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Quicknube is a WebApp that allows you to upload your files online, share them, manage them or see them in your browser. When logged in, a user can create folders, manage files, upload them, copy them, delete them, share them or display them in a web browser. Users can make changes their account, display the space available, search for files, upload files with a secure Uploader, display Files Online and manage Files and Folders with an innovative GUI (tiles). 2) An admin can upload, manage, edit and move files of each user using a simple file manager (FTP es. The buttons on the left do not do anything, where as they should go back to the sorting page, or not be there at all. Can other file formats like pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx etc be accommodate into the system, if yes then I will buy this. Also, you should add a small ‘x’ to delete individual files, instead of typing the name in. MintyScripts: Thanks for the information, this problem has also been reported by other colleagues. 2) The images displayed on the preview page have a width of 500px, when you download them, the images will have the size and quality of the original. 3) You can not open the ”.php” pages on the preview page, so there are no risk to the system. Your share links are generating a double forward slash and missing a forward slash at the end of the root URL. BarryCooper27: Hello, we had some family problems that did not allow us to reply to your question quickly. Laudes: Hello, unfortunately it is not possible in the current version but probably in a future.
If you have a problem report it nicely and wait for a response, no need to be rude to the authors. ChazzO: Hello, currently we do not know to give you a definite date, but when we’ll know it, we will contact you as soon as possible. You lot have done a great job putting out a starting product but hopefully you can refine it and dust out the deficiencies before too long.
I agree that it would be an important feature for the system, in fact, both I and my colleague believe that will be the first thing we will do just resume the development of the script.
ToFFo: Hello, sorry for the delay but there was a problem with the questions I had to answer and those who had to answer the colleague. Hello I am interested in buying, but I wonder if it will take the update that will contain the afministrador.

Bonzaya: Hey man , great work …i purchased the script I installed it , but for admin …how i log in with admin account? We’re sorry, but an error has occurred and your registration for the username ciufulitul, could not be completed.
Bonzaya: Hello, we are truly sorry for your problem and we will help you until you manage to fix it.
Bonzaya: wow it?s works , thanks for your support …the problem it was from the directory i didn?t change it THANKS THANKS !! OK what about security and finally what social networks can you share with – can you add more than just FB & twitter? UploadChest: Hello, in the current version can not do this by default, but writing a little bit of php code it is possible. Where 825165165165 is a unique number associated with the file loudstuff.mp3 to track the download activities. 5 ) Would be nice to redirect back to the home screen when the upload is complete, instead of just sitting there.
I tested it on mobile, and with some css tweaks, it will work great for uploading images straight from mobile. Button to cancel the name change and if the user clicks on the Cancel button to back button to appear. CodeCanyon - Tequila v1.5 - File Hosting Script - 7604312Tequila is a solid, safe, fast, simple and intuitive script which allows companies or individuals to upload, manage and share their files online. We build an app intuitive, fast and simple, useful for companies or individuals who need to share files with colleagues or customers. If you contact us, we can provide you some ideas on which you can base to build your script. Unfortunately we have tried to create a simple and fast script by removing features that we considered in excess. Can you upload full sized, large images, and will they show or will they need to be downloaded to get the full resolution? I’m not much of a programmer, so I’m unable to change the above mentioned tweaks I’m hoping for.
The other ”.html” pages are normally displayed in the browser so they should not cause problems. We have just finished developing a new version 1.1 without bugs that will be released tomorrow. We checked in and we do not find any kind of bugs, can you tell what version of Firefox you are using?

The multiple file uploads will be developed with version 2.0, which will be released in late September.
The Multiple Languages will be developed with version 2.0, which will be released in late September.
Hey I am wondering if Quicknube had an ‘Accept terms and conditions’ checkbox function intergated?
You can write it in the blank space below the intro-pu-wrapper div, instead of “You will receive an e-mail”. We remind you that the latest version is almost all completely responsive, except for some small details.
In the last released version we have developed a responsive interface (not quite, but better than the previous version). Please note that username and password must be longer than 5 characters, and if the user or password are already registered, you can not resubscribe. If you’re not up for that, the least you could do is to throw in a few classes if you have the skills to do that in a proper quality.. With the way I intend to use a script like this (legal doc storage) having access only with a unique URL is a must.
No, I can not do it, but it is very straightforward to do with a minimal computer skills (and of course language skills).
Unfortunately we did not think that for safety reasons a user can not simultaneously be connected with another user online. The mobile style sheet (responsive) will be developed with version 2.0, which will be released in late September. If i want the registration to have more fields, must I edit the dbtables.sql file to represent these new fields?
I hope you plan to continue improving this as I would be happy to purchase 10+ of it client projects. To add more social network for sharing just write a couple of lines of html and css (this is a simple job).

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