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Companies spend a great deal of money on marketing their websites, constantly looking for ways to bring in new traffic.
The first step in creating a good landing page has less to do with actual design and more to do with overall vision. Armed with a solid purpose, a defined target audience, and a clear understanding of benefits, you’re ready to design your landing page. Write a Clear Value Proposition: The headline of your page is your first chance to catch a visitor’s attention.
Minimize Distractions: There’s nothing worse than a landing page that distracts visitors from the goal to which you’re trying to move them.
Be Scannable: Make it easy for visitors to come to your landing page and quickly ascertain what you’re trying to say. Shanna Mallon is a writer for Straight North, a Chicago Web design firm specializing in SEO, Web development, and other online marketing services. Most mobile app developers have an accompanying site that introduces and describes what their mobile app can do.
Today, I have collected 20 of these gorgeous mobile app landing pages that keeps readers informed in very creative and unexpected ways.

Through a well-designed landing page, a company has a way to target new visitors with specific content and images catered to them. Before you can determine layout, colors, content, and so on, you need to have a solid understanding of goals, target audience, and benefits.
While the specifics of your page depend on the specifics of your goals, some general principles usually apply. It should match the messaging of the advertising or other content pointing to the landing page.
Eliminate pop-ups, automatic music, broken links, and other distractors that steal the visitor’s attention and muddy your message. Note that all these sites do is inform users about what their app can do, and the fact that some designers bend over backwards with the site design to make you pay attention means that they are real serious about their mobile application.
How many visitors arrive at the home page and get lost, without any chance of converting into subscribers or customers? Likewise, keep your page free of clutter—aim for a clean, streamlined look that focuses on your main point. If it’s not a physical object, create an attractive banner or text image to add interest to the page.

While certain sites use beautiful background photography, others optimize the use of bold colors, typography, extra-large icons and white space to make an impression with visitors. Other ideas include logos of endorsers or current clients, video testimonials, and clips of Twitter feedback. Conduct market research, either on your own or with the help of a marketing company, to determine exactly who it is that you’re trying to reach. Then, try to imagine what your prospect will be thinking when he or she comes to your site. When new people arrive, they should have no trouble understanding what you’re asking and  knowing what’s in it for them if they do it.

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