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No more to say than that Wimpy FLV Player is a simple and free desktop player for FLV and SWF files. In addition of only well-known websites on which most of the addons can download videos properly, our addon will let you download streams of virtually any website. Every time a downloadable video is detected on the PaGE, the "Download" button of the toolbar will become clickable, enabling you to download the video stream and store it in .flv format on your hard drive.
If more than one video is downloadable on the page, you will have the possibility to choose which one you want.

All downloaded videos can be played at once using the Player button ; It opens directly in your Firefox a Video Player, and list all the videos that are ready to watch. Note also that there is no need to wait for the download to be complete in order to watch the video.
Files are stored on your hard drive as they are found ; you can do whatever you want with them. We also have integrated Ant's powerful Ranking service to the Video Downloader, with which you can see at once if you are browsing a popular website, or smaller, potentially dangerous, website.

You can find more information about the AntRank feature by clicking on the Rank button of the toolbar.Our Video Downloader is available for Internet Explorer as well.

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