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One of the best aspects of Facebook is the ability to share your world in the form of pictures with your friends, which brings us to process of uploading photos to Facebook. Like many of the free software, the Upload2Facebook free Facebook photo uploader software is very lightweight.
Simple interface that lets you choose between a number of photos for either uploading or downloading.
One of the chief areas where the uploading system of Facebook falters is when your Internet connection fails just at the last moment. The Upload2Facebook free Facebook photo uploader software takes you around this problem by providing a system that will let you resume your uploads if in case the Internet connection falters at the last moment.
Facebook clearly recognises that uploading is a part of your account, but the same does not apply to downloading.
Some of the simple, yet thoughtful features of this software are the most interesting aspect.
This page answers the question of what the best Facebook upload video format and size, namely, the most suitable file extensions and video sizes supported by Facebook and like online websites. Similarly, Facebook, a rising free social networking website, had over one billion active users since 2012. With some free Facebook video downloader online, we can download videos from Facebook via the browsers like Chrome and Firefox. From what have been listed above, we may roughly draw the conclusion that Facebook embraces a wide range of video file formats. MP4 overlaps all the advantages with small file size, high compression rate (for high quality) and popularity. Besides formats, Facebook also has very strict requirements for music, video and movie uploading, in terms of file size, duration, resolution, codec, frame rate and bitrate. Frame rate: Identical to the case on YouTube, 25-30 fps is also considered as the best Frame rate range for Facebook. Facebook video size upload limit: Facebook video upload is limited to 20 minutes, and the maximum file size is 25 MB.
Besides, in most cases, when a video is added to Facebbok, it takes a lot of time to complete the task because the file needs to be encoded (from one format to another). WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is the most recommended HD video converter for Facebook video uploading on Windows PC.
Similarly, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe can convert videos to best YouTube upload video formats, or Vimeo video and general web videos. WinX HD Video Converter for Mac: Professional HD Video converter for converting HD Videos on Mac OS, provides the perfect solution to convert Blu-ray videos and videos from HDTV and HD camcorders, like JVC, Panasonic, Sony and Cannon to other formats.
Firstly launch the Facebook app and swipe-to or tap on the last tab as is shown in the first screenshot below. Now, click on Sync Photos option and you will be taken to the Photo Sync feature’s main screen. Yes, you can choose to switch On the Auto-upload only over WiFi, or over both, WiFi and Cellular Networks.
Ultra Grayscale Converter is a freeware utility that converts your images to grayscale fast, using different algorithms. LiveUpload is a free plugin for Windows Live Photo Gallery that lets you upload photos to Facebook directly from Windows Live Photo Gallery. LiveUpload also works with Windows Live Movie Maker., and it lets you upload your videos to Facebook from within Windows Live Movie Maker.
Once this plugin is installed, just go to Windows Live Photo Gallery, and go to “Publish” –>”More Services” option. Other options to upload Photos to Facebook are: Picasa Facebook Uploader, FishBowl, FotoBounce, and Bloom.

Facebook Albums is a free Android app to download and upload photos to Facebook from Android. Downloading and uploading the photos from official Facebook app for Android is difficult from Android. Also, you can upload any photo from your phone’s gallery to any album on your Facebook account. Picasa Facebook Uploader is a free plugin for Picasa that lets you upload photos to Facebook directly from Picasa.
One of the biggest advantage of Bloom is that it is a truly cross platform facebook photo uploader.
Apart from the above mentioned Facebook uploaders, one more software that deserves honorary mention is “Export to Facebook” Lightroom plugin. All these Facebook Photo uploaders, are completely free, and make the process of uploading photos to facebook extremely easy.
Facebook has one of the easy ways of uploading a photo to your account, but still it is not the best way. As a result, downloading the software is extremely easy considering the size of just 4 MB, which will take only a matter of seconds on a decent Internet connection. Facebook has allowed the opportunity to select multiple files for uploading, but the Upload2Facebook free Facebook photo uploader software perfects the system because this allows the ability to select photos even when you are off-line. The Upload2Facebook free Facebook photo uploading software lets you download all the files or specific files from your account in one single go.
The Upload2Facebook free Facebook photo uploader software lets you comment on the photos and add descriptions in an instant. It requires users to offer true identity and allows registered users to share videos (as well as photos, URLs) and chat with friends.
But when it comes to share videos on Facebook, what video formats are supported and accepted by Facebook for uploading and editing? However, there are many other factors we have to take into consideration, say, file size, video quality loss and compatibility with players.
MP4 includes two video Codecs, namely, MPEG4 and H.264, which are both widely supported, together with AAC (2 Channel - 8 Channel) and MP3 as audio Codec. So facebookers must get help from some third-party program to compress and convert the video in order to upload successfully. But if we use a professional video converter to convert our video to Facebook supported video formats, it will not always be the case! It saves trouble of Facebook users in video upload limit so that they do not have to worry about the video format, file size, resolution, codec, aspect ratio and frame rate issues, since this HD video converter has ready-made profiles of Facebook upload video formats. The developer has selected the best video formats and created the best profiles for anyone in need of uploading videos to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and other general websites. Scroll down the output profile category and find the "Web Video Profile", click Facebook Video, and choose a desired format such as "MP4 Video (MPEG4) " [Codec: mpeg 4 + aac] and click OK.
Just hit RUN button and start shrinking or converting your video to the best Facebook video format. As all-in-one HD Video Converter software, it helps you transcode among HD video formats like convert AVCHD M2TS to MKV, convert Blu-ray to MKV, MKV to MP4, etc.
After reading this tutorial, you will be able to back up all your Gallery photos to Facebook.
Before scrolling over, you need to check out this article to assess other options for Auto-backup of Photos. So would you rather be using Facebook for your Photo Backups or is Google+ Photos still the service you will cling-on to?
We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws.

This Android Facebook Album app is introduced in Android Market to easily download and upload photos to Facebook from Android. Just launch the app on your Android phone and then get logged in with your Facebook account.
The very unique part of the app is that, it allows you to access the photos of your other Facebook friends. Now just make your work easier and faster by downloading and uploading photos with special Android Facebook app on Android. These Facebook photo uploaders let you directly create Facebook photo albums, and upload photos to them. This free Picasa plugin lets you upload photos to an existing album of Facebook, or even create a new Facebook album, and upload photos to that. Fishbowl lets you easily read your newsfeed, update status, and lets you manage how you interact with facebook from your desktop.
You can just drag and drop photos to Fishbowl client, and they will be published to Facebook. It works with Adobe Lightroom, and lets you upload photos to Facebook photos from within LightRoom.
The Upload2Facebook software is one that claims to be the best way to upload photos to Facebook. The installation of the file does not require handling anything of high technical detail because it is simple and straightforward. You can also choose MOV, AVI (DivX) and FLV as the output video format for uploading to Facebook.
Moreover, it is embedded with numerous profile settings for Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Microsoft portable devices, iOS, Android, Windows mobiles. Moreover, it is embed with numerous profile settings for Apple, Sony, Microsoft portable devices as well as iOS, Android, Symbian mobile Phones. Facebook is probably the most popular Social Networking service around, and has fast become the go-to service for most Internet enthusiasts. Now it has become easy for me to download and upload photos to Facebook from my Android phone.
After getting logged-in to Facebook account, the app will automatically import all your Facebook albums on your Android phone. Apart from uploading photos to facebook, Bloom also lets you download photos and albums from facebook, and also upload videos to Facebook.
If you want to upload videos to Facebook, you can install this plugin in Windows Live Movie Maker, and then upload videos to Facebook. On initial looks, the best aspect of the Upload2Facebook free Facebook photo uploader software is that it is free, but one should look beyond the skin you recognise that it is much more.
Some companies have reported CTR (Click To Rate) as high as 6.49% for Wall posts on the pages for brands and products and almost half of users who viewed the videos viewed the entire video. Be it your selfies, or something to just show off to the world — uploading photos to Facebook is inevitable! After a rapid installation process, you just open the program and browse for videos you want to upload. But if you would like to back up all your Android photos to Facebook, this is the tutorial you should follow. Don’t worry, all your uploaded photos are Private until and unless you share them yourself.

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