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Your company or brand wants to be a significant voice in the professional network LinkedIn. The bank used polls to generate discussion in the group, and got 30,000 members in the first three months.
Philips – the Dutch manufacturer of TVs, coffee machines and more – were concerned they were not being seen by professionals as a thought leader on innovation in the healthcare industry. Philips is serious about their LinkedIn strategy and has thus given management and moderation responsibilities to their MD and Chief Medical Officer, among a wider team of staff. The group is based on hosting and curating high quality debates, as well as using polls and other engagement features.
Philips wanted to create awareness around the fact that the company is at the forefront of innovation in healthcare. Phillips was able to attract a lot of healthcare professionals to their group and create awareness about their healthcare products. Volkswagen (VW) is one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers and the largest car manufacturer in Europe.
As a new brand on the Indian car market in 2010, VW needed to strengthen their brand equity, raise brand awareness and, ultimately, ensure and increase their sales. VW India needed to create brand awareness in India the second fastest growing car market in the world. VW India was able to create brand awareness and make users recommend VW cars across the platform. About Native Advertising InstituteThe Native Advertising Institute is dedicated to helping marketers become succesfull with native advertising. About UsAt the Native Advertising Institute we are dedicated to helping marketers become successful with native advertising.
Whether you own a hair salon or a restaurant, or work at a local retailer or manufacturer, you can apply these ideas to your business in ways that will benefit your bottom line. Though it may seem obvious to those of us who are keyed-in, for many, that social networking allows individuals to interact with one another and build relationships is news and that when businesses join those sites, people can interact with the product or company, even more so. Through social networking sites, businesses can have extended interactions with individual followers. Best of all, you’ll reach a large market segment that depends on mobile handsets to access the internet. To tap into that 300 to 400-million people who access Facebook daily, you don’t have to be a genius. Brands as diverse as Absolut Vodka, DBS Bank, Ernst & Young and Tata Docomo have a presence here.
One brand worth focusing on though is AXE, a popular men’s range of deodorants and fragrances from Unilever, that wanted to launch a new product line in Indonesia. A basic fact is that placing a TV ad online will give it a longer shelf life and reach a wide audience, with none of the hefty costs of broadcast. One of the most recent entry on its blog showcases new tools that the shop has to customise t-shirts.
So the bottom line is this: Social networking provides an affordable means for your brand to form a presence on the mobile internet so that you can market your business and interact with consumers. Dr K.F Lai is co-founder and chief executive officer of BuzzCity, one of world’s leading mobile media companies in the development and marketing of mobile services and entertainment to a global audience. Some of the most popular websites, such as Buzzfeed and the New York Times, are welcoming sponsored posts. The native ad: Purina sponsored an article on Mashable titled “5 Heartwarming Stories That Prove Dog Is Man’s Best Friend”. Why it worked: Mashable is best known for its tech news and its “X number of (insert practically anything here)” articles. In this YouTube video, Microsoft reminds young adults that Internet Explorer can be added to the list of life-changing products that the 90s gave us.
How you can do it: Focus on the user’s experience as they read, view or listen to your native ads. Samsung — Galaxy smartphone users had the chance to receive a free copy of Jay-Z’s latest album thanks to Samsung. Under Armour — Pair up Tom Brady with the Will Ferrell co-founded site Funny or Die, and you’ve got an interesting sponsored video. Working on a greenfield project is often seen as one of the most exciting challenges in IT but being dropped into an already running project in pre-launch has its own particular excitement and challenges: picking up new work culture, familiarisation with practices, learning new names. Over its course, large numbers of team members were drip-fed into the project – a huge task in itself. One month prior to the hard launch date a completely new change management tool was implemented that affected every part of the project. It didn’t take too much digging to find out what sort of relationship existed between the supplier of the new tool and its belligerent champion.

What has dominated the South African social media space especially in these last few weeks, was not the elections and the long awaited release of the Public Protector’s Nkandla report. A meme is therefore a statement or action that someone believes in, or mutates if they disagree – all the while socially sharing their message with other people.
Popularity, measured by using a country’s Gini Index Measure (referring to the extent to which the distribution of income deviates from equal distribution in a country. Last recorded in 2009, South Africa’s Gini co-efficient was measured at 63.1%, showing a higher likelihood that a meme would evolve due to the diversity of the economy, cultural beliefs, values and ideologies. Instead it took a confident, individualistic, millennial, entrepreneur to hyper-localise and realise the needs of his fellow South Africans. The sincerity, emotional text and facts presented that speak of the inequalities, call for change and the fact that he nominated someone of sizeable influence who happens to be a radio presenter, all added to the eventual and rightful success of the mutation of this ‘absolute meme’. Marshal McLuhan states that dominant media shapes individual and collective life, but in today’s information rich reality, it’s rather a case of being exposed, re-exposed and over exposed to the same message in diverse media.
This repetition of the same message across various channels has led to the rise of the social television phenomenon and the ‘online is offline’ trend, bringing the true definition of a meme to life: ideas and behaviours propagated through interpersonal and mass communication affect (online and) offline behaviour. This is what has caused your internal mental processes, as well as the external mental processes by way of social media, to have read and spread that opening line in that specific way. You want to generate likes, get more people to follow your company page, and engage in conversations with users. They wanted to provide content to strengthen womens’ financial futures and elevate awareness of the Citi brand. As of March 6, the discussions in the group, now counting 427.145 followers, are user generated and include video, news and polls. VW enabled LinkedIn members to recommend their favorite models and used LinkedIn Recommendation Ads to extend reach.
By providing insights and tools such as case studies, best practices, how-to guides, analysis, industry news and research our mission is to make it easier for you to drive real results with native advertising. For many, these services have become the hub of their online activities, and mobile devices are a major tool for accessing these social networks and the campaigns we’ve recently seen provide examples of how major brands are using social media to market their products. This personal interaction can instil a feeling of loyalty into followers and potential customers. With flipcams and smart-phones, you or your consumers can create and share videos of your merchandise and more. Its YouTube channel shows how products are made — from engraving dog tags to using a heat-press to customising t-shirts.
Individuals are notified of any happenings on social networking sites through their cell phones, in real-time.
This article received more than 20 000 shares — meaning that Purina generated many impressions, without even mentioning dog food. This is an emotional, tear-jerking article that fills dog-lovers with warm, fuzzy feelings.
Seventy percent of agency creatives feel that a user’s positive experience is the most essential aspect of native advertising. But at first, people had a hard time understanding why they should try G Series, which has separate products for before, during and after the game.
It’s probably safe to say that many people who work out regularly have an interest in Gatorade and listen to music while they’re at the gym — so Gatorade provided the best of both worlds for them.
When fans “checked-in” on the popular app, they had a chance to win gear and seat upgrades from Verizon FiOS. The Patriot’s QB starred in an almost-3-minute comedic skit about an extremely creepy friend. I would venture to say that the list of excellent examples of quality native advertising is a going to grow a lot this year and mobile will be the primary reason. A while back I, along with hundreds of individual contractors and many third-party suppliers, was parachuted into a huge project where every month was costing tens of millions of dollars.
To ensure that integration into the project was as smooth as possible, every potential team member was vetted for their experience of using the very specific tools that were being utilised on the job. This required migrating everything from the existing, well-understood tool – the cumulative results of the work of hundreds of man years. This was the largest implementation of the product and it was struggled to cope under heavy usage. Must-have features were still missing from the project so the launch date was delayed with resultant costs incurred. It was a particularly puzzling as the existing tool was well known by all staff and, whilst not popular, it was trusted. To use the word pugilistic would not be understatement of the character involved: only once have I seen a meeting where someone has offered to literally, physically fight anybody who contradicted him. Flights and accommodation were the very least that had been traded to inject the tool into the unwilling host.

Instead it’s been humorous constructs around Advocate Barry Roux in the Oscar Pistorius trial and the trend of NekNominations evolving into RakNominations. A meme can be defined as an idea, behaviour, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. From the Arab Spring in 2012, to twerking in 2013 and now NekNominations in 2014, memes are challenging beliefs, inciting action (whether good or bad) and allow people’s voices to be heard.
Since 2009, Facebook has been studying the spread and mutation of memes throughout its social network and likened them to the evolution of genes. Facebook in South Africa is largely used by the millennial population (born between 1980 and 2000). The people within it also remember the promises and see the under-delivery, which has led to the rise of entrepreneurial activities that have formed a supra-layer above society to fill in the shortfall (eg. So it makes sense that the international NekNomination meme would run its course and locally mutate into what has become known as RakNomination (Random Act of Kindness Nomination) – seeing as the act of downing, or necking, a bottle of booze frankly does not fit with at least 63.1% of South Africa’s income distribution or values.
Brent Lindeque, South African mutator of the NekNomination meme, might not have known of these parameters that would allow him to effectively have RAK Nominations take off, but the conditions he set up in his video speaks to those who understand the original concept, as well as demonstrates the new rules. Here, India has become an interesting target market as it is currently the second fastest growing car market in the world. Through careful positioning in this space, brands can target very specific audiences (by interest group and demographic). More than 40% of mobile users in Indonesia say they rarely, if ever, use a computer to access the internet. Be sure to do your homework before you start, and don’t assume that your audience is restricted to the usual three; Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This constant connection to social networking sites means products and companies constantly remind and update followers about their capabilities, uses and relevance. Even for those who have multiple internet access points (mobile, plus a computer at home, work, school or university), mobile provides a personalised, focused and immediate interaction. This way, your audience is engaged and exposed to your brand — without forcing it down their throats. Spending on native ads grew 39% in 2012 and was estimated an approximate 22% growth in 2013. The piece shares stories and videos of the sweetest pups — one who saved its owners life, one who mourned the death of its Navy SEAL owner, and three others. As a result, more than 485 000 stations were added by users and more than 519 000 hours of Gatorade-chosen music was listened to. This partnership was for three specific NFL stadiums, meaning that a potential 230 000 people could see Verizon’s name each Sunday — all while focused on winning freebies.
As a result, Samsung consumers are happy, non-Samsung users are interested and the company has generated more than 25-million impressions on YouTube.
In addition to laughing, viewers saw Under Armour’s logo at least a dozen times throughout.
All the big publishers (NYT, WSJ, Washington Post, etc) and ad networks (Airpush, MoPub, InMobi) are going to take native mobile ads to the next level this year.
There was no time for training, all members were expected to be productive within hours of joining. The problems were initially determined as being purely that of education, so a top trainer was flown trans-Atlantic to act as both on-site trainer and troubleshooter. This was a meeting that subsequently degenerated into a standing shouting match, with insults being traded regarding each others’ mothers. Also, software developers are rarely a physically aggressive bunch and probably don’t care too greatly about your mother. Known as memes, these are just two examples of the most recent topics that have taken on a life of their own through continuous replication, sharing and discussion in the media. Quite literally from the Greek word, ‘mimema’, the word means “imitated thing” and has in fact been around for centuries in our schools, churches, military and literature.
This portion of the population is confident, unafraid, thrives on change and believes it has the power to make a difference. If you access it from a mobile device, the site detects your handset and redirects you to the appropriate version of its mobile presence based on whether you have a touch-enabled phone or not.
And the store’s Facebook page provides a forum for customers to interact with the shop and pose questions, and for the store to provide updates on merchandise and pricing. It’s also alive and kicking in today’s electronic era and playing a huge role in democratisation of the world.
With this they have been exposed to individualistic role models like Nelson Mandela, who authentically called for change and inspired the nation to be their own unique selves through the notion of Ubuntu (we are people because of people).

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