for each client.
This is because multiple maps will allow you to look at the same market and competitive sets in different ways and should deliver greater insights. The second approach (second map below) is used by larger brands looking to push a competitor out of the market space.
If they had nothing to hide then such companies would surely publicise both their CVs and the qualifications of their consultants in the first place. In fact, unlike other companies if need be we go far beyond just basic touching up and are prepared to add whole new sections or restructure whole parts of your CV completely if it will improve your CV. Increasingly, job applicants are using the services of professional CV writers to give them an advantage. Firstly, statistics are misleading, and organisations who produce such statistics usually have no real research to back them up, so they are frequently more of a hunch than fact. Significantly, our CVs are proven to get real results for people like you in the job market.
In fact, we can write a top quality CV for you for whichever job you wish to land, regardless of your current level or the career sector you work in. Whilst it is impossible to actually quantify what the figure is in reality, we do agree that if you use a professional CV service then your odds should improve, but we actually think that if you use a top quality company then the figure should be much higher - but that is based on our own experience and the feedback we receive from our own clients.

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