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FLV Embed is a WordPress plugin made to simplify the process of adding Flash videos (FLV) into your blog using Jeroen’s FLV Player. Starting from version 1.0, FLV Embed supports Google video sitemap generation, the first WordPress plugin that does it for you! Jeroen’s FLV Player supports poster frame so you can turn on this feature via options if desired.
Starting from version 0.3, it is possible to have your poster image at a different location than your FLV files.
It is recommended that you try different settings for $flv_posterpath (found in option panel) and poster argument to have a feel how they work. If all your poster images are put within the same directory but not the same as the FLV files, change $flv_posterpath to point to your image directory, and no poster argument is required when using the embed tags.
The plugin detects the path used in the tags to determine if $flv_posterpath and $flv_flvpath should be used. Unfortunately, about 2% of your users might not have Flash installed and about 10% of them might not have Flash 8 or above according to Adobe.
While most modern browser supports Javascript, some users are too afraid that Javascript will screw up their computer so they turn it off just to be safe. The plugin will try to create a video sitemap file in your blog root but this might not be successful depending on your server configuration. Starting from version 1.0, you can change just about everything this plugin does using the plugin option panel. If you are using older version of WordPress, please download FLV Embed 1.0 from here instead. If you like this plugin, express your love by donating and sharing this plugin with your readers!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or found any bugs in this plugin, feel free to post them in your comments. You need a better encoder, or you can also try different settings for $flv_overstretch option.
This is because those entries do not have their excerpt defined, and WordPress is trying to generate one for you based on the post content, and you happen to have the FLV embed tags at the top of the page! If you know that a certain feature is supported by JW FLV Player but is not supported by this plugin yet, feel free to make a request. How long will it take for my videos to show up in Google’s search results once I submitted my video sitemap?
Nobody can tell for sure, but Google has definitely started putting video sitemap into action i.e. It will be highly appreciated if you can donate whatever you think this plugin is worth, or you can also spread the love by sharing this hopefully useful plugin with your readers. If you want information about encoding videos into FLV and why you should use FLV, Jeroen has also written an excellent article which you can find on his site. Once turned on, the player will look for preview image that share the same filename as the embedded FLV file.
To achieve that, an optional 4th argument for the input tag and a new option $flv_posterpath were introduced.
There are several different ways how you could combine $flv_posterpath and optional poster path tag parameter to tell the plugin the poster location is not the same as the flv location. In cases where absolute or site relative path are given as argument for the tags, $flv_posterpath and $flv_flvpath will have no effect on the output.
For these users, the ufo.js will detect and output appropriate message that prompts these users to download and install latest Flash player onto their computers.

This becomes a problem because this WordPress plugin relies on Javascript to display the FLV Player. If you wished you could display the poster image in your RSS feeds by setting $flv_posterinfeed option (see below) to 1.
In order to see the video sitemap option panel, you need to turn on the sitemap feature under your FLV Embed option panel. Each time video sitemap is rebuilt successfully, Google will be pinged about the sitemap updates automatically.
Below list some of the parameters that might be confusing for you when changing different options.
Unfortunately, I have yet to fix this problem because WordPress does not provide an easy hook for excerpt handling and I would need to literally hack WordPress to get this fixed.
You might be able to manually add transparent padding to your png logo to shift the logo to where you want it to be, though it is not recommended. Otherwise, it might be hard for me to provide such functionality especially those related to player’s functionality and appearance. I will try to put this on my todo list but in the mean time, you can fix this yourself by manually adding excerpt to those posts affected. Each new video added to the video sitemap can take as little as a day or two to show up in the search results depending on your site’s crawl rate. Lastly, if you find this plugin useful and feel like donating some money for my effort, please use the PayPal donate button above, thank you!

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