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Prezi is lauded as the presentation software which connects linear and non-linear data through its zoomable user interface. For more on the Prezi debate, check out the ProfHacker articles by Ethan Watrall (Challenging the Presentation Paradigm) and Ana Salter (Revisiting Prezi). There was one slide printed on each page; the document was as thick as the average Yellow Pages. So it’s no surprise that PowerPoint, due to user abuse, has been demonized in recent years. Since reading Garr Reynolds’s influential book, Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery a few years ago, I’ve recommended it to many of our clients.
And if you haven’t already read Presentation Zen, get a copy and keep it on your reference shelf.
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Simon Peyton Jones from Microsoft Research, Cambridge discusses "How to write a great research paper".
The goal of the project was to check the area for artifacts and historical features in the landscape prior to construction. Flexibility: Unlike Powerpoint where you are given templates and restricted to a box, Prezi is a blank slate where you can exercise complete freedom on what will be included and how it will be displayed. Works well for some projects: The dynamism and non-linear structure can work really well for certain presentations.
Can be overwhelming: Given all the available functions and ways of setting up the presentation, it can be a little overwhelming to some. Easily distracting to viewers: One needs to be a little careful on using the zooming user interface.
Zooming into the map to show artifacts and where they were found, and jumping along a timeline, were great visual effects in Prezi.

Do you also find that they are topic specific or have you completely gone with one over the other? Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. But communications trainers who insist their clients should never use PowerPoint slides are doing them a disservice. Below, you’ll find a SlideShare presentation that features many of Reynolds’ “best practices” slides.
If someone else does, send them the link to this article so they can learn what modern day best practices look like.
Your audiences will notice the difference in the professionalism of your presentations – and they’ll thank you for not drowning them in a sea of endlessly dull PowerPoint slides. Improve your public speaking and media interviewing skills—and enhance your career—by signing up below.
At the end of the project we were left with a huge number of artifacts, photos and data about this area. From there, the user creates a map by which viewers can zoom into specific areas of the canvas to get a closer look at specific media and text.
You have complete creative control over where your items will go and how they are formatted. Also, since the program isn’t widely used, it may grab attention better than those which are outdated and overseen. Having a blank slate isn’t always great and I found myself often falling back into my powerpoint design patterns. While all the zooming and spinning functions are great and can be incredibly useful, they can also be nauseating and distracting. Worse, that slide deck was to be used for a two-hour presentation that required audience interaction.

In order to present this information to the public we write it up in a site report and blog about it. While you also have this to some extent in Powerpoint, in Prezi it is more open and freeform, which is an advantage for people who want this.
During our project we had three people working on different sections from different locations, so having a web based software was important. We are able to show the entire map, zoom into a specific portion of the dig, show the artifacts found, and then zoom back out to the big map in order to refocus on a new area.
Overuse of these functions can leave viewers with a bad impression of the presentation, even if the content was good. Since you set up how users will jump around your canvas, you need to set the pathways which can be a little difficult to figure out, and the program sometimes doesn’t like to cooperate with your wishes. While the reports are straightforward and informative, they can be a little dry and not very visual. The base level of this web-based software is free, and you can get a slightly upgraded version using your .edu email address.
Having this function is nice for an archaeology presentation since location and context are so important. In order to create a more dynamic summary of our work we decided to make a presentation we could put online. For a good example of using Prezi in the classroom, check out Shawn Graham’s Adventures in Gamification. We decided to use Prezi, an alternative slideshow program which is more dynamic than Powerpoint or Keynote, and allows for more flexibility in design.

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