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I have been telling you to use Facebook page apps to give people reasons to engage with your page. ShortStack allows you to create Facebook landing pages without having to learn any new concepts. Pagemodo lets you to build your Facebook page’s welcome tab by uploading your own content. Woobox allows you to use Pinterest and Twitter tabs for free and it has and unlimited fan limit per page. I tested the free versions of these tools and the ones that were most appealing are ShortStack and Pagemodo Facebook app tools. If  you know or use some other free Facebook landing page app please let us know in the comments of this post. Priit is the founder and CEO of DreamGrow Digital, an internet marketing and social media company. In our manager you can simply choose the fan page to manage and the custom tabs for that one are yours to work on.
As far as I can gather it’s free, you just need to give them an email for a download link. I thought ‘landing’ pages were to become obsolete once the new Timeline kicks in at the end of this month?
Wix is a do-it-yourself website builder: a free online tool that lets you create and customize your own websites.
A lot of businesses advertise their Facebook pages — whether it is in-store, on their website, on the business cards, or in an email signature. In the code shown below, we are using latest version of Facebook SDK in PHP and a simple index.php file which determines if person likes the page he or she is currently on. The last step it to make your newly created Page Tab to be a default landing page for your Page. This is a guest post by Slavik Volinsky, Online Marketer at promotional products company, Amsterdam Printing.
Thank you — creating a page tab might get pretty confusing (especially when FB updates the process so frequently), hence so many screenshots.
1- Do you suggest that I upload the entire newfbapp folder- and my edited index.php file- to the root directory of my domain? I hate to start over as I like this concept and the App seems to be installed properly but I believe like you, I am missing a step? If you’re not using Facebook as a way to drive targeted traffic to your website or business then you should start NOW!  For the majority of my sites, Facebook is second to only Google in terms of sending traffic.
What a landing page does is instruct the user to “like” your page before they land on your wall.  Some sites have reported an increase in “likes” by up to 72% by simply adding a landing page! In the quick guide I’m about to show you, you can even capture a subscribers email address after they like your page or entice them with an offer they’ll receive after they first “like” your page. That’s It!  The process is extremely simple and can lead to a huge increase in the number of “likes” you receive. Jonathan Goldford is a partner at Wired Impact, a web design company that builds websites for nonprofits.
Right now Facebook Pages and custom landing pages are bigger than bottled water was on December 31, 1999. While there are an enormous number of articles that talk vaguely about how to create a custom landing page, very few discuss the nuances of actually designing and programming one.
Design for Any Height — We can make our Facebook Page any height, but we have to remember that most people interact above the fold and at the time of writing this, our Facebook landing page will start 135px from the top if the person viewing is logged in. Account for the Width of the Company’s Name — Since we’re interested in creating a call to action for our Like button, we must take into account our company’s name. To take into account the 520px width and the distance for your Like button, you may want to take a screenshot. Now that we have a design we’ll walk through how to program our landing page to use on Facebook.
There are a number of reasons why we should start programming our Facebook landing page outside of Facebook. Facebook Offers No Coding Support — Facebook provides only a small box for you to code in, and provides no syntax coloring or syntax checking. Facebook Caches External Files — Facebook caches every external file causing changes to external CSS, images, Flash, or other external files to not show up without changing the version query string on the end of each file. You’ll Publish Untested Code — Once you save changes, those changes will be live on your Facebook Page. Since we aren’t going to be using Facebook to start programming, we can’t use Facebook’s Markup Language (FBML). Use Plain Old HTML and CSS — Program your Facebook Page like you would any page using HTML and CSS.
Load CSS Externally — CSS should be loaded using an external style sheet file instead of using an internal style sheet. Host Files on Another Server — Every image, CSS file, Flash video, or other external file needs to be hosted elsewhere. Remove Firefox’s 1 Pixel Gap — Mozilla Firefox creates a 1-pixel space between images on Facebook landing pages. The page looks exactly as we expected it to, but right now if someone already Likes our page, they will still see the call to action for them to Like at the top.
In case you want to add something else besides a call to action for your Like button, below are some examples of other commonly used FBML items. Fb:share-button will display a share button that allows users to share a link on their own profiles.

While adding a form is not FBML, people are often curious to learn how to place them on their Facebook landing pages. Adding target="_blank" will open a new window when the form is submitted so the user isn’t taken away from Facebook. If you want to add a newsletter signup form to Facebook, both MailChimp and CampaignMonitor have tutorials that explain the process. After adding all of our FBML, we’re ready to add those final touches and publish our finished Facebook landing page. Once we’re done adding all the necessary FBML we need to move all the CSS, images, videos, and other external files to a server. Once all of our files are located on a public server, we need to adjust our HTML to make all of our paths absolute and add a version query string. One of the biggest disadvantages of Facebook landing pages is that Facebook provides no place for you to test your code. Copy and paste your HTML into the JavaScript Test Console and click “Run Code.” You’ll get to see your code in action.
Under the FBML section click “Go to App.” If you don’t see this, please add the “Static FBML” application to your Facebook Page. Now that you’ve put in all of this time programming your custom landing page, you probably want to make it your default landing page.
Beside “Default Landing Tab,” use the drop-down menu to select the title of your new landing page. Note that as an admin you will always see the content that you only want shown to those who haven’t Liked your page. Since there is no one correct way to program a landing page, we would love to hear what you think. Facebook es una de las mejores plataformas que existen hoy en dia para tener presencia en Internet, crear y fortalecer tu marca, conseguir trafico para tu web o interactuar con tus potenciales clientes. En un articulo anterior hablamos de 7 maneras de conseguir mas “fans” en tu pagina de Facebook, pero hoy quiero hablar de la importancia de una tecnica que hara que consigas mejores resultados: La creacion de una Landing Page en tu pagina de Facebook. Una pestana de bienvenida personalizada hara que tu pagina de Facebook sea unica, y llame mucho mas la atencion de la persona que ha llegado hasta ella. El objetivo de toda Landing page es que el usuario lleve a cabo una accion, y eso es precisamente lo que debes intentar conseguir con tu diseno personalizado, decirle al usuario lo que debe hacer una vez que ha llegado a tu pagina de Facebook. El objetivo principal de tu Landing page es que el mayor porcentaje de usuarios posible que llegue a tu pagina, se convierta en fan, y ese es el principal mensaje que debes transmitir o la llamada a la accion mas destacada.
El uso de una Landing page te ayudara a conseguir mas “fans” , diferenciarte de los demas y conseguir otros objetivos como los mencionados anteriormente. Actualidad y analisis en tecnologia, tendencias, aplicaciones web, seguridad, educacion, social media y las TIC en la empresa. Todo genial, excepto que no me queda claro como hacer para anadir una pestana personalizada a mi landing page como la de redbull por ejemplo.
Now we try to find most beautiful Facebook Landing Page Designs & which Facebook Marketing strategy to use to raise revenue of our clients. Remember latest upcoming event, festival – Tell us your best Valentine’s recipes for under $10.
Seeing this interesting page design I recalled my trip to enthralling Disneyland last year. I have collected 54 free social media monitoring tools for you to try out and get a taste of what is available before you need paid services. Also, there were some free tools that I excluded from this post due to bad usability or other issues.
With his 20+ years internet marketing experience he is Helping companies to understand and use the digital marketing to reach their target audiences.
We try to make it easy for agencies to create and manage multiple clients custom page tabs. With any TabSite paid plan you can remove all footer banners and you can transfer ownership of the Account to a client. The same applications still have their purpose, even though we might change how we call these applications.
Built with a powerful, user-friendly interface, Wix gives you total control over your web design without knowing the first thing about fancy coding or programming.
Priit Kallas wrote a great post about creating a social media strategy — read it, if you don’t yet have one! Before Facebook did several rounds of redesign, it used to have Tabs on top of the Facebook Pages, which served as a primary navigation for pages. Make sure that your hosting has an SSL certificate issued to it, or otherwise, you page tab won’t show up for users who chose to always use encrypted connection with Facebook. This will be the first tab users will be shown when going to your page, motivating them to Like it! That is one of the most detailed descriptions I have seen for creating a FaceBook fan page. I’m I missing something that you have not provided the page that serves different pages for Liked and Unliked visitors? Googled the crap out of this subject and out of the hundreds of tutorials, this was the ONLY one that was up to date and correct. All the other tutorials I found advised you to use some crappy 3rd party app to do the canvas instead.
Plus, you can get creative and increase the conversion rate by enticing the user with a free gift.  For example, offer some free tips or provide the download link to a free eBook if they first like your page, which is easily done when using the Simple Static HTML landing Page Tabs app. Receive notifications when a child goes missing in your state and rapidly spread through social media!

Here we will discuss the subtleties of designing a Facebook landing page and FBML programming. Since we can’t use a body tag in our Facebook Page, we’re going build our entire page in a container div set to a width of 520px.
If they aren’t logged in to Facebook, that increases to roughly 250px from the top of the page to allow space to log in or sign up.
Let’s put in a conditional statement using FBML that only shows the action image when you aren’t logged in or haven’t Liked the page. For example, if a user named John Smith comes to your page the code below will display “John Smith”. For example, the code below will display the current user’s profile picture at 64px by 64px. For example, the code below will display the thumbnail used for The Social Network movie trailer. For example, the code below will display a play button that you click to play the FLV video. If you don’t use one of those services, you can usually drop in the code from your e-mail marketing company to make this work.
As of right now, you should remember that JavaScript will not be activated on your landing page until the user has taken action. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. La mejor herramienta de que disponemos dentro de Facebook es la creacion de tu propia pagina, lo que te permitira conectar con tus potenciales clientes dentro de Facebook.
Si el usuario llega directamente al Muro, tu pagina no se diferenciara en nada de los millones de paginas de Facebook que existen.
World of great mobile app, design, development tips which inspire every designer & developer.
According to bloomberg , Facebook is preparing the ground for an initial public offering in May to raise $5 billion. We are worried – How to Create Stunning, innovative, creative, stand-apart Facebook Landing Page. Keeping hold of memories with such an interesting platform seems truly fun & attractive. If you don’t have those skill then there are some free tools available to get your basic Facebook page app up and running.
He has spoken at hundreds of seminars and conferences on different aspects of internet marketing. The problem is at some point it is just eaiser to do custom tabs if you manage many different pages. However if it explains and gives value then it can boost joining ratest 2, 3 or even more times compared to directing people to the wall.
However you would need a confirmation email as otherwise people could use the system with any email address.
Icons will display to the left of your Page Tab Name and can be used to capture users’ attention.
Anyone else get annoyed when someone sends you a message in your inbox asking you to like their page?
I did just this and then pointed the App Domain in FB to to this dir on the root of my website and it says that it is not a valid domain….
To make this discussion more concrete, we’ll use the creation of our own JG Visual landing page as an example. We wrapped the FBML in a container div to allow us to style it and added ?autoplay=1 to the end of swfsrc so the user won’t have to click twice to play the video. The player will then rotate through a display of the song title, song artist, and the album name. This means that once you publish your Facebook Page, any changes you make to external files will not show on your landing page. To override Facebook’s default paragraph style, we added a font-family style for #container p.
This happens because Facebook doesn’t know the file has changed and is loading its older saved version. Also, I noticed that the Facebook JavaScript Test Console has trouble loading videos, so you may be forced to test that code directly on your landing page. Facebook which valued around $100 billion & proud to being trusted by 800 million users.
We will talk about Brands who successfully engage with customers & drive great results using interactive Facebook landing Page. To trick Facebook, we use a query string at the end of our filenames and increase the number whenever we make a change to that external file.
To best imitate Facebook while testing, we included the 11px font size and also set the container text color to black to match our company colors. Upload your own content, or use some of Wix’ free website design elements found inside the website builder! Images, animation, clip art, icons, widgets and more are yours to use the moment you sign up.

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